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​​​Airplane-300x200.jpgSummertime often means that home caregivers and those they care for have the opportunity for a trip or two. Traveling can always be a challenge, but modern technology has created apps that can be an aid to flight travelers. Home caregivers may want to look over some of the apps below and download a few when they are embarking on a plane trip this summer.

The app for your airline. All major airlines now make their own apps available for downloading, and many travelers have found that these are valuable. For example, home caregivers can use this app to present their boarding pass on their smartphone, meaning there’s one less piece of paper to worry about misplacing.

A flight status app. Nobody likes to get to the airport only to discover that their plane is now two hours late. This can be especially difficult when traveling with a loved ones who feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar places like an airport. There are numerous apps, such as FlightAware and FlightStats, that can keep travelers up to date on the status of their flights.

Security wait app. Increasingly long security lines at some airports are an unpleasant reality. There’s not necessarily much that caregivers can do about this, but with an app that warns travelers of the estimated wait time, they can at least prepare. For example, knowing that there’s a 45-minute wait to get through security lets home caregivers figure out what to do about Grandfather, who has difficulty standing for long periods of time. Apps that may be helpful here include MiFlight​ and GateGuru.

Connecting information app. People who have a quick shuffle from one flight to another can get help with the FlightBoard​ app.  This can let them know what flights are departing at what time and from what gate when they arrive at an airport.

Home caregivers know that making a trip run easily and smooth can be difficult, but it can make a big difference for a senior loved one. Taking advantage of available technology can make a difference.

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