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CAREGiver and senior playing Connect4_10.jpgThe winter months can take their toll on aging parents and spouses – as well as on those tending to them. Getting fresh air and sunshine is more difficult when the air is icy and the sun is hiding behind grey clouds. To avoid going a little stir crazy, you may want to discover some indoor activities that can distract and entertain.

Aging parents and others may want to consider some of the following:

Let out your inner artist. Winter can be an excellent time to get artsy – or craftsy, if you prefer. You don't have to be Grandma Moses to enjoy putting a little paint on a canvas or molding a little clay. The more crafts-minded may want to put together a model, try macramé, or make necklaces out of beads and lanyards.

Garden. Who says that gardening is only a summertime activity – or that it has to happen outdoors? Tending to houseplants can be a rewarding activity and keep that thumb nice and green while the ground outside is snowy and white.

Go to the races indoors. This can be a fun activity if there are several people in the house. Find pictures of racehorses. Cut out  the pictures and perhaps decorate them. Then, on a large piece of cardboard, draw an outline of a racetrack, and divide it into many little squares. Designate one square as the starting and finishing line. Roll dice to see how many spaces each horse runs; first one back across the finish line wins. For more fun, establish odds for each horse and use some play money to allow everyone to place bets. If your group includes someone with a loud voice, let that person be the one providing play-by-play commentary as the race is on.

Start a scrapbook. Scrapbooking is still very popular; it's an excellent way to pass the time and is an excellent way to exercise memory, as it gives aging parents the opportunity to look through many old pictures and mementos.

The list of possible activities goes on and on, and includes playing traditional board games, writing, reading, and connecting through friends via online resources such as social media or Skype. With a little ingenuity, aging parents and caregivers can find many ways to stay entertained during the colder months.

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