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home instead senior care reviews in skokie

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Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

"Home Instead has done a great job of matching my bed-bound mother with caregivers that she likes and feels safe with! Her caregivers are great advoactes for her and help her to live a much better life!"

Posted by JeanneKai on Sep 12 2019

"The caregivers were wonderful to Mom, very attentive and respectful. Working with the main office of Home Instead was seamless. We were very pleased with the care, and Mom loved the caregivers."

Posted by melsav on Aug 14 2019

"This is an agency that my mother hired after she was hospitalized with the flu, that left her fatigued, isolated and having little energy to do anything. Her caregiver from Home Instead Senior Care (Skokie) has been a life savior. A comes 5 days a week for 4 hours a day. She is on time, helpful with daily activities, and if not directly helping my mother uses her time to get things done around the home. She is friendly and very good company. A big bonus is that A is consistent and is the only care giver assigned so they can really develop a relationship and A can understand the needs of my mother. At the initial intake of my mother’s needs, I was impressed with the professionalism and concern the worker took to find a good match. And she found a great match."

Posted by ezemel on Jul 02 2019

"After spine surgery, my Home Instead caregiver made it possible for me to come home instead of staying in a rehab facility."

Posted by FAD on Jun 01 2019

"We have had an extremely positive experience with Home Instead. The lines of communication were open and Chelli was very flexible with our changing needs. After a fall, my mom needed to go from part time care to around the clock care immediately. Chelli worked tirelessly to get the shifts covered. Mom's regular caregiver Amie was phenomenal and stepped up her hours when we needed her. She went above and beyond when caring for Mom with engaging games, fun activities and zeroing in on the things Mom enjoyed. We highly recommend Home Instead."

Posted by Lynn TM. on Apr 29 2019

"When the time came to obtain some assistance for my 97 year old mother, it came swiftly and unexpectedly. With all family members having full time jobs, we needed immediate care. I checked on-line for someone local and found that Home Instead had an office in Skokie (only 2 miles away). Without any knowledge or experience with this type of situation, I relied on the many positive reviews and comments from others using the service. I made a phone call that Friday morning. By Friday afternoon, a meeting was held at my mom's home with a kind and compassionate representative and by the next morning, my mom had the care she needed. The caretakers have been wonderful and responsive to her needs. My mom loves them all. We have a challenging schedule, but the professional staff at Home Instead are easy to work with and extremely accommodating. My family and I feel very fortunate to be working with Home Instead. Mary Jo & Terry LeBeau Morton Grove, Illinois "

Posted by Mary Jo LeBeau on Feb 02 2019

"all in home care with medications food prep. laundry cleaning. staff is on time 98% of time my care giver and i have a wonderful relationship agency is always considerate and helpful with my requests"

Posted by stayingwell21 on Dec 19 2018

"Home Instead is the best care giving agency in Chicago. Having a family member suffering from Dementia, Parkinson's and Narcolepsy we started home care services about 5 years ago. After navigating different providers and their caregivers, we quickly found that the time required to train new caregivers often had to be repeated again and again as finding a long-term consistent caregiver proved to be difficult. We also found it was difficult to find a male caregivers. That was until we found Home Instead. Home Instead has been providing exceptional care giving services for my father-in-law for over 3 years. From bathing, exercising, meal preparation, helping with groceries, attending doctors appointments, providing fellowship and many other daily activities, the people at Home Instead have always listened to our care process and integrated it with their caregivers. We have had a total of two male caregivers over this period and our family has developed great relationships with both of them. Having a disabled sister from birth, our family has used care giving services for the disabled for over 47 years. As a result, we have very high expectations regarding quality of care for those we love with no exceptions. The relationships we have developed with the Home Instead staff (Dotti, Roy, Bruce, and others) is what has made our experience what it is today. These people CARE about my father-in-law and our family and that is what matters to us. I am writing this review because I know how difficult it is to find quality care at affordable prices and I want people to know that Home Instead is great. Home Instead also works directly with our insurance provider to make the financial side an easy process as well. "

Posted by cpisano on Oct 17 2018

"This Agency provided competent, caring and kind caregivers for my late wife. They were punctual and ready for all eventualities. They made the patient very comfortable and were of help to me. When necessary, substitute care givers were provided. The periodic visits of the Nurses were also helpful."

