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Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Keller, TX have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

" Home Instead Senior Care was truly wonderful during our time of need with my mother for over two years they sent such caring and compassionate caregivers to our home I never had to worry about my mother if I needed to be away from home I knew she would be loved and cared for by their wonderful staff when I myself also needed to have care I knew exactly who to call and they again went above and beyond to meet my needs"

Posted by kenneth1957 on Jun 29 2018

"I have worked closely with this agency for several years and am constantly impressed by the care and kindness provided. The owners have put their whole hearts into their business - making it more a family than anything else. (Even the office is a cozy little home!) Thank you for the care you provide our seniors and community!"

Posted by Pennylane403 on Feb 15 2018

"I knew when I walked through the door this was the perfect place to receive home-care for my mother-in-law when I was greeted by the scripture excerpt, "...As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord - Joshua 24:15". The providers have been awesome caregivers. My mother-in-law has several favorite providers. My husband and I are thankful for the assistance that has been provided to our mom. We recommend trying this service provider; you will not regret it."

Posted by LSimmons1032 on Feb 08 2018

"My mother had a very difficult surgery in December and returned home in a very weakened state. I knew with my responsibilities I would not be able to provide the care she needed. I called the Home Instead office in Keller and requested their help. I experienced great staff, great service and they did great job taking care of my mom post surgery! My mother kept saying, "there aren't any angels left in heaven...because they are all here taking care of me!"

Posted by AngelaTF on Jan 25 2018

"The caregivers are excellent. Every person they have sent out over the years has been top notch. Communication with the office is wonderful. They handled every request I have made quickly and efficiently. They are truly a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this group. "

Posted by andalso on Apr 23 2017

"Your agency is working from a great foundation and is always responsive to requests. It took a couple of months for us to research this service and found the staff in Keller to be the best. Information about the services was promptly provided after my initial call and there was no pressure she following up to see if we needed the service. The entire staff is absolutely great to deal with. Tiffany is an amazing franchise owner. "

Posted by DLHamilton on Jan 07 2017

"Everyone associated with Home Instead are all outstanding personnel. The caregivers are the best in the world. They are all the most amazing people you will ever meet. Thank God for them! Additionally, the office staff is exactly the same as the caregivers. They are the most helpful and outstanding group I have ever worked with! "

Posted by Paul124627 on Nov 29 2016

"We chose Home Instead because they called me back. I have talked to them, and they went that far for my mom. They went over and introduced themselves and that first meeting went really well. It gave me a little comfort, and she felt good about it. So, my mom said, "Let’s go." The caregiver goes by the house twice a week and check on my mom, but she tends to miss some days, so I’m a bit unhappy about that, but otherwise, it’s OK. She provides in-house maintenance and a little bit of cooking. The caregiver so far is good and seems really nice. Her and my mom get along pretty well. "

Posted by Quinn781370 on Jul 28 2016

"Home Instead Senior Care of Keller Texas provides excellent care to my Mom! Their Team informs me of any scheduling changes of caregiver coming to take care of my Mom. They use a background check on their employees and their employees use a telephone base check-in and check-out system, something that the previous company did not have! Ron H. has come out to visit us to start service after my Mom was hospitalized and before Christmas. Carolann and other office staff are professional via phone. "

Posted by KenS on Jan 20 2016

"Home Instead Senior Care is great; they are fantastic. I don’t have any problem with them. They do everything I need. They take me to the store, they help me with my housecleaning, they even bathe me "

Posted by Anonymous117777850 on Dec 26 2015

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Archived reviews:​

May 11, 2010​

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is being written because I wanted to express to somebody about the care that my mother, Mary Ann Darbishire, received from Home Instead Senior Care and especially your caregiver Maria Galindo.

Maria served my mother from the beginning of January 2008 up until the morning that she died on April 27, 2010. Maria served my mom as if she were her own mother. I could call her from Bastrop at any time and she would give me a very detailed report about the status of my mother, something I was unable to get from our own family members. Maria came to love my mother, her care showed it, and she was my mother’s physical, emotional, and spiritual strength in the time of her weakness. Being that my mother was in bed for four and a half years, she did not have bed sores until the very end, and that was not due to her lack of care but something that was out of her control.

If there is anything you can do to commend her that would be greatly appreciated. If I had the means to, I would give her a financial blessing, but unfortunately I cannot at this time.

Thanks to all the staff at Home Instead Senior Care for making a difference in the lives of seniors everywhere.


Annie S. Germenis

April 13, 2010

Home Instead Senior Care,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks for the expert care that your caregiver, Tammy Bookout, provided for my father, John E. Cleesattel on April 12, 2010.

My father had fallen and hit his head on Saturday, the night of April 10th, after I had left for the day. He called me back over to his house that night to help him, and after spending time with him and verifying he had no significant symptoms of concern, I left for the evening. The next day, other than his head being sore where he had hit it, there were no other observable issues or complaints from him about it all day.

On Monday, your caregiver, Tammy Bookout, noticed him having some mobility issues and mumbling in a manner that was not normal. When she learned of the fall, (he told her at the time it happened the previous evening, instead of two days ago) she immediately tried to call me. The cell phone network was not operational and she could not get a hold of me. Rather than waiting for a response from me, Tammy took the initiative and took my father to the hospital to have him examined, while she repeatedly tried to contact me. When the cell phone network became operational again, I finally got word and went over to my father’s house and found everything was okay and had been handled well.

I wish to commend Tammy Bookout for her outstanding reaction to what could have been a serious issue for my father, in the face of not being able to contact me and not having any instructions on what to do. I also wish to comment on Home Instead Senior Care for hiring people like Tammy and making sure they are the highest caliber caregivers possible.

