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Recipients of the Hand and Heart Award

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​​​Below is a description of some of the Hand and Heart Awards that have been granted to our CAREGivers since we began this exclusive program in 2009.

CAREGiver Susan was awarded a Hand and Heart Award because of her dedication professionalism and compassion.  During the first year with HISC, she worked extensively with a terminally ill client.  Besides always being willing to fill in, change her schedule, etc., the family specifically requested that Susan accompany their father during his last days.  She responded without hesitation, "I will do whatever the family wants."  Although no one was aware, Susan lost a family member during this time and had her own personal challenges to deal with.  She put all aside in her life to care for the client.  She went days with hardly any sleep but never complained or showed any frustration.  The family stated many times how wonderful Susan was and that she should be recognized. 

CAREGiver Joan was nominated by a client for the Hand and Heart Award because she exhibited exceptional compassion when packing the personal effects belonging to the client's deceased husband.  This was something that needed to be done, but the client found it too difficult to bear.  Joan also stayed with her client on her own time when the client was sick.  In describing Joan, the client reported, "She is a great cook and makes things I like.  I am so lucky to have her.  She does so much for me I can't begin to tell you everything she has done to help me in my life!"

CAREGiver Nikki was nominated by a client's family for her patient, kind, motivational and uplifting care.  They consider Nikki one of the family because she can persuade the client to do things he refuses to do for them.  They feel the client wants to "please" her.  Nikki does devotions and prays with the Client.  Nikki was not assigned to the client on the day he received notice that his sister had passed away.  Nevertheless, Nikki brought his favorite cheeseburger, stopped in for lunch, listened, and offered comfort that day.

CAREGiver Daronda was caring for a terminally ill client.  The particular assignment was "Fluff & Tuck" to give the client's sister some respite.  Daronda gave her own time to run errands, arrange for prescriptions to be refilled and transported, and to offer comfort and support to the client's beleaguered sister.  Out of sheer empathy, Daronda stayed for several hours on a Saturday after her shift was over so that the sister would not be the only person there when the Client passed away.   

CAREGiver Courtney was nominated by a client who exclaimed, "Everything she does is perfect!"  After Courtney's home helper service, the client is so proud of his home that he shows all visitors how clean it is.  The client appreciates the fact that Courtney is always on time and never standing with her hand on the doorknob to leave.  In fact, during a recent snow and ice storm, Courtney had her father bring her to the client's home to ensure he received care that day.  The client believes that Courtney would walk to get to him if necessary.

CAREGiver Craig was granted a "retroactive" Hand and Heart Award because his exceptional act of compassionate care on Thanksgiving 2008 helped to generate the Owner's interest in developing this special award for CAREGivers in our business.  Craig was caring for a widowed client whose wife had passed away nine years ago.  As a Thanksgiving Day surprise, after providing the usual "rise and shine" service to his client, Craig used his own time to cook a full Thanksgiving dinner at the client's home, including turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, etc.  The client was so touched that he wept as he ate his dinner and stated that his home had not smelled of Thanksgiving since losing his wife.

CAREGiver Dorothy was nominated by a client's daughter for the Hand and Heart Award because Dorothy makes a big difference in the quality of her mother's life.  She said that Dorothy gives her whole heart to the care provided to her client.  Dorothy attended the client's birthday party on her own time and is considered part of the family.  Dorothy wears funny hats to make the client laugh and has a "secret knock" to let the client know when she arrives.  Routinely Dorothy forgoes her own sleep to care for the client overnight.  The client's daughter stated that Dorothy makes her mother feel happy and safe, which is extremely important to both the client and her family.

CAREGiver Tammy was nominated by a client for the Hand and Heart Award because of her exceptional compassionate care.  The client reported that Tammy is always prompt & dependable in attendance.  She is trustworthy; the client knows Tammy will take care of everything, including their 13-year old beagle.  Tammy is a jolly person & brightens the home when she is there.  She is passionate about her work and is a caring, helpful person.  When the client's husband suddenly became ill, Tammy took both the client and her husband to the hospital, after which the husband received emergency surgery.  The client is very grateful that Tammy is there to assist.  She feels that Tammy is a great worker and that she does laundry and cleans house "to perfection."

CAREGiver Helen was nominated by a client for the Hand and Heart Award because of the exceptional compassionate care that Helen has provided over the long term.  The client reported that Helen is punctual, a good shopper, and most importantly - she is always happy, which inevitably brightens the client's day.  Helen routinely takes the client to visit her husband in a nursing facility.  The client's family is comfortable with Helen, and after so much time together, they consider Helen to be "part of the family."

CAREGiver Thelma was nominated by her client for the Hand and Heart Award because she does everything the client asks her to do, and then some.  The client reported that Thelma has done special things for her, like watering the plants - ALL of them - and takes care of ALL the plants.  Thelma is always looking for extra things to do: she cleans ceiling fans, changes sheets, and does whatever she can to make it easier for the client to remain comfortable living in her home.  Thelma even mops the kitchen on her hands and knees!  The client feels Thelma is the best helper she has ever had, and she trusts Thelma completely.

CAREGiver Diana was nominated by the nurse for a Hand and Heart Award because of her exceptional compassionate care for an unusual personal care client who lives on a windy, narrow road in a very remote location.  The client has Alzheimer's and needed a gait belt since he couldn't cooperate with ambulation.  Knowing this was an especially challenging client to serve, the nurse called to check on Diana.  Diana answered the call with a VERY positive attitude and reported doing well with the family.  The CAREGiver and client sang together, and the client was able to share stories from his life.  Diana's presence was a particularly needed relief for the client's wife, who had been feeling the stress of constantly caring for her husband.

CAREGiver Barbara was nominated by a client for the Hand and Heart Award due to her sustained compassionate care delivered over a long period of time.  The client stated that during the several years Barbara has been caring for her, she has been exceptionally nice and thoughtful.  Barbara goes out of her way to buy something from McDonalds for the client whenever the client's regularly scheduled food is not appetizing.  The client reported that Barbara is so genuinely nice and friendly that she can hardly wait for the CAREGiver to return.

CAREGiver Bobbi was nominated by Client's daughter who has eleven years of experience as a head nurse.  She wrote, "Bobbi is an excellent hands-on CAREGiver.  Her skills are excellent.  She has a tender touch and communicates well with Mother.  My mother really likes Bobbi and looks forward to her visits.  Bobbi's assistance with home helper duties is a great big help to me."

CAREGiver Thelma was nominated by a Client for her exceptional compassionate care.  The Client stated, "Thelma is so kind and sweet.  I can't say enough about the care I am receiving.  She even changed her personal schedule last week to accommodate my needs."

CAREGiver Barbara was nominated by her colleague, another Home Instead CAREGiver, because of her attention to detail in communicating client needs to other CAREGivers.  "Barbara leaves excellent notes," her colleague said, "by taking a quick look, I know exactly what is going on [with the Client].  She is very thorough and makes doing my job easier."

CAREGiver Roxanne was nominated for the Hand & Heart Award via letter from a client.  The Client wrote, "Roxanne has been my CAREGiver for some months and I have found her to be a very kind and caring individual.  Roxanne has a vibrant friendly personality, is a self starter, and has been extremely helpful to me in many ways.  I think she is one of your outstanding employees.  I'm pleased to nominate her for this award." 

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