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We are on a mission to see more families share sit-down Sunday dinners with their loved ones.  Research shows us “that 50% of families living near senior relatives believe they do not share enough meals with these older loved ones, losing an important family connection.”

We’ve launched the Sunday Dinner Pledge campaign to drive home the importance of hosting regular family dinners.  And if you need even more incentive – we will donate $1 to Meals on Wheels, up to $20,000 through July 31, 2015, for each person who commits to regularly scheduling family dinners with senior loved ones.

“Having a weekly dinner with seniors is a great way for families to connect and really engage the senior,” says Home Instead Branch Manager, Penelope Vogel.  “As we age, that engagement becomes key to our quality of life.”  Five ways to engage seniors during weekly dinners include:

1.  Involve them in meal prep, such as peeling potatoes
2.  Ask questions about their life growing up
3.  Check in with them beforehand and ask them to select a favorite recipe
4.  If any children are coming, ask them to bring something handmade, such as a card
5.  Ask the senior to say grace before dinner

“If you’re short on ideas for dinners, we’ve enlisted the help of a dietitian to develop easy, nutritious recipes and health food plans,” notes Penelope.

Take the pledge now to commit to a regularly scheduled family dinner with senior loved ones, and reap the benefits of spending that cherished time together.  If you have any questions regarding the program, contact our Home Instead Senior Care office at 262-546-0226 or stop in!  We’re located at 7849 Hwy 60, Cedarburg WI.


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