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"I have only been with Home Instead for a few months, but am so glad I made the decision, The very first person they sent to me as a caregiver was a perfect fit for our family. She is energetic and so efficient. I was having a problem getting my husband to bath and she gets him in the shower every time she is with him. That in itself is worth it! My stress level has gone down now that I know I have reliable help to get us through this trial. "

Posted by CarolynWiggins on Sep 20 2018

"The companion provided has been a total blessing to my mother. She looks forward to the times she comes. It’s a perfect match"

Posted by Dora D on Nov 27 2017

"Care is professional and consistent"

Posted by charlottemalakoff on Oct 18 2017

"Friendly and reliable service. Caregivers are very helpful and take great care of my wife so that I don't have to worry at all while I am at work. "

Posted by SueKen M on May 06 2017

"Compassionate care givers. The front office always stays in contact with you for schedule changes and personnel substitutions. Also Home Instead offer valuable classroom education that pertains to your family members circumstances. "

Posted by BUTCH C on Jan 28 2017

"Each of the caregivers who have provided services to my husband has been head and shoulders above all of the other agency caregivers who have been in and out of our lives for the last few years. Home Instead caregivers are on time, interested in my husband, patient, good at redirecting him when he seems to be getting frustrated, encouraging, and truly compassionate. It's so nice to know that when the Home Instead caregiver is scheduled, my husband will have a pleasant and relaxing evening with a good friend. "

Posted by Willafay M. on Jan 19 2017

"We have used another provider but Home Instead has been a vast improvement versus our other experience. I was very skeptical to look for other agency because of the experience we were dealing with before. A friend of mine told me to call Home Instead. She said she met a guy from there at a golf event and said he was extremely nice and could tell he was passionate about what he does and could help. I gave Home Instead a call and that guy came out to meet with us. Chuck understood our pains and an apologized for them. Which brought a tear to my eye, he apologized for the other companies mistakes. He also said that we care for those who once cared for us and that seniors deserve the utmost respect and highest care possible. That is what Home Instead is all about. The care givers that work with my dad are loving, caring, patient and the office is very responsive. A huge improvement over the other local agency. I now can see why Chuck said that Home Instead care givers love what they do and its not really work for them it fulfills their hearts to care for others. Home Instead is very easy to work with and understand the services of caring for my dad. Highly Recommend Home Instead out of Newport News. "

Posted by sunfilledgardens on Aug 03 2016

"If anyone is looking for a quality, professional home care company, I highly endorse Home Instead Senior Care. My mother, in her mid-eighties, just needed a little help with everyday chores and activities such as cooking, housekeeping, laundry, going to the store and appointments, etc. The caregivers are always on time, and always show great compassion, caring and patience. Sometimes you just need a little extra help and if you find yourself in this position, don't hesitate to contact Chuck at Home Instead Senior Care, he is an remarkable youngman who cares not only about my mother but for me as well. I can see why the nursing home center highly recommended Chuck and Home Instead Senior Care. "

Posted by ballgamemom on Mar 10 2016

"Home Instead Senior Care is by far the best agency on the Peninsula. We started our search based on recommendations from friends, church members and Physicians. I took time away from work to meet with a handful of agencies for my Mother, that was a interesting experience to say the least, then I met with Chuck from Home Instead, from the beginning he made me feel very comfortable,he showed up early (unlike some of the other providers) and Mother says He's easy on the eyes. I felt like he knew exactly what my struggles are and how to deal with them, the easiest way possible. After a few minutes into our conversation I knew this was the right provider for my Mother. Chuck really was able to understand what was going on and my day to day struggles with working, caring for my family and caring for my Mother. Come to find out he was his Grandfathers Caregiver while attending College. He was the only one to offer support to me not only in conversation but offered other resources to help me cope with my situation. The reassurance of his voice saying "You are not alone" just reinforced my decision to go with Home Instead. Care has been started, my Mother and I really love Home Instead, the Office Staff is AMAZING!! I know I made the right Choice for my Mother and HIGHLY RECOMMEND Home Instead. "

Posted by LuvTheBay679 on Feb 22 2016

"We had Home Instead since August. We interviewed three different people from this provider and they seemed to fit our needs. So far we're very happy with them. We haven't had any real problems. So far they have been on time, they have done what we have asked for and any little problem that we had, they have gone on ahead and corrected it. So I can say we're happy with them. The caregiver we have right now would come in three times a week, three hours a day. We're happy with him. "

Posted by Grant2 on Oct 30 2013

We are very grateful for the wonderful care that Teresa has provided my mother for these past three years, but have to end her services since the military is transferring us to another location in Maryland.  Teresa came to us when our family was going through huge transitions.  We had lost my father and mom's husband earlier in the year and moved mom from her home of over 40 years to Newport News.  Mom left in Baltimore her entire family except for me and all her closest friends.  Teresa started working for us within days of her arrival in Virginia, and they became more than companion and client.  They became close friends and family.  Teresa challenged mom by making her take steps on a walker and getting her out of a wheelchair and off her scooter.  She gave mom a social life by taking her to the library and second hand book store.  They became the "queens of the thrift store," finding treasures all over Newport News.  Teresa became a trusted confidante, who took extra care when our dog Shiloh developed cancer and had to be put to sleep.  She grieved with us when we lost a second dog this year.  She has cried with us through the challenges and celebrated with us during promotions and birthdays and numerous other celebrations.  We celebrated her family milestones and cried with her hurts too.  We not only see Teresa as mom's companion, but we think of her as family and are grateful for the love and companionship she has provided to our family.  She is a diamond among gems, and we thank you for sending her to us.

Leigh Ann E.
I would like to attest to the very high level of care that Home Instead has provided to my father and his family. From the first interview, we knew that this was an exceptional organization. As a college instructor of teachers in early childhood education, I am very aware of how caregivers need to be able to connect with those for whom they are giving care, of any age, and treat them with the utmost attention and respect. Home Instead caregivers go beyond respect to real, genuine caring. Their approach is apparent in how they, and the administrators, have interacted with all of us. They are both professional and sensitive, even when, or perhaps particularly when, complex and challenging situations have presented themselves. I have true peace of mind knowing that my father is not only safe but actually nurtured in a way that is best for him. I have recommended Home Instead to many other friends, as well as my own in-laws, and do so without hesitation. In fact, I am very happy to be able to refer those in need of assistance with older relatives to such a carefully run organization.

Lyndall M.

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