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CAREGiver of the Month - Peggy

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Peggy Entered the New Year with a Warm Welcome

The celebration began on New Year’s Day in a Home Instead Senior Care® client’s home in Winchester, and there was none like it anywhere else in town.

CAREGiver of the Month Peggy Nelson was assisting her client for the first time since Dec. 7. It seemed like a long absence, but Peggy praised God for a fast healing process that allowed her to return to her client more than 2½ weeks ahead of schedule after a successful major surgery.

“The doctors told me it might take six to eight weeks,” Peggy explained, “but they cleared me – with special instructions – to come back to work. Before the ordeal, I had taken the situation to the church alter where I attend, Saint Paul AME Church, and I gave it to the Lord so I would not have to stress over it.”

While there is a spiritual side to the story, there also is one of compassion and support. Paula further explained, “My client’s family texted and called to check on how my recovery was going. They missed me as much as I missed them. They were praying for me, and my 87-year-old client was worried about me. I have been with her since July 2015, and she treats me as if I am a member of the family.”

When Peggy walked through the door, the client and her family provided a joyful “welcome back.” Peggy’s client lit up like a Christmas tree, shed a tear and cried, “We missed you!” Now every day, the client reminds Peggy that, “I love you.”

Peggy emotionally recalled the special time with her client and the warm feeling she gets from the family. “They are beautiful people,” Peggy said. “They fixed breakfast for me on one occasion and brought in my favorite pizza on another.”

Peggy gets the same feeling about her Home Instead Senior Care family. When she revealed the news of her unexpected surgery, the office staff rallied around her. “They all care,” Peggy pointed out. “Kristi and the others gave me a hug. One office staffer confided that she had had a similar kind of surgery and tried to reassure me. ‘Everything will be all right,’ she told me,” added Peggy, who noted how much it meant to have the support. “Home Instead Senior Care is a good place. I can feel the love, and I have learned a lot from my clients.”

Owner Aaron Blight’s franchise and its clients know how special Peggy is. Before she received her CAREGiver of the Month award, Peggy had been honored with three of the franchise’s Hand and Heart Awards. A physical therapist at a skilled-care rehabilitation facility nominated Peggy for one of the honors for her extraordinary efforts with a mutual client who later died.

Peggy, who joined Home Instead Senior Care in September 2011, always has had a compassionate heart. As a CNA, she worked at a hospital pediatric department years ago before the grief of losing a baby was too much. “The baby was in the hospital for six months, and I had gotten attached. When he died, the sorrow was overwhelming, and I left,” Peggy recalled.

Peggy worked at two other jobs before feeling the pull to again help others. “As a volunteer, I got attached to two ladies who also attended the Saint Paul AME Church, and I helped them as much as I could,” Peggy explained. “I took them to the grocery store, medical appointments and the bank – just about everywhere I could. After they died, I noticed newspaper ads for Home Instead Senior Care. Those ads kept coming up in my mind. I really believe I was given indications and signs.”

Peggy followed her heart, and she can’t be happier.

“I love my job, and I always look forward to going to work,” Peggy volunteered. “I am into it. I want to be there for my clients. It makes my day when I make them happy. When they are sad, I tend to be sad but I try my best to change that.”

Caring for others does have the emotional downside of sorrow when they are gone. But Peggy uses her faith to deal with it. “It all comes around in a full circle sooner or later,” Peggy said. “I like to do things to help others because the rewards are go great.”

All Home Instead Senior Care CAREGivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. For inquiries about employment, please call 540-722-8750 or apply online. For further information about our home care services, please visit Home Instead Senior Care​.


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