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483036_448451348544453_1385289776_n.jpgThe holidays are fully upon us, and many people may be wondering what they can get for a loved suffering from dementia. We might wonder if their tastes have changed or if they'll even realize we're giving them a gift.​

Below are some possible gift ideas for a person with dementia, but before shopping, keep in mind a couple of things:

  • There are many different stages of dementia, so where a person is at their journey may affect what kind of gift works best for them, and 
  • T​hose who are caring for a person with dementia are best qualified to advise a person on what kind of gift to get – so it’s often best to check with that caregiver first. ​

Some gift suggestions for those with dementia​

With that in mind, here are some gift items that many people with dementia appreciate.

Music. Many people with dementia respond especially well to music. It may evoke memories, provide a calm and soothing presence or simply give them entertainment. Giving something music-related – a CD, an online music gift card, a device which plays music, etc. – may be greatly appreciated.

DVDS. Movies or TV shows can be a good gift, especially if a giver knows the personal preferences (comedy, drama, musical, etc.) of the person with dementia. For those with more advanced cases of dementia, it may be difficult to follow plots; often films which have less plot but more visual appeal (such as documentaries about animals or videos that predominantly feature shots of beautiful mountains and forests, etc.) may be appreciated.

Activity or coloring books. Books that feature puzzles, math problems or coloring pages can be an enjoyable way to pass the time. However, be sure to select a book that is at the appropriate level for the patient in order to avoid frustration.

Gel pads. There are a range of gel pads that are created with people with dementia in mind. They provide both visual and tactile stimulation and can help a person with dementia to feel more grounded when agitation is arising.

Aromatherapy products. It is becoming more accepted that aromatherapy can help to mitigate some of the frustrations and irritations that can afflict a person with dementia. Selecting an array of oils and/or a diffuser is an option many might consider.

The possibilities don’t end here. There are many other gift options which can help provide sensory stimulation for a patient or help to evoke memories from their past. Taking a little time to find the right gift for your loved one with dementia is worth the effort.

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