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​Latest Home Instead Southwest Riverside County Reviews

Read what other families in Southwest Riverside County​​, CA have to say about Hom​e Instead Senior Care's CAREGivers and our in-home care services:​​​​


" The caregivers were kind, compassionate and very friendly. They were always on tme and tended to my wife's every need. We have used Home Instead on and off for over 5 years with NO issues at all. We highly recommend Home Instead and will continue to use them at our new location. "

Posted by JR W on May 20 2018

"We originally chose Home Instead based on television ads alone. I would have been helped by also knowing about the awards and positive reviews by others."

Posted by Phat Elf on Feb 24 2018

"I can't begin to tell you how much Jodie and Danielle have done for us. They are amazing caregivers... which is not an easy job. I would say it's the hardest job anyone could have. They are incredibly patient, loving and kind. My mom can be very, VERY difficult. She is hardest on the ones she is closest to and unfortunately, that's me, Jodie and Danielle. I get mad, but they always respond with kindness. I love them! When Angie came over to find out what our needs were she said that she is good at placing the right people with the right family. I had just moved my mom from Palm Desert where I had a horrible experience with caregivers. I must admit I was skeptical and asked to meet them first. Jodie and Danielle came over and I knew as soon as I met them that they were perfect. Angie was right. They are like family to us and I am very thankful for them! I'm not able to send my mom to a home. I just can't. But I couldn't do this without them. My mom knows them when she sees them and that is very, very comforting. I can't thank you enough for bringing them into my life. Jodie and Danielle are superheroes! I love them! They saved my life. "

Posted by coopersmom726 on Apr 25 2017

"I have been highly satisfied with the care I have received.. I know I do not need as much care now as I did originally but I have never had a complaint of any kind. My caregiver is wonderful and deserves a medal for the job she does. I do not hesitate to tell people how good she is and that she is from Home Instead. Even the checkers in the grocery store are aware how wonderful she is. Sandra is a GEM. "

Posted by Wilson4 on Nov 11 2016

Dear Home Instead Senior Care,

I'm writing in regards to my caregiver Barbara. Barbara serves me Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for five hours a day. She has been my caregiver for three years and we are beginning our fourth. She is completely honest and trustworthy. She has never missed a day and has never been late.

She is a wonderful cook and baker, and I'm glad to say, she has never served me a "TV" Dinner. All of my meals are homemade and I enjoy these well balances meals very much. She prepares all of my lunches and dinners, so I have meals for the days she is not here. She also makes sure my freezer and refrigerator are well stocked and very clean.

When we go shopping she makes a list, taking into account items that are on sale. After that is completed, we do the grocery shopping together. During our shipping trips, I am also getting the exercise I need. Because of my limited vision, Barbara takes extra precautions to insure my safety in the stores.

I have difficulty seeing spots and stained on my clothing. She checks my clothing so that when I’m in public my clothes look nice and clean. She does all of my laundry.

There are many other things I appreciate about Barbara. She is a great driver and takes good care of my car. She keeps my plants healthy, decorates for holidays, and helps me with my pet cat. I am grateful for her company and we have had many conversations on many topics.

For my 91st birthday, she planned a party. She invited and fixed a meal of 11 of my friends. We all has a wonderful time together. The Pineapple Upside Down cake she made was exceptional! I feel that many of the things she does for me are above what is required.

Barbara works form the minute she cones in the door. Because of Barbara I am able to stay in my home. I am extremely grateful for this. She works hard for Home Instead and I feel she should be rewarded for her hard work.

I have dictated this letter to my daughter to ensure that you understand that these are my thoughts and no one else's.


Sincerely, Joe S.

Hi Rochelle and Home Instead caregivers and staff,

                We’re so thankful for the kind and attentive care that you provided for my mom, Marion, so she could be in her home all the way to her journey home to heaven!  She had your help after surgery and chemo for breast cancer in 2001 - 2 and then for the past 2 ½ years since a hospitalization left her unable to be on her own.  She wanted to be in her own home near her friends and you made it possible since her family all lives out of town.  It was wonderful to have your assistance with getting to her out doctor appts. and to her own church.  I’m not sure if you matched mom with Christian caregivers, but that was a special part of her care all the way through.

                Mom especially appreciated the care by Norma in the past year and commented that Norma knew how and when to offer help and didn’t have to be asked to help.  She felt secure with Norma as a regular caregiver and enjoyed the companionship she provided as they chatted together.  Norma also kept the house neat and clean and cooked great meals for mom.  Norma has a warm and easygoing way of making the difficult challenges of aging more comfortable and lifts spirits with her humor.

                Mom also talked a lot about Erica and enjoyed her help on the weekends. 

                I was so grateful for the competent and professional way that Denny handled finding mom after she passed away and knew what steps to take in notifying all of us and the authorities.  She was persistent in getting hold of us on a holiday morning - and kept us informed of what we needed to do as well. It’s never easy, but it’s wonderful to have someone who takes the crisis in stride and helps the family in the process!

