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CAREGiver of the Month

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Home Instead Caregiver

A tradition of great caregiving means that we take care of our own as well as we take care you and your family.

Home Instead recognizes outstanding CAREGivers who demonstrate the Attributes of Love (v)This program inspires CAREGivers to strive for excellence, and it rewards CAREGivers for their hard work, compassionate care and dedicated service to others.

On an annual basis, we select a CAREGiver of the Year and celebrate him/her at a special reception at our office. Our CAREGiver of the Year is also presented to our corporate headquarters in Omaha, Neb., as a nominee for the national award — The Mary Steibel CAREGiverSM of the Year Award.

Cedarburg CAREGiver of the Month

October | Loran

Now with Home Instead for a full year, Loran joined Home Instead to get a fresh start and begin a new chapter in life. She had already enjoyed working with people and families, so she was sure that Home Instead would be a great fit.

In the past year, Loran has come to appreciate the role that Love (v) has on caregiving. She said that Love (v) means “supporting and being there for clients, as well as understanding their needs.”

She added that a caregiver must be patient, kind and, above all, loving because the client becomes a part of your “family.” In fact, her most memorable Home Instead moment is when a client said that Loran was like family to her.

In her free time, Loran enjoys spending time with her family, including her girls and grandson. Together, they take Sunday drives and explore places they have never seen.

September | Pam

Five years ago, Pam sought a career change and, in doing so, discovered professional caregiving. Today, we are blessed to have her on our team of CAREGivers.

Not only is she a true testament to professional caregiving but Pam is also a great example of Love (v); in fact, she embraces our eight Attributes of Love (v) so much that she also raised her children to embrace them.

While she has many examples of “love in action” throughout her five-year journey with us, she vividly recalled one of her first clients. They were together for three years, and, according to Pam, the two had “so much fun together, did a lot together and became like family to one another.” She also told us about a client who wouldn’t converse with her for the first few months of service, so Pam began talking to herself while she was cleaning his house. One day, he started laughing and said that he “got such a kick out of” listening to her talk to herself that he felt it was time he started talking to her. From that day forward, the two had a special, inseparable bond.


August | Alicea

Most memorable experience at Home Instead: Alicea’s most memorable moment was also a learning experience for her. Alicea, despite being tested, remembered that the role of a CAREGiver means to always be kind and patient. And she definitely displays that with all of her clients!

Attributes of Love (v) she demonstrates: Of our eight attributes, Alicea feels that patience and respectfulness stand out most in her client interactions. In fact, she can sense that her clients feel comfortable with her, thanks to her patient approach. She is often reminded that, one day, she will be an aging adult who will require care, and, when that day comes, she will want to be treated with patience and respect in return.

What Love (v) means to her: Alicea believes in treating others as she would want to be treated and in caring for others as she would want to be cared for. She added, “I love to love people!”

Hobbies: Alicea’s spare time is often spent with her children and grandchildren.

July | David

​Seeking a career change, David looked into professional caregiving a little more than a year ago. A perfect fit, David has been with us since!

Attribute of Love (v) he demonstrates: Of the eight Attributes, David feels that Patience is the Attribute that stands out most when he provides care for his clients. David tends to adapt to any situation and deal with the pressures of caregiving with a determined and calm presence.

What Love (v) means to him: David said, “Being understanding and patient when dealing with clients.”

Most memorable Home Instead moment: David recalled the time he attended a wedding with one of his clients (it was the clients’ great grandson’s wedding and the clients’ 67th wedding anniversary). He added, “It was so wonderful to see people who have stayed together for so long and the love they displayed for one another.”

Free time: In David’s spare time, he loves to go fishing.


June | Ina

Ina came to us after the caregiving organization for which she worked closed. Upon interviewing for a role with Home Instead Cedarburg and being hired, Ina instantly knew that Home Instead was a good fit. Now, she’s getting set to celebrate her one-year anniversary with us this summer.

What Love (v) means to her: Ina believes that the best way to display Love (v) is to accept everyone for who and what they are.

Attribute of Love (v) she demonstrates: Of the eight attributes, Ina feels that Patience and Selflessness represent the care she provides, “You cannot do the job of a CAREGiver without Patience, and you must always think of your clients above your own needs.”

