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CAREGiver's Passion: Keeping Seniors Home

Award-winning CAREGiver Pam Jones' hopes for a client to return home and stay healthy have been realized . . . even one year later.

Pam's first Home Instead Senior Care® client - in November 2012 - was an 89-year-old man who was injured in a fall at home. She met after he came home from rehabilitation facility.

"His 90-year-old brother had been trying to take care of him when I was introduced. He said he couldn't come home unless someone like me helped him. When I told him that I'd do everything in my power to keep him in his home, he shrugged his shoulders and said he was anticipating having to go to a nursing home. I am still with him, and he's going great guns. I teased him on our first anniversary about what he had told me when we met. He said, 'I am so glad I was wrong.' That's why I am a CAREGiver."

Hope. That's what Pam and the other CAREGivers provide while working for owner Glenna Yaroch's franchise that serves Livonia and Westland. In addition to the other helpful services, Pam and her colleagues also provide compassion, companionship and respect. And a little respect goes a long ways for a senior.

"You have to know how to approach seniors," Pam said, "because most don't do well when they're ordered around. You can't treat an adult like a child. It really upsets me when you see seniors or others who have challenges not being treated well. I try to treat everyone like I would want them to deal with me if I were in the same situation - that's one of the many things I learned from my dad, who was a minister. I have prayed over clients who were ill. I find that gives them comfort."

Pam, who has a long history as a family caregiver, always has been comfortable with seniors. "I was an only child," she said, "and my parents were a little older than most when they had me. That's why I am more at ease around seniors than others. I took care of them later in their lives, as well as other relatives and family friends."

No other work, Pam said, is as fulfilling as care giving. And she's been a legal secretary and an assistant to a personnel manager, among other things. "I feel as though I am on this Earth to take care of someone," she said. "When I've helped someone, I feel the best. Often it is the little things where seniors need help, and the little things quickly add up to be pretty big. They try to do everything they possibly can, but sometimes come up short in the daily routine of life if they are by themselves at home."

The CAREGiver of the Month actually could be taking life a little easier if she wanted. "My husband is retired after 36 years with Chrysler, and I had taken a break from work. But if you are sitting around, you get bored," she explained. "One of my daughters said, 'Go do what you do best and what you like best - go out and get a caregiving job.' So I did. I wanted to do this part time, and Home Instead has allowed me to do that. I have two regular clients."

Pam isn't the only CAREGiver in her family. About four months after she joined Home Instead, daughter Tiffany did, too. "She really likes it and does way more hours than I do - she's younger and more energetic. I am proud of her," said Pam, who also has a 31-year-old son who served two tours in Iraq and another daughter who has her Bachelor's degree from U of M and works as a supervisor for Ford.

"I am happy with Home Instead," Pam said. "I love this company. They are family, starting with Cindy Butler, who is the first person you see when you walk in the door and who is always available if you need help with anything. Home Instead treats everyone with respect. I would also like to thank LeeAnn Loveland for giving me this opportunity in the beginning."

Pam's husband Ricardo and his sense of humor are also known around the Home Instead office.

"The Home Instead office staff members call me 'Mr. Pam,' " he said with a laugh. "My wife was with a client for three hours on Thanksgiving. I jokingly told the office, 'You can't have my wife on holidays!' Actually, she had everything all ready for us on Thanksgiving before she went to her client, and we had a great time when she got back.

"She is doing something she is very good at. She is passionate about senior care. She is very even-keeled and patient with everybody - even me." 


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