                We have already recommended Home Instead to our family and friends and will continue to do so.  Thanks for helping us make mom’s dream of being in her home come true!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

                With profound thanks and appreciation for your wonderful services,

                                                Mary Kay,  John, Jim, Don and Tom



…a true story:

It would be impossible for words to describe a consummate caregiver who saved my mother’s life—literally! Had Dianna not stopped by on an unscheduled visit, my mother, who lives alone, might have lain on the floor for hours, with a broken hip. At 88 years old, that is a terrifying thought! 

In that crisis and all that ensued, Dianna did everything right! First, she did not move my mother but immediately used the Life Alert button to call paramedics. Why didn’t mom use it? Oh, it was in the bed and she was on the floor. Unfortunately, she has a skin condition (psoriasis) that makes everything itchy; so she could not wear the necklace but kept it by her side in bed. Of course, she did not take it with her when she got up to go to the bathroom, tripped at the bottom of the bed and then could not reach it.

When the paramedics arrived, Dianna had the presence of mind to take all mother’s medications and the critical Home Instead binder, with doctor and contact information. She calmly called me to explain all that had happened and I requested that she stay with mum at the emergency room, which she did for many hours, until mum was admitted. (btw, we’re British and “mum” is our “mom” term).

Surgery went well and two days later mum was sent to convalescence. Unfortunately, the care at convalescence was barely adequate and her skin condition, itching all the time with sores and rashes, made her terribly uncomfortable. The limited staff were equipped only to address surgical recovery and physical therapy. After only three days there, mum contracted pneumonia and was back in ER, fighting for her life.

With heavy-duty antibiotics and hospital care, mum started to stabilize but was terribly weak. With all that had happened, she had been bedridden for almost two weeks, barely eating. Not wanting to risk the convalescence experience again, I fought to get her to her own home, knowing we had Home Instead to rely upon and, God willing, Dianna as her caregiver.

Prayers were answered and we brought mum home. At that point, mum could barely lift her head from the pillow and required 24/7 care. The psoriasis was out of control, her colitis (diarrhea issues) was acting up (likely due to her medications being poorly managed at convalescence), her hip was fragile being newly pinned together--creating a totally new challenge--and mum had lost her spirit and even her desire to live.

Although 88 years old, prior to this incident, mum had lived alone and was completely independent. In one second, with just one tiny trip at the bottom of her bed (even on soft carpeting), she lost her independence and became totally dependent. Needless to say, she was despondent.

Dianna stepped up to every challenge of that 24/7 care: Every micro managed necessity of medication, hydration, nutrition, skin care (a total challenge because there is no solution!!), loving kindness, encouragement and, above all, sincere commitment to getting mum well. Amazingly, a mere 10 days after coming home, she was able to go to the surgeon and primary care doctor for follow-up and to lunch with us, walking with her walker!! In fact, she is back at exercise classes and card games with her friends and is wondering when she can drive again!!

Can you imagine! From death’s door to independence in two short weeks of intense, perfectly managed care! Not possible; I mean really, not possible, without the skill, medical knowledge, excellent training and genuine caring of an expert caregiver! Let me clarify—not any expert caregiver—but one in a million—Dianna! We are indebted to her and to the excellence of Home Instead for my mother’s recovery, in fact, for her life! I will forever be grateful!

Dianna could not do this alone, either, and we were blessed to have another incredibly dedicated, talented and heartfelt caregiver, Genielle. Working seamlessly as a team, they carefully managed mum’s care, leaving no gaps or risks. As a result, after two short intense weeks, they now chase her around the house to prevent her going into the garage, lifting things she shouldn’t or performing other normal activities that she still needs to do cautiously.

I believe my mother and I are the poster story for Home Instead:

One hears the adage: “Don’t wait until you need the help.” But what does that mean? Two years ago, Lee DuPerry patiently explained to my mother the benefits of joining before need: Having a company who already knows you, your home, your medications, your habits, etc. Still, mother fought me tooth and nail saying, “I’ll get it when I need it.”

 Only very reluctantly and only with my begging (when I had an impending out of the country trip scheduled) did she sign with Home Instead, in order that she would have coverage and to prevent my obsessing with worry. While I was away, she did not need help, but Lee called and/or stopped by just to say “hi” and that made a lovely impression. When I left town again this year, Sharon stopped by several times, of her own volition, to say “hello.” What a comfort it was to me! I am an only child and concern about my mum is my 24/7 worry.

 I shudder to think what would had happened had we not had Home Instead available when the actual need arose: Caring people who knew my mother, her home, her medications, doctors, contacts, etc. Without them, my mother likely would have died alone in her bedroom.

 As for a will to live, the truly dedicated, loving care giving has restored mum’s spirits. Each and every person who touched our lives, carries credit for this. I am indebted and deeply grateful for the integrity and values that shine through every facet of Home Instead Senior Care.

 Please feel free to call me for references: Sandra

(Only child of Esther, a happy Home Instead client)


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