Free time: Ina loves dining out (her favorite restaurant is Olive Garden).


May | Doreen

Time with Home Instead: Nearly three years.

Why Home Instead: Doreen felt called to be a CAREGiver because she loves taking care of people — something she has always done.

What Love (v) means to her: To Doreen, Love (v) means unconditional love — loving others with no strings attached and respecting others for who they are.

Attribute of Love (v) she demonstrates: Doreen feels a deep sense of humility from caring for others. She said that she feels humbled and privileged just to be with our seniors and to be able to provide the care that they so desperately need.

Most memorable experience: Doreen loves giving gifts to clients without them knowing who they are from. She recently sent flowers to a client, who had, as a nurse, also sent flowers to many of her patients. When the client asked about the flowers, Doreen coyly responded, “This must be your payback for flowers that you have sent.”

Free time: Doreen enjoys spending time with her mother-in-law, who lives in Fond du Lac, Wis.​


April | Susan

What led her to Home Instead: Already a caregiver, Susan became a Home Instead CAREGiver nearly 14 years ago. She said that she was impressed with how hard we work to match each client with the right CAREGiver.

What Love (v) means to her: It’s giving all of oneself to make the world a better place for clients and their quality of life. She added that everyone needs to be treated with Kindness and Respectfulness, and, with God as our CEO, we need to support and encourage one another daily. 

Most memorable experience at Home Instead: While Susan indicated that every client is memorable, she vividly recalled a particular client. They would scrapbook together and, in doing so, “traveled” the world through their photographs.

Free time: Susan is passionate about crafts and likes to share her greeting-card-making skills with her clients.

March | Molly

Nearly three years ago, Molly was on her way to the local YMCA when she stopped by Home Instead Cedarburg to pick up a job application. She was interviewed on the spot and attended orientation the next day!

What Love (v) means to her: She believes that Love (v) is to treat others as you would like to be treated. She added, “It’s always going above and beyond to make sure their needs have been met.”

Attribute(s) of Love (v) she demonstrates: Molly believes that Selflessness best describes the care she provides for seniors. She commented, “I will do anything for my clients,” and that has become her personal mantra.

Most memorable experience at Home Instead: During the recent Polar Vortex, Molly had the privilege of spending five days with her client. While the weather outside was frightful, the two made the most of the opportunity indoors and bonded even closer. The client’s entire family embraces Molly and really makes her feel part of the family.

Free time: Molly enjoys making greeting cards.


February | Kari

Why she decided to join Home Instead: Kari had been a caregiver previously and had grown to miss the meaningful connections and daily interactions with clients.

What Love (v) means to her: "It’s something that comes from within you; if you don’t have it, then you won’t succeed as a CAREGiver."

Attribute of Love (v) she demonstrates: Kari feels that Patience is an integral part of her everyday life and how she treats her clients. She stated, “You must be patient when working with the elderly. You have to respect how they live their lives and simply refrain from rushing things along.”

Kari spoke those words from experience, as she recalled meeting initial resistance from one of her clients. Kari, despite initial worries over how she’d overcome the challenge, told the gentleman to give her a chance — and that, if he did, he might enjoy her cooking. In the end, Kari’s cooking turned him around. Today, the client looks forward to Kari’s visits, even anticipates assisting with one of his favorite meals.


January | Alice

What makes her a great CAREGiver: Alice had taken care of her younger sister, who sadly passed away. That unfortunate event brought out Alice’s inner caregiver and led her on a path to helping others. She noted, “It was such an awesome feeling to take care of someone else.” Alice then joined the Home Instead team in August 2017.

Alice’s most memorable experience at Home Instead was the time spent with a former client. She paid a tearful goodbye to the client and client’s daughter the day before the client entered a nursing home. They had forged such a powerful bond that it was so hard for them to say goodbye.

What Love (v) means to her: Alice believes that Love (v) means to put our Attributes into action and living them in our daily lives.

Love (v) Attribute she demonstrates: Alice embodies all eight of our Attributes, but it’s her Kindness that stands out most. Ever humble, Alice said that she treats all her clients with kindness, regardless of the circumstances. Her advice? “You must be kind. Always.”

Free time: In her personal life, Alice enjoys teaching aerobics at the Milwaukee Public School Community Center, something she has done for the past 18 years.


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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones.

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