Fight Memory Loss with Vitamin B and Omega-3’s

Baked-Salmon-Fish-300x283.jpgSome form of memory loss is fairly common as people age, but the degree of loss can vary substantially. One way t​o help stem the tide of memory loss? Get more vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids!

The Facts

The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease reported on a study​ involving people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). A previous study had found that treatment with vitamin B tended to slow down cognitive decline. Now researchers were combing through the data to see whether adding omega-3 fatty acids into the mix had an impact. Apparently, it did.

The researchers discovered that memory loss and cognitive function were positively impacted when the subjects tested were on both vitamin B therapy and omega-3 fatty acid therapy. In subjects in which omega-3 fatty acids are low, the vitamin B addition did not have as significant an impact.

As with all such cases, more studies are needed to duplicate and verify these outcomes. But it does suggest that those who are concerned about regular memory loss may want to check with their doctor and a nutritionist and see if there would be any harm in increasing their intake of vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids. (For example, some people who are on blood thinners may be advised to keep their omega-3 fatty acid levels in check.)

Where do they come from?

Vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids are both available in supplemental form, but they can also be found naturally in the diet. Some foods containing omega-3 fatty acids in high quantities include sardines, flaxseed oil, cod liver oil, salmon, walnuts, butternuts, and soybeans.

Vitamin B is really a group of vitamins. Vitamin B6 is often found in chickpeas, fish, and poultry. B12 is available from cooked clams, beef liver, and tuna. And folate (B9) can be found in whole grains and beans. (In each case, these are just examples; the vitamins can also be obtained from other foods as well.)

Most people have an interest in avoiding memory loss as they age. Taking proactive steps can help achieve that goal.​

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