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Foot-Pain-Examination-300x204.jpgProper senior citizen foot care is a worthy goal in and of itself. Taking good care of the feet is beneficial to general health and also improves balance and helps prevent falls. But paying attention to senior citizen foot care is also important because it can provide clues to help detect early signs of osteoporosis, providing doctors with the opportunity to start treatment before low bone mass becomes more serious.


Osteoporosis refers to a condition in which bone strength and mass have decreased significantly, often to the point that bones become so brittle and weak that even small amounts of stress may cause fractures.

Bone is constantly being destroyed and replenished. But when a person has osteoporosis, the body makes less “new” bone tissue than it needs to replenish the “old” bone tissue.

Many people consider osteoporosis a women’s issue. While it’s true that it is more common in females, many men – especially older men – do experience osteoporosis.

The Feet

Where does senior citizen foot care play a role in all of this? People of all ages need to regularly monitor their feet for signs of problems, but this is especially true of older adults. And those who do regularly inspect their feet are in a position to detect early symptoms of osteoporosis.

Stress fractures are an early sign of osteoporosis. Because the feet must bear the burden of the weight of the entire body, it is likely that stress fractures may occur in the feet before they occur in other parts of the body.

It’s not always easy to tell if one has a stress fracture. However, an unexplained and persistent pain in the foot may be an indication of a stress fracture.

Seniors with such foot pain should contact their doctor. (It’s a good idea to do so whenever there’s an unexplained pain, regardless of whether one suspects osteoporosis.) The doctor will know what further steps to take.

Keep up with proper senior citizen foot care, and you may be able to stop osteoporosis before it gets its foot in the door.

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