Time Management for Home Caregivers

Making-a-list-225x300.jpgTime is a most precious commodity for most home caregivers, who generally do not have anywhere near enough of it. By the time they've finished taking Father to the doctor, picking up the kids at school, and making dinner for everyone, there’s not enough time left over to do the​ir own work and jobs.

Time management is an essential skill for all caregivers to learn. Making the best use of the time available can make a big difference in the quality of their own lives – and in the quality of the lives of those around them.

With that in mind, the following are a few tips to help home caregivers use their time more effectively.

Learn to say no. Home caregivers are often exceptionally selfless – and sometimes that can be a problem. If a person is viewed as the Rock of Gibraltar, capable of doing anything, people will ask more and more of them. It can be difficult, but learning to say no to things that are too big a burden (and can be done by someone else) is crucial.

Learn to say yes. By the same token, some home caregivers might be reluctant to accept offers of help. They may feel that everything is their responsibility, and they can’t burden someone else with it. But accepting an offer of help is not a sign of weakness, it's merely an acceptance of reality. And equally important as learning to say yes is learning to ask for help. Friends or family members may be willing to step up and do more – but they may need to be made aware of exactly what is needed.

Write things down. Home caregivers can’t always rely on their memory, no matter how excellent it may be. Writing things down the traditional way (on paper) or in a more modern way (using a computer, smart phone, etc.) helps to cement the information and serves as a physical reminder of what exactly needs to happen and when.

Prioritize. After it’s all written down, take a look and see what is essential and what is not. If there are 5 essentials, they can’t all be done at the same time; figuring out the appropriate order makes the process go more smoothly and saves wasted time and energy.

Get organized. Don’t spend time looking for the car keys; set up a place (a bowl by the front door, a hook in the kitchen) where they are always to be kept when not in use. Home caregivers need to take a little time to put things in their proper place so that they know exactly where to find them when they need them.

These tips are just the beginning – but they can free up some much needed time and lead to more good time management ideas.

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