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​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Tulsa, OK have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Dear Home Instead Senior Care of Tulsa,

The day your company and caregivers came into our lives, was a blessed day for the Briles Family. We are so appreciative of the love and comfort you gave to our mother, Virginia, in the final days of her life here on earth. Our mother's time of decline was not long, blessedly, but in the short time that HISC was a part of our family's lives, we felt a warm and loving bond. Having caregivers available to place a phone to our mom's ear so we could talk with her, never knowing if this would be the last time, is something we will always be grateful for during those times we were apart from her. The respect and tenderness that caregivers expressed as they tended to our mother's needs are some of the comforting memories we find ourselves turning to in these days after her passing. Virginia was a person who loved to be outside and could be found on her patio anytime the weather would permit. We cannot express the depth of our appreciation to HISC caregivers for making it possible for Virginia to feel the sun on her face those last few times.

You are truly blessed and unique people and the world is a better place with you in it. A "thank you" does not express our gratitude to HISC and all the wonderful caregivers.

In Christ's Love,

The Briles Family

Latest Reviews & Testimonials

Posted by CAREGiver Justina B. May 15, 2018

"I love the staff! They're all great, and how willing they are to work with you on your schedule."

Posted by CAREGiver Vanessa J. May 15, 2018

"They care about their employees and clients. They are very supportive."

Posted by CAREGiver Shelby B. May 15, 2018

Posted by Larry B. January 17, 2018

"Reliable, friendly, and very helpful."

Posted by Andrea H. October 17, 2017

"I have used Home Instead care for over three years and have always found them to be responsive to my needs. They have provided me with knowledgeable well trained care givers. The administrators know the requirements the I have and do not require long explanations when I call."

Posted by Winnie P. October 17, 2017

"Our caregiver cares for our mom. The office staff is always courteous & seems to care for our mom. The accounting person even writes a personal note on the bill. I have recommended HomeInstead several times."

Posted by Lori S. March 23, 2017


"The flexibility and their understanding of obligations besides the job. I appreciate the mutual respect of giving and occasionally taking when the need arises. Also, they are always a telephone call away to lend an ear for any questions or concerns. A very positive and caring staff."

Posted by Norma B. March 23, 2017

"Fairness with employees. Pleasant to work with."

Posted by Stacey C. November 16, 2016


"Lori (and her alternate, Maryann) has been so great, so kind... like one of the family." 

Posted by Betty C. October 19, 2016

"My oldest sister and I knew that we needed to find someone to provide respite care for our youngest sister who's caring 24/7 for our elderly Alzheimer mother. It has got to the point our mom cannot be left alone, cannot fix meals, do her own finances or even care for her personal needs. Since I have power of attorney over mom's finances, I began looking at all options. I did contact a few other places before contacting Home Instead. Home Instead seemed to be very knowledgeable, even on the phone, of situations like ours. I did ask for more information. We did set a date and a representative came out to the house and explained the process and what Home Instead actually is, including cost. This gentleman was also very knowledgeable and gave me information of where to look for financial help. He did get acquainted with our mother whom the actual caregiving would be for while there for this meeting. We did accept Home Instead for the caregiving process. The first person they sent, however, was not very compatible with our mother nor my sister who stay that whole first week. We contacted the office and they sent out someone different. this person was very compatible. My mom felt so at ease and now tlaks like she's her friend. We are very pleased with Lori the CAREGiver. She has a lot of patience and knows how to deal with someone with Alzheimer's. I would highly recommend Home Instead to anybody."

Posted by Cathey H. October 12, 2016

"You have always been responsive to our needs and wishes."

Posted by Tiny T. September 20, 2016

"I have already recommended Home Instead, and my firends are using your services."

Posted by Andrea H. September 20, 2016

"I have a few problems, but when I do, I can always reach someone and get help."

Posted by Nanci J. May 31, 2016

​"Quick response time, flexibility and easy to work with. Very professional. We are very happy with Kelly. She is very attentive to my mom and knowledgeable as well."

"Great company to work for. Office staff very helpful with workers in the field."

Posted by Lori M. on Jun 17 2019

"Home Instead provided a much needed sitter for my Mom as we were experiencing some crazy side effects of some medicines she was on. It gave me piece of mind knowing someone was with her when I could not be."

Posted by Julie B. on Jun 14 2019

"Everyone is very helpful and caring - they go the extra mile!"

Posted by rclerkin on May 31 2019

"I like that you are flexible. I like that our caregiver is dependable. Our caregiver is kind, considerate and very helpful."

Posted by Alex M. on Mar 19 2019

"Home Instead allows seniors to have the freedom to receive the care they need, without having to leave the homes they love. Their staff appears to be empathetic, patient and qualified with working with this segment of the population. This helping agency allows seniors to have their dignity and independence intact as they enjoy their Golden Years. I would definitely recommend Home Instead to my friends and family. "

Posted by anonymous 345 on Jan 26 2019

"We have had Home Instead for three months now, and it's good. The caregiver comes in and helps us with laundry, some cooking, and driving me to appointments. The billing is OK because my long-term care reimburses me. I would recommend Home Instead."

Posted by Art on Nov 06 2017

"What a marvelous weekend I had, Lacey (caregiver) was here Friday evening. We made arrangements ahead of time so that my son would call when he got close to Tulsa. When he got close he called and we purposely locked the door. I waited in the entry hall in my wheelchair, I was able to stand up and walk to the door to let him in. He was so shocked and surprised to see me up and walking. I was so happy for him to see me like that and it was a wonderful weekend. Your caregivers through help and encouragement helped me progress to using my cane again. I was shaking and crying I was so happy when I got to meet my family at the door! "

Posted by DM0116 on Jun 20 2016

"Quick response time, flexibility and easy to work with. Very professional. We are very happy with our caregiver. She is very attentive to my mom and knowledgeable as well. "

Posted by NanciJ on Jun 08 2016

"I've used a caregiver from Home Instead for three days now, and I’m very pleased with her. I like her personality and intelligence. The agency came out and talked to me. They were very polite and were good with their questions. "

Posted by James123087650 on May 11 2016

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones.

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