Posted by VitGer on Oct 06 2018

"Home Instead has offered every service we needed, and more. The caregivers arrive on time and they're always kind and cheerful. My mom was fragile when she arrived home from the hospital and our family was frightened she would not be strong enough to be at home. The caregiver from Home Instead saved my mom's life, I'm sure of it. My mom said again and again how gentle and reassuring she was with her. That positive attitude contributed immeasurably to my mom's recovery. The caregiver had to coordinate many interim medications from the hospital, and visiting services from the hospital. She had to be supportive to my dad, who was very worn down from my mom's illness and hospitalization. Our caregiver from Home Instead has great intelligence, and makes the best choice possible when there is more than one way to solve a problem. She is excellent with medication reminders and always there to offer cheerful kind support. My parents feel safe with her and communicate excellently well with her. When she has had to be away, Home Instead has always worked hard to find someone who will be able to take good care of my mom and be considerate and respectful to both my parents. My mom needs physical help to walk and very close complete care in order to shower. Our caregiver has always made my mom feel comfortable and safe. Life at home truly is possible for both my parents, thanks to Home Instead."

Posted by KGV on Jul 31 2018

“…You and your team have been nothing short of excellent in all aspects of our relationship…As we spoke with the various services, it became apparent that Home Instead was listening better than the rest. What I personally found satisfying was the dignity with which the staff treated my parents...consistent contact made it painless to manage the quality of care my parents were receiving…Home Instead’s desire to form a strong relationship with the concerned family is a key differentiating value to their service…Home Instead has responded to every one of our requests professionally and urgently. They understand senior care and how to support the interests of those in need of care as well as the interests of the concerned family. The quality of their caregivers, their relationship based approach to family, and their willingness to respond quickly to changing needs separates their approach to senior care from all the others we considered.”

Mike A., Niles, IL


“…I wish to commend to you Jeannie’s caregiving for me. She was careful, willing, easy to instruct, and always pleasant. She was ready to do whatever I requested but was never intrusive…”

Sallie V., Northfield, IL


“My sisters and I wanted to express our profound appreciation for how well you took care of our mother in the last month of her life. Having been self-sufficient and independent all her life, we were concerned about how she would adapt to having caregivers around. Your staff was so professional and caring that the transition was as smooth as possible, and we all – including our mom – were very pleased and comforted.”
Gail N. and Family, Lincolnwood, IL


“We would like to take a moment to tell you how much we appreciated the high level of care we received from the Home Instead caregivers. All of them were compassionate, gentle, skilled, trustworthy, and professional. Mariana, our weekday caregiver, was truly a gem. She was everything one could ask for in a caregiver: patient, perceptive, sensitive. She anticipated Betty’s needs…We all love her…the Home Instead caregivers were a pleasure to have in our home.”
Tom and Nancy A., Wilmette, IL


“Shelly is very proactive and protective of my wife. My wife loves having Shelly in the house. She cooks and does housekeeping. I feel very safe and relieved that Shelly is there. Ritika did such a good job of matchmaking it is unbelievable. I would recommend Home Instead to anyone that needs a caretaker or companion. If you need help and are in the Skokie, Morton Grove, Park Ridge or North Chicago area, give Ritika a call.”
Jerry B., Skokie, IL


“Gina, Thank you for the holiday card — you look just as I imagined — and that NEVER happens! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being so caring and supportive of me and my family. You are always so solutions-oriented; take the time to really listen to the “why” behind a request, put up with all the complicated nuances of a family doing its best to help our Dad. You obviously care a great deal and it shows. I hope I have a chance to meet you and thank you in person one day.” 
Rachel R., Evanston, IL


