Apps to Aid Aging Parents with Holiday Shopping

seniors-using-cell-phones-300x300.jpgThe holidays are both joyous and stressful, with aging parents not immune to the “busy-ness” of the season. Although many aging parents, spouses, and other members of the senior set enjoy getting out of the house and engaging in a few rounds of holiday shopping, there also are many who find all of the crowds a bit difficult to maneuver. Whichever category people fall into, they may find that using apps can help them with their holiday shopping.

The following are a few app ideas that may make the holiday shopping experience a bit more manageable.

Gift Suggestions

It helps to at least have an idea of what one is shopping for before heading out into the mall madness. Often a person knows just what to get for some people but hasn’t a clue about others.

There are a number of apps that can help aging parents and others consider gift ideas before heading out, sort of like window shopping from the safety of home. My Giftster, Giftman, Fancy, Giftmeister, Holiday Gift Guide, and Thoughtful Gift Finder are just a few of the apps that can be helpful when deciding on a great gift for Aunt Betty.

Making a List

Those apps can offer plenty of gift suggestions — and a list will make it easier to remember what to shop for. Many of the apps mentioned above have list-making features, but it may be easier to use a separate app to keep all of the items on one list in one place. Most mobile phones come with a list-making app (such as Reminders or Wunderlist), but there are many others available to download if necessary.

Staying on Budget

Some apps can also help ensure that holiday shopping is not a wallet-buster. Several apps (such as The Coupon App) download valuable coupons onto a person’s phone. Others, such as ShopSavvy, help a person to compare the price of a gift from several different vendors.

Going Green

Many aging parents and others have loved ones on their list who are very conscientious about the environment and appreciate gifts that take this into consideration. links to a number of apps, such as GoodGuide, that can aid a person in buying “greener” holiday gifts.

Using apps before venturing out can make the holiday shopping experience more manageable for aging parents, caregivers, and just about anyone else.​

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