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CAREGiver Keeps Her Cool, Saves Client's Life

Tiffany Jones is more than the CAREGiver of the Month at the Home Instead Senior Care® franchise of Livonia and Westland. She would be the undisputed front-runner for the franchise's Lifesaver of the Year if there were such an award.

Tiffany saved a client in January with her quick thinking and cool composure by using the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge a pill and prevent the woman in her 90s from choking to death. The dramatic scene unfolded when the client placed the pill in her mouth and started to talk about plans for the day. Suddenly, the client struggled to catch her breath, and Tiffany sprang into action. "There was the distinct sound of gagging and gulping for air, plus the panic in her eyes," Tiffany recalled.

So Tiffany rushed to her client, put her arms under the client's ribs in textbook form and applied sudden upward pressure on the upper abdomen to force the pill from the trachea. "I won't lie," Tiffany said, "because I was very scared." Despite the alarming suddenness of the situation, she was perfect on her first attempt at the Heimlich maneuver.

The client praised Tiffany and, overcome with emotion, cried. Then Tiffany drew a deep breath - and so did the client. Thankfully, there was no need for a 911 call.

The client had been depressed earlier in the week, but the incident gave her a new outlook. After the near-death event, she declared to Tiffany, "I am not ready yet to go!"

For Tiffany, it was the first close call of a CAREGiver career that started in May 2013. Working for Home Instead wasn't her first experience with senior care. She and her mother had taken care of elder family members.

"I had never been through anything like that," Tiffany said. "I have been with a lot of hospice clients, but not when they had actually passed away. The biggest hurt I've experienced has been seeing my first client have to go to assisted living for medical reasons. We were close."

"Close" is also a spot-on description of the relationship between Tiffany and her mother, Pam Jones, who was Home Instead's CAREGiver of the Month in December. It was Pam who encouraged Tiffany to apply at Home Instead, and she joined owner Glenna Yaroch's franchise seven months after Pam did.

Pam Jones said she's proud of all of her kids, including Tiffany. Pam Jones had good reasons for touting Home Instead, and mothers have a great track record for being right. "Mom told me she had a lot of good clients with whom she had formed close bonds, and I found that to be true in my case, too. She is very happy with Home Instead and thought I would be, too," Tiffany said.

Tiffany, who plans to return to school next fall to resume her work toward a physical therapy degree, has seven to eight regular clients and does fill-in duty for five others. "I love the clients," Tiffany said, "and I get a lot of calls from the office for my hours. I can't accommodate them all because I'm already putting so many hours into it. I need to find time for two beautiful children and a wonderful fiancé, Maurice. Without the terrific support from him, my parents and my sister, I wouldn't be able to do this."

Her commitment to Home Instead and her clients is strong, she said, because, "This job gives meaning to what I am doing. It is remarkable and rewarding. I had a good job with a national restaurant chain for 10 years, but I hated it. This job impacts people."

And that commitment is so powerful that Tiffany walked four miles through the snow to get to a client after her car broke down on a cold December day. Her efforts haven't gone unnoticed.

"Tiffany has been a pleasure from the start," said LeeAnn Loveland, the franchise's human resources supervisor. "Tiffany makes a habit of calling or stopping in the office most days to see how she can help with any new hours.

"She has been a great success with all of her clients. What more can you say about Tiffany's ability to remain calm in a difficult situation? It proved to be a lifesaver for her client. All you can say after something like that is, 'Thank you for going far above and beyond for our clients.'

"Tiffany and her mother are remarkable ladies. We are pleased to have them working for us."


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