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A tradition of great caregiving means that we take care of our own as well as we take care of you and your family. 

We reward our CAREGivers with 3 different CAREGiver of the Month awards, the CAREGiver of the Year award, and the Caring Heart award to show our appreciation for all they do. Home Instead, Inc. also recognizes regional CAREGivers of the Year and one special CAREGiver who shows exceptional dedication is the recipient of the national award — The Mary Steibel CAREGiverSM of the Year Award.

This program inspires CAREGivers to strive for excellence. It creates a sense of pride and rewards their hard work, compassionate care, and service to others.

We are thrilled to introduce our 2017 CAREGiver of the Year -    Eleanor J​!

Thinking of others comes easily to some people.  Eleanor is one of those special people.  In 2004, she was looking for something to do that would give her a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  Having retired just months before, Eleanor knew sitting at home was not for her.   Eleanor ran into an old friend who was wearing a Home Instead Senior Care logo on her shirt and immediately thought that would be an avenue she would like to explore further.  13 years later, Eleanor has not regretted her decision to work with seniors in their homes and in her community.  

Eleanor is serving a client that has been a gracious host and loving friend to many.   Now, this client is 99 years old, but still living in her own home with Eleanor’s (and the rest of Eleanor’s fellow CAREGivers’) assistance.  Eleanor often tells her CAREGiving teammates to call her if they have questions or problems in the assignment.  Eleanor spends many hours with this lovely client and knows her routines, her likes and her dislikes.  Eleanor communicates with the family who live out of state and gives them peace of mind that their mother is well cared for and happy.  She packs a bag on the eve of snow storms planning to stay with the client to ensure her needs are met during the storm. 

She brings music that she knows this client enjoys and they listen together while sitting on the screened in porch looking at the flowers that Eleanor planted just on the other side of the screen.  Eleanor took some root-bound violets for her client and planted them in bigger pots so the client could continue to enjoy them all over her home.

As this client spends more and more time inside her home, Eleanor finds ways of putting things that are most precious to her client in the areas that are most visible to her.  On the table beside the client’s favorite chair, there is a photo album of the client’s 98th birthday party.  They enjoy looking at those pictures and talking about the fun she had with her friends that day.  That always leads to conversations about her next birthday party – when she turns 100 years old.  
Even in her acceptance speech for CAREGiver of the Year, Eleanor was thinking of others.  She held up her framed certificate and divided it into four parts with her finger saying that each part should be awarded to her fellow CAREGivers that serve this client.  We are honored to have Eleanor as our CAREGiver of the Year for 2018.  She really exemplifies our tag line, “To us, it’s personal” ®

We are thrilled to introduce our 2017 Caring Heart Award winner - Betty H​!

The Caring Heart award was created many years ago by Don Wells Sr., the original owner of our local Home Instead Senior Care office. Don always looked for the best in people and wanted to recognize those CAREGivers that showed exceptional compassion when caring for their clients; thus creating the Caring Heart award.

Huges caring heart 2017.jpgBetty is a perfect example of a compassionate CAREGiver that does her work with a "Caring Heart".  Betty serves a client that often needs a quiet environment and lots of reassurance that she is safe.  Betty has become an expert on interpreting her client's needs and meeting those needs by delivering a tranquil environment or saying the perfect words.  The client's brother says, "Betty is patient with her, exceedingly kind, and seems to know instinctively when to assist [her] with a task or when to encourage her to do the task herself. When my sister suffers anxiety attacks, Betty is able to calm her with soothing words and gentle caresses. [She] trusts Betty, who returns that trust with affection and respect. I thank God that my sister's world has Betty Hughes in it".  We are grateful for the talents Betty uses to make a positive difference in this client's world.  Betty's "Caring Heart" is what makes her an awesome CAREGiver and this year's recipient of The Caring Heart award. 

CAREGivers of the Month

Our office awards three separate awards each month: Above & Beyond, Everyday Excellence, and Helping Hand.

Above & Beyond awards are given to CAREGivers who have gone above & beyond for their client.  We hear stories of something that a CAREGiver has done for their client that far exceeds the office expectations.  This shows the exceptional relationships our CAREGivers have developed with their clients.

Everyday Excellence awards are given to CAREGivers with regular schedules and that do not miss assignments.  They are counted on every day, every week to be at their assignments and take care of their clients.

Helping Hand awards are given to CAREGivers who have gone out of their way to help the office schedulers fill assignments.  They are willing to take on extra responsibility to make sure clients are taken care of.

Debbie - Above & Beyond

Debbie - Above & Beyond

We are always happy to hear about the talents and gifts that our CAREGivers use to brighten the lives of the seniors they care for.  This past month, Debbie used her gift of playing the piano to engage her client who lives in a memory unit.  Debbie said the client smiled and clapped her hands to the songs and applauded when each one was finished. There was another resident who does not speak but rolled over in her bed and began to sing along.  Thanks Debbie for going Above and Beyond to bring such joy to your client’s life.

Judi - Every Day Excellence

Judi - Every Day Excellence

Judi is really good helping her clients enjoy life.  She has a client who enjoys watching birds, so Judi and the client’s other CAREGiver went together and gave this client a birdfeeder for Christmas.  They also brought the client’s birdfeeder from her home to sit beside the new birdfeeder outside the client’s window but quickly realized that the bed was in the way of the client seeing the birdfeeders.  Judi turned the whole room around, so the client could get her wheelchair right up to the window to watch the birds enjoy the bird feeder.  What joy this brought to the client.  Thanks, Judi for brightening the life of this client every day you are with her.

Melissa - Helping Hand

Melissa - Helping Hand

We want to highlight one of our ‘Snow Angels’ this month.  Melissa was available for extra hours with one of her clients on our snowy weekend.  It really helped her fellow CAREGivers who could not make it to this assignment and it mostly helped their client have a familiar face with him.  Melissa knows this client’s routine and preferences and was able to keep him (and his sweet dog) comfortable and safe and well cared for too.  Thanks Melissa for your Helping Hands.

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