Why you should talk to your parents about drugs

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​​​​Talking to a senior loved one about prescription medications isn't always the most comfortable conversation to have.

However, with a few of these simple conversation starters below, you can take a touchy topic and make it a helpful visit.

  • ​"That's an awful lot of pills. How do you manage to keep track of them?"

According to recent surv​eys, nearly one in five seniors who reportedly take five or more prescription medications have experienced challenges in managing their medication regimen. You can access a medication tracker worksheet at SeniorEmergencyKit.com.

  • "I want you to be as healthy as possible. Do you ever feel unusual after taking your medications, like dizzy, light-headed or confused?"

Medications often come with adverse side effects, making it important that your loved one is telling a doctor about any medication reactions that may be occuring.

  • "I'd like to help ensure you're safe at home. Do you know why you're taking this medication and what it's supposed to do?"

One of 10 seniors surveyed who take at least five prescription medications do not take the drugs as directed. If you or your senior loved one don't understand the purpose of the medications, schedule a meeting with a doctor.

  • "I'd like to help you better understand your medications. Is there anything about your prescriptions that concerns you?"

Almost one in five surveyed seniors reportedly experiences medication challeneges related to cost, opening the containers, reading/understanding the directions, and remembering to order refills. Please schedule a meeting with your loved one's doctor to discuss solutions.

Learn more about the potential risks and solutions for medication management by checking out our free solutions guide at LetsTalkAboutRX.com.​ And, as always, feel free to contact us at 501-758-7340 for a free in-home assessment for your senior loved one.


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