Frequently Overlooked Summer Safety Issues

senior-lady-gardening1-300x300.jpgSummer can be a wonderful time for getting some sun and air. However, summer also comes with a number of challenges for elderly patients: excess sun, too much heat, mosquitoes, etc.

All of those issues are obviously quite important, but there are a few other issues that caregivers may need to think about that may not be as apparent. Below are a few considerations that caregivers may need to take into account:

Go beyond mosquitoes. Mosquitoes and ticks are the bane of many an outdoors-lover's existence and so a lot of attention is focused on these insects. However, there are many other bugs that can interfere with summer fun. Do quick check of your yard. Are there wasps or hornet nests to dispose of or at the very least avoid? Can you remove those ants that nest near Father's favorite chair?

Be wary of tools. Many seniors enjoy gardening and are experts, but it's easy for anyone to leave a tool lying around – whether a senior, a caretaker, or any other member of the household. Untended tools can easily trip seniors; ladders left out can be knocked into or over. Monitoring the yard for such obstacles is crucial.

Exercise care when using insecticides. Heavy duty insecticides are for use on plants – but they can often rub off on sensitive elderly skin. Taking care of elderly individuals may mean putting insecticides safely out of the way so that no accidents occur.

Avoid rash-inducing plants. Everyone knows to be on the watch for poison ivy and poison oak, but some seniors find that their skin reacts to relatively harmless plants. Tall grasses, pollen, and spiky plants can irritate skin and bring on itchiness or rashes. Making sure that seniors are appropriately covered can help in this area.

Paying heed to these tips can help to make summertime even safer for those in your care.

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