"Agnes seems absolutely wonderful. Her caring demeanor is perfect for Mom, and she can give Dad a run for his money with his sometimes off-color humor. Mom seemed so happy to have Agnes around telling her how much she loves her, and a weight seemed to be lifted from Dad. I'm so glad everything is working out. We have only had great feedback from Ziggy, Sally and Agnes on how things stand. How wonderful and amazing is it that this is even happening! One of our blessings to be thankful for this year is how you stepped in and found Agnes for Ziggy and Sally and gave them a new life! Priceless..." 
Lori & Mike W., Cindy & Jim H., Glenview, IL


“…Greta is a most wonderful caregiver. She was attentive, kind & considerate, always helpful, always on time, and her appearance was outstanding. I highly recommend her and would gladly give her a recommendation if desired. Many thanks to Greta, who I consider a friend, and to you for sending her to me.” 
Virginia M., Des Plaines, IL


“I want to take a moment to thank you for your services. I don’t think there could’ve been a better match for Mom. Susan took really good care of Mom, remembered all the little preferences that Mom had, joked with her and kept her in good spirits, even when Mom was in the hospital. Susan took better care of her then the nursing staff! …Susan was a very special caregiver in every sense of the word.” 
Sandi R., Des Plaines, IL


“I wanted to let you know what wonderful & caring employees you have in Antanita & Carolyn. Aunt Ginny loved having their care and companionship which make her final years so much more enjoyable. Ginny always prided herself on being independent, but with age & deteriorating sight, she relied more & more on those two great associates of yours. I & my family would like to thank you for the years of wonderful care & concern you showed my Aunt.” 
James H., Park Ridge, IL


“My family and I are so grateful for the lovely service your business supplied for my mother this past weekend. I don’t know what I would have done without you! Knowing you were there for me gave me such piece of mind. I’m forever in your debt and I’ll refer everyone to you! 
Nancy K., Winnetka, IL

“Zahava, thanks for all you have done over the past six months. I feel that you and your agency have gone above and beyond the call of duty in assisting my mother with all schedules and changes that have occurred. The ladies that assisted my mother have given me peace of mind while living so far from Chicago. You have in a way, personally taken care of the physical and emotional well-being of my mother when I was unable to. Words can never thank you enough.” 
Jay F., Evanston, IL


“I cannot tell you how nice it felt to have one person to call to handle any of our needs. Each one of them has done a great job in providing companionship for my mother. I have called many times and always felt that the people at the Home Instead office knew my mother and had her well being in mind. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to help their aging parent remain in the home. Special thanks to Gina who lent an ear so many times and also to Vilma who was the very best caregiver for my mother. Vilma really cares about the people she is helping and takes charge of the situation and gets the job done.” 
Tina R., Skokie, IL


"I am writing to express my appreciation and to commend Zahava on helping us with the care of my sister Sheila R. From the very first contact Zahava has gone above and beyond to assist us in finding someone to help Sheila. Even when I called at almost the last minute or changed the time schedules, Zahava never complained, and was always courteous, professional, and effective. She always returns my calls and has always accommodated our requests even though I know at times it was not easy. Zahava, and everyone at Home Instead, has made a most difficult situation a little better." 
Esther M., Morton Grove, IL


“We are grateful beyond words for the care you arranged for my mother. Maria has been more than any of us could have hoped for, and she has been vital in keeping my mother from going totally downhill. I am also grateful for your professionalism, which kept much stress off of me. I will welcome the opportunity to recommend Home Instead to anyone I know who could benefit from your services.”
Mary L., Northfield, IL


“Thank you for providing such good people to take care of my aunt. It gives me great peace of mind. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. I would recommend your agency to anyone at anytime. I felt that Lydia was safe once she was in your immediate care.” 
Kathie M., Morton Grove, IL


“Thank you for sending us such nice ladies like Patty & Loretta. They were so caring and wonderful. And we are so glad we had Amanda. She talked with my aunt all the time and saw to it to make her feel comfortable. She was truly an angel in disguise.” 
Irene P., Glenview, IL


“I can really appreciate the commitment and dedication that it takes to do as well as you are doing. I wish you continued success and want to thank you both for the valuable service that you provide to the community as well as the compassion afforded to our family and most of all, my Dad." 
Bob W., Northbrook, IL

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