I have the utmost confidence in both Tammy Bookout and Home Instead Senior Care in taking care of my father and seeing to his needs. Please accept my sincere thanks for how this matter was handeled.

John F. Cleesattel



April 2, 2010

Dear Home Instead Senior Care office Staff,

My mother, Joyce Townsan, was a client of Home Instead Senior Care for a year and a half. Due to health problems, we moved her into our home and contacted your organization for a caregiver. After a bad misstep with the first girl sent out, we were fortunate enough to have Terri Bosworth arrive at our doorstep. From the first day, we knew she was a keeper.

We cannot say enough about Terri. She was literally a God-send to us and my mother. This letter is written to let you know what a valuable asset you have in Terri and what an incredible example and recommendation for your service of responsible and compassionate home care.

As my mother declined in health, Terri adjusted her ministrations and care accordingly. My husband and I had no hesitation whatsoever entrusting into Terri’s care the most precious treasure we had – my mother.

Terri was always solicitous, respectful, caring, and anticipatory of the moods and needs of my mother. She was gentle, kind, and most of all empathetic. She engaged my mother; she never minimalized her. She was not only a caregiver, she became a friend my mother trusted and depended upon. It is always incredible difficult to transition from a full functioning, capable, strong, independent individual (which my mother was) to someone who has to depend on someone else for all of the most basic of human needs. Terri led my mother there with love, respect, and tender care.

Not only did Terrie fulfill the needs for my mother, she also became a friend to my husband and me. Terri always went above and beyond. She became part of the family. She always did more than we asked – she let our seven dogs in and out, she sat with the cat in her lap, she cleaned up after herself in the kitchen and bathroom, she brought in the recycle bins after the truck emptied them, she changed the sheets on Mom’s bed when needed, gave Mom and us cards on the holidays and birthdays, thoughtful acts of kindness that never encroached but always uplifted.

When my mother died, Terri was the one beside her. While I will wish for the rest of my life that it had been me, other than my brothers my husband and I cannot have wished for anyone other than Terri to have been with my mother at her passing. Yet again she handled it all with compassion, dignity, and grace.

God surely blessed my mother when Terri came to us. Please take care of her; she is a testimonial to what your service is about. Home Instead and all your staff made a difference in my family’s life.

Thank you again,

Terry & Chuck Mader


September 11, 2009

Dear Mr. Rotan,

It would be impossible to put into words the appreciation I feel. You, your staff, and Marilyn and Rosaland, in particular, were a source of comfort and solace for both Eddie and me. My one goal throughout his illness was to care for him to the upmost. You and your staff helped me to do just that.

Also, Amanda was always pleasant in taking my calls and eager to help me. I am indebted to each of you.

The kindness, love, understanding, and skill that Marilyn and Rosaland displayed were such a gift. The value of the practical skills these ladies had for a bedridden patient cannot be underestimated. There were several ladies that you sent at first, who were perfectly lovely souls, but lacked these skills. Due to this I was still “on call;” however, with Marilyn and Rosaland I could turn my attention to keeping our bills paid, running our home, and sleep! What a blessing!

It was sad to see Eddie so ill and difficult to give him up; however, my heart is filled with gratitude for the abundant grace that was bestowed upon us at this difficult time. My heart is filled with joy beyond all telling that Eddie came to the full knowledge of Christ’s redeeming love. God’s love encircled us – family, doctors, hospice, Home Instead Senior Care, neighbors, and friends – all were evidence of God’s love reaching out to us. I hope you will relay my thankfulness to your staff, especially Marilyn and Rosaland, two dear souls!

Thank you for being part of that circle of God’s love,

Gail and Family


January 31, 2009

To Home Instead,

Blessings to all of you in the office who – along with your faithful caregivers – help families give care to our loved ones in their homes. This letter is about one of those caregivers, Nancy Brown. She exemplifies the quality of employee Home Instead wants representing your company.

She arrives early and gets everything ready before helping my mother, Evelyn Curtis, out of her bed. So before my mother even rises from bed in which Nancy has carefully tucked her the evening before, the house is warm and cozy, the breakfast dishes are set out, and the meal planned plus other niceties Nancy has arranged. For example, because she focuses on my mother’s mental and emotional care, as well as her physical care, Nancy will have newspaper stories highlighted to read to her during breakfast. On these recent cold December mornings, she also has a fire going in the fireplace and Mom’s comfortable chair prepared with pillows and other comforts, ready for transfer. This will show where Nancy’s care giving demonstrates her strong dedication – While Mom spends time resting, Nancy goes about her household duties, tidying up while checking on Mom every few minutes to make sure her needs are met. At 93, blind and wheelchair bound, those needs include everything from tending to a runny nose to assisting with full bathroom help. Nancy has learned Mom’s patterns, habits, and behaviors and can sense her needs.

When lunchtime comes around, Nancy has already begun giving Mom her daily exercises including those demonstrated by her physical therapist. Nancy attends the weekly appointment during which she takes careful notes on any changes or additions to the recommended routine to maximize Mom’s strength, flexibility, and safety. The physical exercises continue throughout the day, interspersed with Nancy’s cheerfully delivered “mind exercises” such as memory questions which Nancy herself has prepared and researched. The result is care giving which reaches all aspects of Mom’s needs by a woman who take initiative to bring not only her incredible energy and dedication, but her creativity as well.

Nancy Brown is a joy to have in our home, and we have come to think of her as a part of our family. The Curtises are blessed by her presence.


Carolyn Curtis​
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