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  1. Helping Seniors is Who We Are – and Who We’ll Always Be
    October 20, 2020

    Over the years, we’ve given back to seniors and their families in many ways.   Read the full article.

  2. Discerning Between Influenza or COVID-19 in Older Adults
    October 09, 2020

    Tips for older adults and family caregivers to identify the symptoms of seasonal influenza and COVID-19, to limit exposure to viruses and boost immunity.   Read the full article.

  3. Simple Ways to Reduce Fall Risks for Older Adults
    September 25, 2020

    Home Instead offers tips and home modifications for older adults and family caregivers to reduce a senior’s fall risk and age in place safely.   Read the full article.

  4. Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia During COVID-19
    September 17, 2020

    In recognition of World Alzheimer’s Month, Home Instead shares tips for taking care of older adults living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias during COVID-19.   Read the full article.

  5. Let’s Put Dementia on the Agenda
    September 17, 2020

    Dementia impacts 50 million people today and will triple by 2050. It’s time to erase the stigma, take action and put dementia on the agenda. Home Instead’s commitment begins with care but extends into advocacy.   Read the full article.

  6. 5 Ways You Can Help Create an Aging Friendly World
    August 21, 2020

    Learn how you can inspire change, support and advocate for older adults in your community on World Senior Citizen’s Day and throughout the year.   Read the full article.

  7. Inspiring Self-Care: Self-Care Tips for Family Caregivers
    August 04, 2020

    Home Instead offers self-care tips for family caregivers caring for aging loved ones.   Read the full article.

  8. 5 Tips for Seniors to Enjoy Summer Weather Safely
    July 22, 2020

    Learn how older adults can stay safe while temperatures rise.   Read the full article.

  9. Making Father’s Day One to Remember: Tips for Celebrating from a Distance
    June 18, 2020

    As Father’s Day nears, Home Instead Senior Care shares simple ways to show appreciation for the father figures in your life even while practicing social distancing.   Read the full article.

  10. Apr
    April 30, 2020

    As your mom or dad ages and becomes more dependent on you, you may find that you are slipping into old habits, and Mom has opinions on everything. Of course, she’s your mom! So, how do you handle an elderly parent?   Read the full article.

  11. 5 Must Dos When Aging Alone
    April 30, 2020

    Home Instead Senior Care offers advice and resources to help older adults plan for aging alone and navigating the later years of life independently.   Read the full article.

  12. Apr
    April 25, 2020

    When it comes to caring for your elderly loved ones, there are different types of services that can be provided in the comfort of their home. Even if mom is recovering from an illness, she can have help in her own house where she is most comfortable.   Read the full article.

  13. Apr
    April 18, 2020

    It doesn't matter what age you are; exercise benefits us all. First, it helps you maintain a healthy weight. Your anxiety levels lessen, and your sleep improves, as does your mood. Now picture how these benefits work for a person with cognitive impairment   Read the full article.

  14. Apr
    April 13, 2020

    Living with diabetes is challenging but it should not be frustrating. There are many ways to combat the problem; from consulting a dietician to finding good foods to satisfy you or your senior.   Read the full article.

  15. Apr
    April 08, 2020

    We are never too old to exercise. While it’s true that as we age, we start slowing down, that is not an excuse for not having a fitness routine. Remember that your body can do it; all you have to do is convince your mind!   Read the full article.

  16. Mar
    March 24, 2020

    Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease may not enjoy taking a bath or shower. Make cleaning and bath time easier for both of you with some simple, yet effective, steps to create an atmosphere that increases your loved one’s acceptance of this important task   Read the full article.

  17. Mar
    March 18, 2020

    Balancing a career with children and a spouse or partner is hard enough. Add caring for a senior loved one, and you are bound to feel overwhelmed quickly, if you don’t have help.   Read the full article.

  18. Mar
    March 12, 2020

    Most seniors prefer to age in place or age at home. Understanding what that means and what to expect goes a long way in ensuring that Mom can live in her beloved home for as long as possible.   Read the full article.

  19. The Importance of Building Meaningful Relationships as We Age
    March 09, 2020

    Home Instead Senior Care offers advice and resources to build strong connections and relationships later in life.   Read the full article.

  20. Mar
    March 06, 2020

    Loved ones who are suffering from dementia display many different behaviours that often mystify their caregivers. Think for a minute about how your mother wanders around the house or how she continually repeats herself.   Read the full article.

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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