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You don’t know me, but I am one of millions of senior citizens that will need in-home care assistance.  Here is my story, and how Home Instead Senior Care became an intricate part of my life, or better yet how Home Instead Senior Care became my lifeline. 

My memory is not what it used to be, or so my family says.  However, at eighty-nine years young I beg to differ, because I remember what I believe are the important things in my life.  My walk is no longer fast-paced with long strides, but with the assistance of my walker I have a slow but steady shuffle that still keeps me mobile and moving.

I used to enjoy sitting on my deck overlooking the river.  I loved the sounds of the river splashing up against the shoreline and the wind chimes in the background making sweet soft sounds with the blowing wind.  Now you will find me sitting in my recliner with one hand on the remote control for my mechanical chair and the other hand on the remote for my television.  I no longer can hear the river flowing or the gentle sounds of the wind chimes, and according to family and friends when you enter my home all you can hear is the deafening sound of my television.

Today, I sit in my customized mechanical recliner that with a touch of a switch raises me, lowers me, reclines me and even gives me a boost onto my feet.  I marvel at how technology has evolved!  My life dramatically changed after heart surgery.  I was no longer the independent man that needed little help from anyone.  I could no longer drive, I could no longer cook and I needed help with every aspect of daily living.  I am humbled at how quickly these changes occurred in my life.

I recognized, along with family and friends, that I needed additional help.  I was reluctant at first, but that all changed with a knock at the front door from a stranger with a beautiful smile.  “Good morning Harry,” she said, “my name is Maureen and I am here for you today”.  That one encounter changed my life in ways that no one would understand. 

When asking Harry what he most enjoyed about his CAREGiver, his response was, “Maureen entered my world with such grace, kindness, patience and a spirit that resonated from her whole being.  She understood me and provided me with encouragement and the confidence that I once lacked”.   Harry also feels that CAREGivers of Maureen’s stature should be recognized for the love and devotion they put into caring for senior members of our community.

Harry & Maureen

In speaking with other clients and families that Maureen has taken care of I learned more about this shy, soft-spoken lady.  The recurring theme from family and clients was that she is extremely spiritual, patient, forgiving, committed, humble, kind, engaging, honest and respectful to each of her clients.  Maureen may be small in stature but she is larger in life in her dedication to her clients!

I spoke with Kathryn and asked her what her favorite thing was about Maureen Adams when she was a CAREGiver for her mother Patricia.  She was quick to say that talking was her favorite part of the visits.  She stated, “Maureen’s patience, kindness, diligence and extraordinary ability to engage my mother was absolutely amazing.  Maureen came into our lives to assist our mother who had been diagnosed with advance stages of dementia.  She had this uncanny ability to look at my mother’s physical and mental capacities and see that person as a whole.  She saw what was there, not just what is missing.  The family was deeply moved that Maureen could see through my mother’s illness related disabilities to those essential truths.  Maureen also recognized my mother not just as someone in need of assistance, but as a person with something to offer!  Maureen became a very important part of our family.  As our mother’s health declined, and every day became more of a challenge, Maureen knew how to adapt to each new day with such grace, and honored her with humble dignity and a quality of life that was absolutely enduring.”  In closing, Kathryn said, “good caregivers like Maureen do a lot to improve the lives of the people they assist.  But seeing their clients for who they are and letting them know they are seen may be the most important thing of all.”

Maureen humbly accepts her award from the Home Instead Senior Care Cedarburg Team

It is with great pleasure that we nominate Mrs. Maureen Adams for consideration for the 2015 CAREGiver of the Year!  Maureen joined Home Instead Senior Care in February of 2009.  The staff at Home Instead Senior Care in Cedarburg believes that Maureen exemplifies the true meaning of Love (v.) and more.  Her devotion to the lives she has touched and her promptness and dependability make her not only an exceptional employee but an exceptional human being as well.  She has managed to raise and nurture ten children and fourteen grandchildren and still finds time to be an awesome CAREGiver and an important part of the Home Instead Senior Care family.  It is no mystery or surprise that Maureen would become our Home Instead Senior Care CAREGiver of the year.  She truly embodies Love (v.) and what it means to pass it on to others that she encounters in life.

Maureen's family couldn't be prouder of their Mother, Sister, Daughter, and Wife.

You can see more pictures of this wonderful event on our Facebook Page.

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