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Did you know that every child receives FREE care at a Shriner's Hospital? Well, I didn't either.  Let me tell you just how I found out.  While recently vacationing with my family in Honolulu; we found ourselves having to make a trip to the local Shriner's Hospital.  We had decided to take the kids to the zoo.  On the much needed lunch break, my daughter, who is 6 and has NO FEAR, thought it was great idea to jump from the platform to the third bar on the monkey bars.  She was successfully doing it, but after many, many jumps and grabs, her hand slipped and she fell. Hard. Landed on her left wrist.  She's a tough kid; so I'm telling her to shake it off.  I took a look at her arm and there was no sign of blood, bruising or bones out of place.  The tears dried up, but my instincts could tell she just wasn't as resilient with this "boo boo".  The day went on and so did the favoring of the left wrist.  I told her if you're still not better in the morning, we will need to get an x-ray.  She flipped! "No Mama! No needles!" So of course the explaining began on how they take pictures of your bones.  Once I had her at ease, it was time to go.  I was nervous for her, but after all this what parenting is, being there to take care and be strong for them when they are scared.  The ER visit was at a local hospital. Everything went great with the care and they did confirm...broken wrist; bulge fracture to be exact.  They put her in a sling and we were discharged.  Now here I am, in a city for which I don't live and now I have instructions that I must take my child to a pediatric Orthopedist.  They gave me the number and the rest was up to me.  I placed the call for a visit with the local specialist; the receptionist says "I'm sorry but we do not any open appointments for the rest of the week".  I'm thinking, wow we are only here for 10 more days but she cant stay in a sling the whole time.  Panic. I hang up and panic again.  Now it's time to google for another Dr in town.  The first pops up; Shriner's Hospital.  Tap, I call. I explain my situation.  And guess what? They have an appointment the very next day.  Relief overcomes me.  Let me tell you, this hospital is BEAUTIFUL.  And they are SO NICE, too.  My daughter got excellent, immediate care and it was for FREE.  I was floored.  They even gave her a stuffed animal.  It was just that easy and awesome.  Shriner's Hospital in Honolulu made me a believer and now I want you to be a giver.  Someone gave a toy/stuffed animal to the hospital and then my daughter received it in a time of being scared, but it made her feel safe.  You can give a toy at anytime, but right now we have a drive going on at Bayside Manor in Pensacola until April 25, 2015. 



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