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Baseball Experience Heart-Warming for Rosemary, Client

Award-winning CAREGiver Rosemary Zoller knew when Miguel Cabrera launched a home run in the playoffs last October or when any other Detroit player pulled off even the smallest of feats. That’s because her 99-year-old client was passionately vocal in his support of the Tigers.

“For me,” Rosemary said, “there was a sense of accomplishment that I was sharing the experience with my client and seeing him so happy. It was more of a thrill than I could get from doing any of the other jobs that I had had during a lifetime of office work.”

Calling her client “an incredible man,” Rosemary pointed out he was never happier than when he cheered on his baseball team. “And he was excited to have someone watch the Tigers with him. He was keyed up at the end of their playoff run. One night, he was eating dinner, watching TV and yelling at the umpires.”

The season, as they all do, ended. The same was true for Rosemary and her client, who passed away four months after they first met. There was sadness yet a consolation for Rosemary in knowing she had done everything she could for another senior.

“I love it. I get more out of it than clients realize,” said the CAREGiver of the Month, who joined the Home Instead Senior Care® franchise in Birmingham in August 2012. “One client I’ve had for almost two years praises me for every meal I prepare. There is a sense of accomplishment as a CAREGiver, and I really need that feeling in my life.”

Rosemary was prepared for senior care when she started with Home Instead Senior Care about four years after her mother died from the effects of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Her mother also suffered from Lewy body dementia, and Rosemary was the primary family caregiver for the final five years of her mother’s life. The dementia sent Rosemary scrambling to figure out how she could help.

“I came home one day, and she was sitting at the dining table while holding a knife. She felt threatened by someone she saw; she had been hallucinating. My siblings and I agreed that I needed to be with her 24/7, so I retired from my job and provided the care,” Rosemary recalled. “Lewy body dementia was an eye-opening experience. Among her hallucinations, she would imagine that some people or things were supposed to join us for a meal. When I asked if I should make extra food for them, she would say they were not hungry. Back then, it was difficult to find information about her form of dementia and ways to try to stabilize her condition, but I did finally find a wonderful local resource that helped.”

Rosemary’s experience with her mother set her on a trajectory toward Home Instead Senior Care, and she joined the franchise because she said, “I needed to do something more than sit at home and knit. I found that caring for clients is much easier than caring for a family member.”

The job has been an excellent fit, Rosemary said, because of the franchise provides job flexibility, matches clients and CAREGivers well and cares deeply about its clients and CAREGivers. For example, new owner Bert Copple went the extra mile for Rosemary and a client during one of last winter’s many horribly snowy days.

“One client is a mile and a half from me, but I wouldn’t have been able to reach her because of a snowstorm,” Rosemary explained. “The snow was up to my thighs when Bert picked me up and drove me to the client. He later brought me home. That was some commitment on his part.

“We CAREGivers appreciate the fact that when wonderful co-owners Tina and Tom Rowley retired that Bert took over the franchise from his previous position on the staff. This is one of the best employers with whom I’ve ever worked. The staff is wonderful. They are available for all questions, and the training is absolutely great. The ongoing training is refreshing.

“It is a completely different job from any that I had. I worked for businesses while in accounting, HR and other things. I enjoyed those things, but I wonder if I should not have tried something like this or nursing. I am thankful that I can still get around and be useful. I am in my late 60s and am able to help other people. It feels good.”

Home Instead CAREGivers, who are screened, trained, bonded and insured, provide a variety of non-medical services to help keep seniors independent. For inquiries about employment with Home Instead Senior Care, please call (248) 203-2273 or email Anne Monaghan at For further information about the company, visit, or to learn more about the company's services link to a digital brochure at


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