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Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in West Edmonton have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials

"I have already recommended Home Instead to friends and colleagues in Edmonton and elsewhere in Canada. The people with Home Instead have been kind, caring, helpful and patient. I am impressed with the fact that the way the workers interact with Mom gives her the ability to do what she feels is important. She is in her home and is in charge of what is going on on a day to day basis. This has also helped improve her health and sense of confidence."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Sep 19 2018

"Companions have been very positive. They engage my parent thereby giving them self-worth and a purpose. They bring in joy and positive energy."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Sep 19 2018

"I like that my parent gets excellent care and that I always know she is not only well taken care of but cherished and treated with love."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Sep 18 2018

"My Mom was able to go home successfully and Home Instead Care was able to take the stress out of the process for me and our family."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Mar 23 2018

"This has been wonderful for my grandma. I can't thank you enough for how wonderful our care person is."

Posted by Kelly O., Client's granddaughter on Mar 05 2018

"This has been wonderful for my grandma. I can't thank you enough for how wonderful our care person is."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Feb 26 2018

"We have been very pleased with our Home Instead staff member who is always looking for things for our Dad to work on and keep him engaged. She has taken so much initiative!! Thank you!!!! Have already given Home Instead phone number to an individual."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Jan 21 2018

"They are committed to their client. I feel confident my mother is benefiting from her interaction with her care companion."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Jan 17 2018

"Since we have had a support person from Home Instead mom has felt more able to do the things that give her real pleasure, specifically cooking and gardening. She feels comfortable and cared for. This has also led to an overall feeling of well-being that has helped improve her health."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Jan 16 2018

"Home Instead have been fantastic. The care giver has developed a great relationship with us. Lynda really enjoys her and it gives me peace of mind to know that someone is here with Lynda when I am out."

Posted by Robert B., Client's husband on Jul 08 2017

"Friendly and knowledgable personnel. Easy to arrange and implementa suitable plan. My brother and myself appreciate Kim's experience and expertise and the whole family, who interacts with Shelly, our homecare person, througoughly enjoy Shelly's methods of interacting with my mother and the caring she shows her. "

Larry M., client's son

"Brenda is wonderful. Very much appreciate that if Brenda happens to be ill that another person is found to visit my mother and that new people are oriented to my mother's situation. I like the log book so that I am able to read a report of their activities and how my mother seemed while Brenda was with her. Everyone at Home Instead has been very friendly and helpful."

Ruth D., client's daughter

"Office staff (Amanda) is wonderful to work with The two ladies that look after our father are absolutely fabulous! They genuinely care about his health and welfare, and I feel that they are part of the family now."

Pam H., client's daughter

"Rita my home care is a very dedicated lady and her commitment to me is excellent. I feel at this point to commend the office staff for their consideration and assistance. Thank you all."

Margaret O., client

"Kim, the supervisor has been very good! She is thoughtful, helpful and always checking in. She did a great job explaining everything and was very good when introducing the new homecare to my parents.
The ladies that we have coming into the home are very nice, helpful and willing to help and make changes as needed."

Kerry-Ann C., clients' daughter

"Agency staff work hard to find a caregiver match to the client. Both our long-term caregivers are terrific. Short-term subs have been great, as well. Office admins are helpful, professioal, friendly and prompt, working well with our family and our needs."

Shirley P., client

"Reliable organization Availability of 24 hour support from office staff. The regular caregivers who attended my mother were excellent"

Donna R., client's daughter

"Your caregivers and staff are excellent. Together Home Instead finds ways to accommodate our needs, even on short notice. They make it seem effortless even though at times it requires a lot of coordinating on their behalf and a quick response. Our family could not effectively support our elderly Aunt without having this invaluable group of resources.
Hoda Andrawis is outstanding as a caregiver. She genuinely cares for our Aunt and enriches her life as a trusted, respectful and caring companion. Hoda is my ""feet on the ground"" and ""ear to the pavement"". She never hesitates to help out, and alerts me to anything I should know regarding my Aunt's well being and care. We are blessed to have Hoda working with our family."

Wendy Y., client's niece

"I think it is important to be consistent in the quality of the people that are hired. We are very happy with the person that we have now caring for our mom, but we did have to go through a few people to get there. And it wasn't always a "quality" issue...a couple of times we had great people and they left suddenly. So anything you can do to ensure quality and consistency of caregivers (the consistency is very important especially with eldery people with dementia or Alzheimers)."

