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"Home Instead is a wonderful company to work with. We have the best caregivers for my grandmother. So glad we found them"

Posted by lisadg on Mar 30 2018

"We are with Home Instead Senior Care. The staff cooks, folds laundry, and starts a new batch of laundry. She sees things that need to be done and does them without my even mentioning it. I just think they’re excellent, and if I ever need them again, I will certainly call them. "

Posted by Leslie717084 on Sep 01 2016

"Desiree S. is excellent. She is like a sister to my wife. "

Posted by Reviewer37 on Dec 31 2015

"Two caregivers from Home Instead Naples took care of my dad over three years until he recently passed. They made his life better every time they were with him - taking him out, helping with mail and calls, sitting by the pool while he "swam". He considered them friends. Honorable people run this franchise. "

Posted by Susan Wood on Oct 14 2013

"I called Home Instead a few times and the people there were very accommodating on the phone. The agency was also very close by. I was very impressed with who they are and the way that they conduct themselves so I decided to go with them. People in the office are friendly, responsive and quick on their feet. The gal that they send me is outstanding. The follow-up check on her was excellent. We had to change schedules on fairly short notice on a couple of occasions but the agency was very accommodating. It adapts very well to changing situations. The caregiver comes in 2 to 4 times a week depending on what we feel like we need. She assists us with everything non-medical like cleaning, scrapbooking, Facebooking, shopping, cooking and whatever needs to be done. She's not a nurse because we didn't need somebody with nursing skills. "

Posted by Terry10 on May 13 2013

"Home Instead is the most compassionate caregiving service out there. I am impressed the owners and the"

Posted by Carrie-1 on Nov 25 2009
Mr. B.: “I am so happy. She cooks good and cleans great. We just came back from a nice walk around the neighborhood. It is all just wonderful.” 

Mrs. K (daughter): “To the wonderful people/caregivers who took care of my parents: please accept my deepest thanks for all the tender care you gave while watching over my mom and dad. The integrity, the gentle guidance, the tender hands, the problem solving and stellar communications were what has helped my brother and I through this incredibly stressful and emotional situation. It would be wrong to let one more day go by without thanking you sincerely for everything you all did as a team. Your kindness will not be forgotten. There is peace for the families of loved ones we have had in your care. And for those of us thousands of miles away that is major. Certainly your standing guard and care over them both as we problem solved them to the next phase of their life was priceless. My warmest and deepest thanks to you all.” 

Mrs. L. “My CAREGiver is wonderful and very, very good. She drives me whenever we go anywhere, especially to my house where I sit in my big chair and read the newspaper and nap. It is so much quieter there. I can’t give her enough praise. She does what I can’t do for myself. I can just sit in my car and turn her loose.” (Mrs. L. is in a facility but visits her home every day with the help of a Home Instead Senior Care CAREGiver) 

Mrs. K. in Punta Gorda: “I really like the caregiver I have. She makes me smile and I just love her companionship. I smile more, ever since she’s been coming.” 

Mrs. F. in Fort Myers: “I really love Rosalie, my caregiver. She is my lifeline. When she is not here I miss her terribly and just don’t eat as well either. We talk a lot and she’s a good person.” 

The Z’s in Fort Myers: “The caregiver makes my wife feel at ease. It is hard to trust these days, but we can trust Home Instead Senior Care and their wonderful caregivers,” Mr. Z. said. Mrs. Z added, “I know she is my friend and is always good to us and has been from day one. We are like one big family. She does anything we need like driving us to appointments and light housekeeping so we have more time to just enjoy life.” 

Mrs. D. in Naples: “The caregiver is very good, I can trust her with my eyes closed.” 

Mrs. D. in Naples: “Our caregiver is terrific, wonderful, kind, caring, gentle and professional. I don’t know how I did it without her.” 

Mrs. W. in Naples: “The caregiver is wonderful, kind, smiles all the time, and I miss her when she is not here. She is a very nice person and she’s left her heart open for me.”

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