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caregiverwoman-300x223.jpgEveryone knows that taking care of  people with dementia can be difficult on home caregivers. Now the BrightFocus Foundation and the Geoffrey Beene Foundation’s Alzheimer’s Initiative is supporting a new study — one which is intended to look at the mental and cognitive health of home caregivers working with dementia patients.


Called the Caregivers’ Health-eBrain project, the trial is being conducted by AnthoTronix, an engineering research and development company, and by Mindoula, a technology-enabled case management company. The website for the study states that its purpose is “to gather information on caregivers’ mental and cognitive health in order to learn more about the caregiver experience and to better understand how to support caregivers.”

What’s Involved

The study starts with potential candidates taking a trio of surveys that take about 30 minutes to complete. The study itself runs for 12 weeks and is designed to be done in one’s own home.

Participants will be put into one of two groups. One of these groups will receive and use the DANA app on their mobile phones. This is an FDA-approved app that provides game-like tests that can provide data within minutes to help assess and measure a person’s brain/cognitive health. The other group will receive the DANA application and will also receive Mindoula’s case management app, which will:

  • ​Connect participants with a case manager who will provide virtual support and assistance
  • Track how participants are doing
  • Provide participants with resources to cope with the stressors of caregiving
  • At the end of the study, researchers will have information which they can analyze to learn more about how home caregivers are affected by their dementia-related caregiving.

Who can participate?

The general inclusion criteria for the study lists the following:​
  • Current caregivers
  • Between ages of 45-65
  • Female or male​
  • Own an Android Smart phone or iPhone
  • Willing to complete digital surveys and be enrolled in study for 12 weeks
Home caregivers who are interested in participating in the study can find more information by clicking here​.

Since home caregivers spend so much time giving of themselves, it’s important that the care community has more information on how (or if) their caregiving impacts them.​

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