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Latest Home Instead Dallas Reviews 

Read what other families in Dallas, TX have to say about Home Inste​ad Senior Care's Caregiver and their home care capabilities:​​

"Home Instead was very dedicated to responding to all of our needs and my 90-year-old Mom's needs."

Posted by susanmcb4 on Jan 17 2018

" They make sure you have a caregiver every day even when they are having problems locating a permanent one. "

Posted by Mrs A Ritter on Dec 28 2017

"My caregiver, Melba, is dependable and always on time. She always knows what to do without me telling her. The Best!"

Posted by Ernestine on Nov 30 2017

"Nellie communicated with my husband like none of the other caregivers has. He has advanced Alzheimer's and hates baths/showers, but she can get him to do anything. She's so patient with him. Great relationship!"

Posted by Roberta on Nov 28 2017

"Great organization, terrific people, kind and caring."

Posted by tfy77 on Jul 31 2017

"My stepdad was diagnosed with dementia. It quickly became clear that he needed help if he was to remain at home. Home Instead provided kind, compassionate and competent care givers. The staff was patient, understanding, and wonderful to work with. I recommend them highly."

Posted by stineway on Jul 07 2017

"Have been using this service for several years to take care of an aging parent with mild dementia who needs help bathing. Home Instead staff have always been professional, courteous, flexible, and on-time. They also have social workers on staff for initial assessment and periodic review to assess changes to service. Could not be happier. "

Posted by Jim in Dallas on Mar 02 2017

"They are helpful to me in my home and fun to be with . "

Posted by Gladys C on Dec 15 2016

"Attentive, caring service and well run office "

Posted by NancyWP on Nov 09 2016

"I have an irregular schedule of assistant need. The agency has always sent caring helpers. "

Posted by Carolyn700536 on Aug 31 2016


"I have been happy with them over the years.  They are outstanding.  I am happy with the way they have been trained, and I would recommend them to anyone." -Mr. S


"They were able to set up coverage on short notice.  They were excellent with my father." Mr. T


"The communication with the office and the caregiver is always good.  We always know what is going on.   The service is always very good." - Mr. K


"They have been very cooperative.  I am very pleased with their service.  They are the nicest people." - Ms. Q


"Well, they have provided at short notice some really quality caregivers, and they are reliable and my aunt and I like the security aspect and she really likes her caregivers. Overall, really dependable.  I want to add the office and staff at Dallas has been really excellent with their service as well, and have done a great job." -Mrs. H


"They are the nicest people in the world.  I mostly use them for transportation.  They always please me.  They have never sent me anyone I didn't like.  They are the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met."  - Mrs. R


"I find them to be extremely courteous, reliable, and caring." - Mrs. T


"[The Caregiver] has been coming here for five years and does an excellent job.  She is attentive and concerned." - Mr. G


"I have had nothing but excellent service from them." - Mrs. A


"They have given me excellent service.  All of the women in that office have just been wonderful to me.  Every time I need something, they are there." - Ms. V


"I like everyone.  They never sent me anyone I didn't like.  They are accommodating.  It's a pleasure to be with them." - Mrs. B


"The people who come in are very understanding.  My mother is 88 years old.  People like that can be pretty cranky.  The people they are sending out did an excellent job in dealing with someone her age. They are always there. They do what needs to be done." - Mr. F​


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