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Oh, the stories. From tales about old girlfriends to card games, award-winning CAREGiver Madina probably has heard it all.

She recounted a client’s stories about unrequited loved that came from a 92-year-old former California lawyer who had a great sense of humor and excellent memory. As Madina listened, she would learn more and more about “Maxine.”

As the story goes, “Maxine” was from the client’s hometown of Rogersville, Tenn., and was the object of the client’s unreturned youthful affection long before he married his long-time wife and experienced a fulfilling life that included a loving family and highly successful law practice.

“He always wondered why ‘Maxine’ wouldn’t marry him. After mulling it over, he finally came to the conclusion that she just simply didn’t want to,” said Madina, a CAREGiver of the Month for the Home Instead Senior Care® franchise in Metairie that serves New Orleans and Jefferson Parish. “With his sense of humor, I didn’t know for sure what to think – maybe he was kidding around with me. By all accounts, his real marriage was great. His wife died five years ago.”

Those stories are one reason why Madina is a CAREGiver. She loves seniors, loves to help them and loves to provide support for clients’ families. Sadly, the retired lawyer died last August, six months before his 93rd birthday, so there are no more “Maxine” stories.

But another client has left Madina in stitches. Before suffering an ankle injury and entering a rehabilitation program following her hospitalization, the 80-something woman took part in activities that included poker games. “This lady is so amazing. Her favorite saying is, ‘If it ain’t one thing, it’s two things,” Madina said with a giggle. “She is doing well.

“I hear the best stories. Someone always has something different with his or her stories.”

The Home Instead staff sees a pattern with Madina’s clients – they do well because Madina is with them.

“Madina is an especially awesome personality. She can make anyone smile,” said Fay Kelting, the franchise development specialist. “She’s always a positive person. She is a hands-on and reliable CAREGiver. She can be called on for last-minute shifts and helps out tremendously in that area of staffing.”

Said Madina: “One of the enjoyments of caregiving is the various people I meet. I am always working with someone different, it seems, because several of my clients have come out of the hospital and gotten better. Some have passed on.

Madina’s story, in its own right, is intriguing. She has worked full time, noon to 9 p.m., for an armored car service in Metairie since February 2010 and was looking for extra work when she found Home Instead during an online search. She has been with owner Lisa Rabito’s Home Instead franchise since Jan. 12, 2012. “It has been a good two years,” Madina pointed out.

Her previous senior-care experience had come with family. She helped with a grandmother until she died in 2002. “Grandma had diabetes, and both of her legs had been amputated,” Madina explained. “I also helped with my grandpa. My mother is doing great – she’s a registered nurse because Grandma really pointed her in that direction.”

Madina said she loves her Home Instead job, which includes Monday-through-Friday overnight shifts (10 p.m. to 8 a.m.) as part of the franchise’s 24/7 coverage for her client. “I do like to keep busy, and my client is wonderful,” she said. “We have three, maybe four other CAREGivers working with her. We all stay on the same page by keeping a detailed log about her care.

“I’ve been with her for two months, and she has a walking boot now. The client sleeps pretty well, usually from 11 p.m. to 4 or 5 a.m. I make her breakfast as soon as she gets up. She always wants two pancakes with jelly and a cup of coffee. She is doing so well that I can see she probably is going to be able to return to living without us one day. I will miss her.”

And her stories. ​


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