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Home Instead Senior Care
Winchester, Northern Shenandoah Valley

I want to thank you so much for your attention to detail and let you know how very much we appreciate the flexibility of your staff. Every caregiver you have sent our way has been especially wonderful, professional and most of all caring. We find the caregivers easy to work with and enjoy their company as much as my mom does.


— Elizabeth

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Our Team

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Home Instead Senior Care of the Northern Shenandoah Valley has provided hundreds of thousands of hours of care for clients in the Northern Shenandoah Valley.  When you decide that you or your elderly loved one is ready for assistance, our caring staff is available to readily answer your questions and accommodate your senior care needs.

We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our office staff in the space below.  Each member of our office is dedicated to working intensively to meet the non-medical needs of our clients, day or night, weekday or weekend. 



Dr. Aaron Blight, Owner

Dr. Aaron Blight is the owner of Home Instead Senior Care of the Northern Shenandoah Valley.  Aaron and his wife, Jessica, were caregivers for Jessica's mother for five years before she died of cancer.  After Aaron and Jessica contacted a non-medical home care company for 24-hour assistance with Jessica's mother, they immediately saw the value of these services, which not only made it possible to fulfill Mom's wishes to remain in her home until her death but also provided support and peace of mind to the entire family during a difficult period of time.  This personal experience with non-medical home care ultimately led Aaron to become a Home Instead Senior Care franchise owner. 
Aaron received his Doctor of Education (human and organizational learning) degree from The George Washington University.  Through his dissertation research, Aaron developed a structural equation model of factors affecting caregiving identity.  Aaron also holds a Master of Public Administration degree (health care policy concentration) from the University of Baltimore and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Brigham Young University.  Prior to arriving at Home Instead Senior Care, Aaron was the Director of the Division of Financial Operations for the Medicaid program at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Aaron loves helping seniors, their families, and caregivers on a daily basis, and he is totally committed to providing exceptional quality care to our clients. 

Peggy Davison, Registered Nurse

Peggy has over 30 years of nursing experience and was a Shenandoah County Health Department Nurse until she came to Home Instead Senior Care in 2007. Among her responsibilities, Peggy performs initial assessments of personal care clients, trains our CAREGivers in personal care, handles client inquiries, and applies her nursing skills in regular visits with clients to ensure quality care. Peggy acts as a valuable resource to clients as they experience changes in health conditions over time. Peggy is married with three grown children. She has blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries in her garden, and in her spare time she paints and helps to feed cattle on occasion.

Carol Davis, Registered Nurse

Carol has been a nurse for 40 years, and she became a part of our office staff in January 2012 after having moved away from her position at Sentara Healthcare in Virginia Beach. Carol is a valuable resource to our clients, who are experiencing changing health conditions, as well as to our CAREGivers. She teaches the Personal Care classes and in-services to CAREGivers to help them continue to provide quality care to our clients. Carol loves to go camping and spend time with her grandchildren and daughter, Shannon.

Glenda Dousa, Client Care Coordinator

Glenda has over 44 years of business experience as co-owner of two family businesses. After retiring, she joined Home Instead Senior Care in 2005 as a CAREGiver, providing compassion, love and respect to the elderly clients she served. In 2006, she became a member of our office staff. Glenda loves the positive atmosphere of Home Instead Senior Care and the comfort and benefits that our services bring to others. Some of Glenda's duties include initiating quality assurance visits with established clients; performing care consultation visits with prospective clients; and providing counsel to clients, families and caregivers while addressing concerns they may have about care and service. When not in the office, Glenda enjoys volunteering, walking, reading, music, and spending time with family and friends.

Peggy Uchno, Client Care Coordinator

Peggy joined Home Instead Senior Care as a CAREGiver in March of 2009. Peggy and her husband are originally from Pennsylvania, where they raised two sons. Peggy worked for several years in customer service positions prior to her arrival at HISC. After demonstrating exceptional caregiver abilities, Peggy was promoted to the positioning of Recruitment and Retention Assistant in 2009. To meet growing needs, she was moved to the client care department in Sept of 2011, where she teaches an Alzheimer’s training class to CAREGivers, performs care consultations, visits prospective clients, and handles client concerns. Peggy’s genuine care and concern for our clients and passion for her work has proved her a great fit for her position. Peggy enjoys physical fitness and strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nancy Hershman, Client Care Assistant

Nancy became one of our CAREGivers in January 2013, and she soon became certified in personal care. She joined the office staff in June 2014 as our Client Care Assistant. In this position, Nancy assists the Client Care Coordinator with office responsibilities and paperwork generated by both the clients and caregivers involved in client care. She reviews and tracks all of our client journal entries, ensuring that they are submitted to the office in a timely manner, completed correctly, and filed appropriately. She also occasionally fulfills caregiving assignments and loves this time spent with clients. When not in the office, Nancy loves camping, canoeing, and playing and listening to bluegrass music.

JoAnne Pryor, Lead Scheduler

JoAnne retired in 2003 from a manufacturing plant. Still ready and able to work, she wanted to do something rewarding. A friend recommended Home Instead Senior Care to JoAnne, and she started in 2004 as a CAREGiver. JoAnne loved working with seniors and was subsequently asked to help out in office, where she felt like she found a home as a scheduler. In this position, JoAnne is able to offer service to both seniors and CAREGivers, making the job particularly rewarding. She thrives on finding the "perfect match" between clients and CAREGivers. JoAnne possesses infinite patience and genuine concern for the well being of our clients, their families, and our CAREGivers, and she is always willing to lend a listening ear or a helping hand.

