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GENERAL-SENIOR-PHOTO-Fishing-Male-Horiz-300x200.jpgSummer is in full swing, so aging parents and other seniors have the opportunity to get out and really enjoy some delightful sunny days. Getting fresh air is good for people of any age, and the sunshine is necessary for getting plenty of vitamin D. But summer also means some periods of excessive heat, and aging parents do need to take some steps to help keep the heat at bay.

With that in mind, these tips are helpful for dealing with extreme heat during the summer.

Avoid peak heat periods. Especially on very hot days, it’s best to avoid going outside during the hottest part of the day. When possible, plan activities and excursions earlier or later in the day, and avoid going out during the mid-day period.

Use air conditioning. On very hot days, even being indoors may offer little relief from the heat. On such days, using fans and air conditioners is crucial. People who do not have access to air conditioning in their own homes should try to go places where air conditioning is available. Senior centers, community centers, libraries, indoor malls, and movie theaters are usually air cooled during the summer. If air conditioning is unavailable, consider taking a cool bath, and stay away from sunlight coming in through windows.

Stay hydrated. It’s very easy to lose too much moisture during the summer, so drinking plenty of water is essential. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can hasten dehydration.

Wear the right clothes. It can be difficult to pick the right outfit for summer. It might seem like sleeveless shirts and shorts should be the way to go, but they may allow too much skin to be exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. On the other hand, covering up all the skin can make a person hot. One compromise is to wear long sleeves and pants, but to choose material that is very lightweight. It also helps to select outfits that are loose; tight outfits keep the heat in, whereas loose clothing lets a person breathe better.

Don’t push. While staying active is important, it’s essential not to push too hard with any exercise or activities. Pacing oneself is crucial.

With sensible precautions such as these, aging parents can enjoy the summer and the joys it has to offer.

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