Sandra M., client's daughter

"The time taken to match the right caregiver to my Aunt has been invaluable. They have formed a very close bond over the years. As I have struggled with some health challenges it has been a great comfort to know that our caregiver is giving my Aunt the same kind of loving care that I would personally be giving. We have the most awesome caregiver ever! "

Linda H., client's niece

"Very accessible to get information and make arrangements. prompt service, friendly, professional staff (dakota, amanda,shawn). A real person answers the phone. Our needs were listened to and accommodated. Making adjustments to the care schedule was no problem. My mother really likes the care staff provided and they seem qualified and professional. Overall my experience with you has been very positive - it seems difficult these days to find services where the people actual care about providing a quality product and there is a personal touch that is seems genuine. My advice is to stay small enough that you can keep the personal touch."

Roberta M., client's daughter

"We are very happy to have Kim as my mom's caregiver. She is so good with mom. She is very sweet and so caring. My mom looks forward to every visit. "

Jennifer R., client's daughter

"The ladies are experienced and speak English well. My mother at 94 is unable to deal with dialect and different accents. We have two ladies in their 59's and 69's that are English. They are competent and punctual! "

Helen G., client's daughter

"Right from the very beginning, my experience with Home Instead has been very professional. Shawn and Dakota said they would do their best to match my parents with a compatible caregiver and they have exceeded that. Both my parents are very happy with Shannon and they look forward to seeing her each time. The entire process with Home Instead has been wonderful. Thank you."

Joan B., clients' daughter

"We were in crisis mode when we called. Amanda and her colleague came out immediately to assess our needs, set a plan for our parents and their caregiver started the very next day. This was such an overwhelming time and they confidently set us at ease and were able to give us peace of mind. We continue to fine tune the needs and requirements for my parents and they have been very accommodating. Our ultimate goal is to have mom and dad stay in the home as long as possible this service gives us the services we need as children to make that happen. My dads care is more complex and this gives mom much needed support and respite. "

Glenna F., clients' daughter

"Shawn,  Have been wanting to write to let you know how fortunate Teddi and I were to have Sandra as Mom’s caregiver. What a comforting feeling we had when she was with mom. She could always bring a smile to mom’s face easily. Mom felt very secure with Sandra.
We were blessed in having her in our lives while she took care of mom. You have a wonderful, caring and compassionate employee in your midst.

Betty J., client's daughter

"Hi Shawn, 
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you and your team who helped take care of mom during her surgery. Hoda was especially great!!! She kept me in the loop as to what was going on and let me talk to my mom when she was in the hospital. The nurses at the hospital also said that she was a great help and eased the anxiety mom had while staying there. 
Thank you again for all the help and being flexible as the plans were in flux and seemed to change on the fly.

Bri C., client's daughter

Thank you so much for the caring, empathetic service provided by your staff. We especially appreciated your understanding of our need for consistent caregivers for Mom and the absolutely perfect individuals you provided to her by way of Rita and Sandra. Rita became more than "mom’s caregiver", developing a special bond that gave her and our family great comfort.
We could not have asked for anyone more considerate, compassionate and caring for our mother. We thank you and your staff for everything you provided to her.

Sharon B., client's daughter

"Shawn and team,
I wanted to thank you and your staff for the services that you provided for both my parents, it allowed my brothers and I to have some peace of mind knowing that someone was helping them with day to day chores and able to communicate to us how they were actually feeling and managing. I feel without this service my father would not have been able to stay in his home as long as he did. It gave him the time to decide that he wanted to move.
A special thank you to Rachelle for sending out the book to me on dementia and also her great communication skills.
Keep up the good work.

Gail M., client's daughter

"Dear Shawn, recently Home Instead provide companionship to my mother Elizabeth L., she is presently in a care facility. Shawn, I wish to say your service was impeccable. The caregivers were kind, efficient and very professional. My mother enjoyed their company and there assistance with some of her daily needs. It allowed my sister, her primary caregiver at that time, to attend her evening church services and have a respite from the caregiving she provided to mom. I would not hesitate to recommend Home Instead. On a personal note, my conversation with yourself left me feeling that you truly understand the requirements and emotions involved with caring for an aging parent. Thank you. "

Greg L., client's son

"It has been about a month since Brenda has been coming to our house to help my mom. I just wanted to pass along what my sisters and I have noticed. Before Brenda came we were concerned at our mothers’ loss of weight, confusion, medication doses missed and lack of socialization. I can't even begin to express how wonderful Brenda is. I've met her once personally and she is exceptional. My mother calls her the smart one. The changes in my mother are also encouraging. She seems more cheerful. She talks about her trips and the fact that she gets to “show" Brenda all the different malls. I noticed lately that she has seemed to have gained some weight. She is wearing makeup again and taking more care of her hair.
She loves cooking with Brenda and will call me at work to come over and eat. Cooking and feeding people gives my mother immense pleasure, something Parkinson's has taken from her. Mom was a fabulous cook, so the fact that she can do this again is fantastic. Again, my mother delights in the fact that she thinks she is teaching Brenda to cook. This has given my mom purpose again. I am glad Brenda will eat with them.
Mom's memory is vague some days more than others, so we enjoy the daily updates from Brenda. Brenda's letters are not only about their day, but what Brenda notices about mom physically. Information we might not otherwise know. Thank you as well Shawn for your solution to the bubble packs medications that caused my mother great anxiety and fixation. My sister made 3 pill bottles (labelled morning, noon and supper) which my dad fills from the bubble packs. My mom is thrilled with them and it is working very well. A simple solution it seems now, but something none of us thought of. Thanks again.
We are grateful for Brenda and the ongoing support and communication from your company.