Linda Rhodes, Scheduler

Linda started CAREGiving in October 2012 and was named CAREGiver of the month in January 2014 before she joined the office team in February 2014. She works to fulfill our scheduling needs and keep our clients safe and happy. Linda's caregiving experience allows her to empathize with our CAREGivers and match CAREGivers and clients successfully. When not in the office, Linda enjoys spending time with family, gardening, and having cookouts.

Jillian Newlin, Scheduler

Jillian first joined our office team in February 2008. As a scheduler, Jillian matches CAREGivers with clients according to various factors, including availability, job-skill level, compatibility, and commute distance. She also helps handle last-minute assignments and scheduling needs. Jillian loves spending time with seniors, especially those with Alzheimer's, and enjoys singing karaoke.

Rosetta Shaffer, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

Rosetta was hired as a CAREGiver in 2007. Her passion for assisted in-home care quickly became evident and her 25 years of experience managing human resources functions in various organizations made Rosetta the "perfect fit" to move into the office role of Recruitment & Retention Coordinator. Rosetta seeks to interview qualified applicants who possess caring, compassionate, and kind personalities. While reference checks, background screening, and drug tests are a very important part of Rosetta's hiring process, all applicants must pass her final test question: "Would I leave this person in my home with my 87 year old mother unsupervised?" Under Rosetta's direction, newly hired CAREGivers acquire the tools and training needed to perform their duties effectively. Rosetta also spearheads informative and fun activities for clients, as well as special programs that recognize CAREGivers for their contribution to Home Instead Senior Care.

Sherry Heltzel, Recruitment and Retention Assistant

Sherry started working for Home Instead Senior Care in 2008 as a CAREGiver. Naturally friendly, Sherry enjoys meeting our clients and eventually became a Lead CAREGiver with responsibilities introducing new clients to their CAREGivers. Sherry was promoted to a position as Staff Coordinator in 2010, and in 2011 was moved to the Recruitment and Retention department. In this position, Sherry conducts interviews with qualified applicants, does reference checks, background screening, and drug tests for potential employees, and works hard to hire caregivers that are caring, compassionate, and trustworthy. For six years, Sherry has been caring for her elderly father, and this experience has given her a keen insight into the needs of seniors and a compassion for adult children caring for their aging parents. Sherry relates to family members who call our office for assistance taking care of their loved ones. Sherry loves to play with grandchildren, spend time with family, listen to music, and dance.

Sandra Pryor, Administrative Assistant

Sandra came to work with Home Instead Senior Care in September of 2002. Her husband had retired from the Federal government, after which they moved back to their hometown of Edinburg. When she first started with Home Instead Senior Care, Sandra was not sure she would stay, but after several weeks, she just knew this was the place for her to be. Sandra worked in the scheduling department for six years and quickly got to know so many of our clients and CAREGivers. She grew to realize how important this company is to our seniors and how much they look forward to our visits. Today Sandra no longer works in scheduling, but she handles important back office functions like invoicing, insurance, and payroll. Sandra is really proud to be a part of our Home Instead Senior Care team.

Kristi Piotter, Administrative Assistant

Kristi started working at Home Instead Senior Care in 2009 as a CAREGiver. She loved working with the clients and felt as though this was one of the most rewarding jobs she had ever had. When an opening arose in the office, Kristi accepted a position that utilizes her business training, people skills, and organizational strengths to enhance our team. Even though she misses working with the clients in their homes on a daily basis, Kristi still takes advantage of the occasional opportunity to serve as a CAREGiver. Kristi absolutely loves her job and is so thankful that she is able to work with such wonderful people. She supports the staff in a wide array of administrative functions.

Lisbeth Castro, Administrative Assistant

Lisbeth became a part of our office staff in May of 2014 as an administrative assistant. She primarily assists with office phones, but Liz also assists the Recruitment & Retention department and performs daily administrative functions.. She is the first person people see when they come into the office, so Liz has the pleasure of greeting clients and CAREGivers. Liz has been married for over 40 years. She loves spending time with her family and enjoys sewing.

Cheryl Strickland, Community Service Representative

Cheryl relocated to Winchester from Atlanta in 2005 and started working for Home Instead Senior Care as a CAREGiver. Cheryl had acquired over 20 years experience in sales and office work prior to her arrival at Home Instead Senior Care.  Today Cheryl blends her caregiving experiences and her business background to network with referral providers and promote Home Instead Senior Care in our community. Prior to assuming the Community Service Representative role in January 2010, Cheryl was our Office Manager, responsible for overseeing the administrative functions in the office and matching clients and CAREGivers. Cheryl loves working for an organization that offers a critical service for so many seniors. Cheryl's deep admiration and love of seniors has made this her dream job!

Kandi McInturff, Community Service Representative, Shenandoah County

Those who work with seniors in Shenandoah County see Kandi helping others everywhere. Kandi has lived in Shenandoah County her entire life. While teaching at a Christian school, Kandi began a nursing home ministry with the children in her school. Kandi loved to see the nursing home residents light up whenever she brought children into the facility. Kandi recalls this experience as the one that sparked her love for seniors and her desire to help them in their daily lives. With her motivation to make a difference, Kandi came to Home Instead Senior Care in 2006. As our Community Service Representative for Shenandoah County, Kandi lets people know how Home Instead Senior Care can enhance the lives of seniors and their families.  Kandi also coordinates our Be a Santa to a Senior program at the local level during the holiday season.