Caring for Elderly Patients at the Beach

fun-seniors-at-beach-300x199.jpgFor many, summe​r is the perfect time to sneak in some time at the beach: those who live near the water may take regular day trips, while those further away may plan vacations to sunny shores. In either case, those taking care of elderly individuals must be prepared for the challenges that a trip to the beach may bring.

Water, water everywhere!

Obviously, one of the major attractions of the beach is the chance to be in or near some nice, refreshing water. However, it's important to not only be near water, but to drink it as well. Lying in the hot sun for long periods of time can cause dehydration, so caregivers should bring along plenty of fresh water and make sure that the senior loved ones take in plenty.

Sand burn

Beach sand can heat up very quickly, and can hurt feet both young and old. The difference is that many older individuals may have lost sensitivity in their feet and may not realize how hot the sand is; they may therefore continue to walk on overly hot sand and damage the soles of their feet. Caregivers need to make sure that seniors are wearing beach-appropriate footwear on hot sand.


Providing proper care for elderly patients involves tending to their skin. In addition to making sure that seniors use sunscreen (and re-apply as necessary, especially after going into the water), caregivers may wish to bring along beach umbrella for additional shade, as well as a wide-brimmed hat and cover-ups.


Boating on rough waters can cause seasickness, but some people also feel a bit queasy simply wading in ocean water when the waves are rough. Eating salted crackers while drinking water often helps to quell the queasiness.

Blood sugar

Sometimes heat can cause blood sugar to drop slightly, even in people for whom low blood sugar is not an ongoing issue. It's always advisable to bring along proper treatment for those with diabetes, of course, but it also may help to have a small chocolate bar or other snack on hand for those without diabetic issues but who may experience a momentary blood sugar drops.

Spending time at the beach can be a delight for both caregivers and patients. However, caregivers will be able to better relax and enjoy their time at the beach if they have taken sensible precautions.​

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