C. Derksen and Family

"I received a sympathy card in the mail today from the Home Instead staff. It was very personal, hand-written and the message was "from the heart". Just wanted to say "thank you" - it brought tears to my eyes and was just another example of why I believe Home Instead is "heads-above" any of the other senior care companies in the community and why I will solidly recommend your company to friends, family and business associates. Thanks again!"

Judy G.

"We love Brenda our caregiver! She is wonderful and very caring and calming. When she is with my Mom, Mom is more clear, focused and has purpose. It's the best thing we could've done for her and a break for my dad."

Carmen M., client's daughter

"Hi Nicole (Director of Care):
Thank you very much for the kind thoughts ... Yes it has been difficult ... Lorrelie and Sonia were absolutely fantastic as well as you ... I don't know what I would have done without you all at Home Instead Senior Care... Many many thanks for your assistance ... It will never never be forgotten as mom was so content knowing that Lorrelie and Sonia were there for her as she passed on...
Sincere thank you.

J. N., client's daughter

"We have used caregivers from Home instead Senior Care for the last four months for our elderly Mother. She is blind, partially deaf and suffering from dementia.
We are very pleased with the professionalism and care that was provided. Shawn Turcotte always ensured proper instructions were being followed and would personally attend at my Mother’s house to orient new staff. This however was rare, as he always tried to send the same individual. We are very pleased with the help we have received and would definitely recommend Home instead to anyone needing caregivers.

Andrew C., client's son

"Having the support of Home Instead has made a huge difference to both me – a working well-spouse, and to my disabled husband. Shawn did a great job of matching up my husband with a caregiver who is able to connect with him on a personal level, which is not the easiest thing to do. I’ve been able to focus on my work because I know the Home Instead team will do whatever is needed to support my husband, and John always looks forward to the hours he spends with Connie.
For me there are three differentiators in favour of Home Instead: 1. Caregivers have the insurance coverage needed to take my husband to his many appointments and have been able to be flexible as needed. 2. The caregiver is carefully matched to the client. 3. Four months in for us now, we still have the same caregiver. Continuity is huge for older people and something many other providers only give lip service to. Thank you Shawn, Aarthi, Connie and the rest of the team!

Pam B., client's wife

"I am a very busy emergency nurse that needed to take terminal care leave for 6 months for my aged mother 94 with health issues that was forced due to these health issues to finally need to leave and sell her own home-and move in with me. She did not pass away during these 6 months. I needed to return to work and could not leave her at home alone. I could not comfortably get our needs meet by government home health care and was referred by a colleague to Home Instead.
I have not looked back! I was responded to immediately and within a day had a solution- I did buddy shifts with our caregiver the month prior to my return to work-and I can peacefully go to my workplace and know my mom is cared for and I need not worry. She is there every minute I am not-she follows my shift rotation. What a relief- I cannot tell you how much a relief it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tedi B., client's daughter

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sending Pati to take care of my Mom. We were all very happy with the care and attention that Mom received. At first, Mom was very hesitant at having Pati there but came to love Pati and we, as a family, were relieved that Mom could stay in her own home and was well looked after. I would like to thank you for your kind words and appreciate that you cared about us too after Mom passed away.
Your company truly offers a great service for our seniors. I cannot say enough about Home Instead - you are terrific! Keep up the good work."

D. M., client's daughter

"Since starting on the companion care program, mom has put on some substantial weight and I have to believe both her mental, psychological and physical well-being has been on the steady rise. I am looking forward to seeing her in September for her 88th birthday. Thank you for providing the quality care that has led to a better quality of life for mom, and continued stay with my brother, so that family life at his household seems more harmonious now.
What a little care and love and attention can't do to change the world for more than one person."

M.K., client's daughter

"Thank you, Nicole. I will say again that I am so relieved of anxiety knowing my mom will have your support. I have started a communications book to share thoughts and requests about your services and my mom’s care between me and her caregiver.
Thank you again for your prompt and compassionate response to my call for help."

S. C., client's daughter

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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