Apps for Aging Parents

seniors-using-cell-phones-300x300.jpgIn recent years, aging parents have become increasingly accustomed to using new technology to improve their lives. Many seniors possessing smartphones and tablets and can download apps to help them with everyday activities.

What's an app again?

"App" is simply short for application software, which can refer to any kind of software used on computers. However, the term "app" generally refers to those programs which are specifically designed for use on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Apps can be created for any number of functions, from checking email to playing videogames.

There are thousands of apps available for use, some of which are free and some of which require payment. Below are suggested types of apps that aging parents and other seniors may find especially useful. Those who are interested may want to do further investigation (using online customer reviews, perhaps) to determine whether a particular app within a category is right for them.

Grocery shopping apps

These types of apps can be especially beneficial to many aging parents. Shopping apps can make the experience of going to the grocery store easier. They can show which items are on sale at a particular store, help compare prices between one store and another, or provide a shopper with coupons to reduce grocery bills. Other apps help shoppers find the nutritional information for various foods. Also very handy: shopping list apps that help shoppers make sure that they get all the items they need.

Medical apps

There is a whole range of apps designed to help people better manage their medical needs. For example, some help individuals remember at which times of day they need to take particular medications. Others apps are very good at keeping track of medical appointments or determining when a refill of a particular medication may be needed. Also helpful: apps that help seniors determine insurance coverage for a prescribed drug.

Music apps

Pleasant, soothing music is available via smartphones – a big advance over large boomboxes (or even Walkmans!)

Book recommendation apps

Seniors with a fondness for reading may wish to download apps that enable them to communicate with others about good books they have read recently or get reading recommendations.

Weather apps

Rain, snow, sleet, sunshine – being prepared can be just a click away.

These categories are just the beginning. Aging parents can find apps for a wide range of interesting apps with just a little searching.​

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