Caregiving for an Individual with Dementia

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July 28, 2015

Mainstay Financial Group

Center on Aging, University of West Florida

Covenant Alzheimer's Family Services

Caregiving for an Individual with Dementia


July 28, 2015 – September 1, 2015

5:00 – 7:00 PM

Mainstay Education Center

2810 E. Cervantes Street

Pensacola, FL


With the explosion in the number of cases of dementia (Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, etc) there has been a dramatic increase in the number of individuals who need to provide care to loved ones with dementia.   Unfortunately, many of these caregivers have not been provided an education on dementia, or taught how to care for individuals with dementia. Additionally, many of these same people are unclear of how to handle many of the financial and legal issues which arise as the result of trying to provide care for someone with dementia.  The objective of this course is to provide for the caregiver an overview of dementia, how to care for individuals with dementia, and educate caregivers about financial and legal issues related to dementia.


 Mainstay Financial Group, the Center on Aging at UWF and Covenant Alzheimer's Family Services are partnering to provide structured lectures, hands on experience, as well as time for question and answer on a variety of topics related to dementia and caring for loved ones with dementia.

The course will be held in the Education Center at Mainstay Financial on the corner of Cervantes & Perry.  Course cost is a $10 donation to Covenant Alzheimer's Family Services.  Call Mainstay Financial at 437-3127 to register.


A detailed outline of this team taught lecture series is provided attached.




 July 28, 2015              "What is dementia and what causes dementia?"


Dr. Rodney Guttman   Center on Aging, Univ. of West Florida


This class will describe the most common forms of dementia, and outline what we know in terms of what causes each type of dementia. A description of the latest research for causes and cures for dementia will also be discussed.




August 4, 2015                     "Behavioral Expressions: Key Communication Strategies"

Leslie Johnson            Covenant Alzheimer's Family Services



When you experience agitated or aggressive behaviors in an individual with dementia, do you see that as a means to better communication?  By building relationships, you can learn key communication strategies in order to manage behavioral expressions in a more positive manner, as well as effective measures in redirection.





August 11, 2015         "Daily Caregiving; What You Need to Know"


Stacy Robello              Home Instead Home Care

Nikki Tucker                 Suncrest Omni Home Health Care


ADL's (Activities of daily living) are part of everyday life; they include activities such as bathing, dressing and toileting. The level of independence a person has in performing ADL's will change with at each stage of dementia.  As caregivers, it is important to learn how to identify the person's strengths, challenges and safety risks while promoting independence at the level

of their need.



August 18, 2015        Preparing for the Late Stages of Dementia


Leslie Johnson            Covenant Alzheimer's Family Services


This session of the course will go over the planning and implementing of caregiving for the late stage dementia patient. The class will cover hands on approaches to providing care for individuals with late stage disease, and outline how to work with healthcare providers and healthcare services associated with late stage dementia care.





August 25, 2015         "Why a Financial Advisor is an Essential Member of the Care Team"


Annalee Leonard        Founder & President, Mainstay Financial Group


No matter the diagnosis, the cost of dementia care in not usually the first priority. Confusion and worry may interfere with clear decision making about the future.  Planning early and involving the person with dementia in the financial planning process is the first step on a long road ahead.  Learn how the Financial Advisor can make a difference in care planning.





September 1, 2015    "Why an Estate Planning Attorney is an Essential                 Member of the Care Team, Too!"


Jason Waddell             Waddell & Waddell, PA


Just as you have had to come to terms with the dementia diagnosis and treatment, now you have to be proactive to tackle legal and financial issues. Regardless of your family and financial status, you must plan early to involve the person with dementia in the estate planning process to preserve and control what she/he has during her/his lifetime and to pass it along to her/his loved ones simply and without prolonged court interference and legal costs. This session will provide an overview of legal documents such as wills, trusts, living wills and powers of attorney.



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