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CAREGiver Spotlight

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​​​A tradition of great caregiving means that we take care of our own as well as we take care you and your family. 

2020 CAREGiver of the Year - Diane C.

rsz_241cg.pngOur Anne Arundel County CAREGiver of the year is Diane C! She has been with us for  8 years! 

Diane is a lifelong learner and is always looking to learn new skills and refine the skills she already possesses. One of her greatest skills is her ability to help clients maintain strong and loving relationships with their family members. One of Diane's longtime clients (she has been working with him since she started 8 years ago!) lived with his wife on their adult daughter's property. However, there was a rocky relationship between the children and their parents, despite their close proximity and the parents' failing health. When Mrs. unexpectedly was hospitalized, Diane, in her ever-diplomatic and caring way, bridged the divide, reaching out to the children and parents, encouraging them to mend fences and reconnect, because forgiveness is so important. Because Diane has been such a constant in their lives, the trust has always been there to listen to Diane, and the family was able to reconcile and rediscover the importance of their connection-luckily just prior to the death of Mrs. in 2019. 

This is just one of many examples of Diane's dedicated, caring heart. Diane is a wonderful representative of Home Instead, and she is so proud to do what she does. We are so thankful to have her on our team! 

We are overjoyed to have Diane as our Anne Arundel County CAREGiver of the year. She will also be nominated for regional CAREGiver of the year! Please join us in congratulating Diane!

To learn about becoming a CAREGiver like Diane and joining the Home Instead family, visit www.homeinstead.com/241.

August 2020 CAREGiver of the Month - Tara G.

This month's CAREGiver spotlight features Tara G.! Tara has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for 5 years. Tara always knows how to cheer up a client. She recalls one client in particular who was hesitant to receive care from someone else. However, Tara was immediately able to change his mind and his face would light up every time she came to visit.

According to Tara, in order to be a great CAREgiver you have to be able to adjust to different family dynamics and adapt quickly to the different needs of the different clients we care for. Tara is certainly an expert on this!
Tara's favorite part of working for Home Instead is all the wisdom she gains from the clients she gets to care for. They all have their own stories and are all unique in their own ways.

Thank you, Tara, and all of our amazing CAREGivers, for the tremendous work you do for Home Instead and our clients day in and day out. Keep up the great work!

March 2020 CAREGiver Spotlight - Laverne

This month's CAREGiver spotlight features Laverne J!

Laverne has been with Home Instead for 13 years, and has been working in this field for 20 years! With so much experience, Laverne stressed the importance of continued training opportunities. This is how she has gained the skills necessary to be able to adapt to every client she works with.

Laverne provides fantastic care to everyone she works with, but she has a particularly special relationship with a Home Instead client she works with now. They spend a lot of time talking, dancing, and they always keep each other laughing!

Laverne's dedication to Home Instead clients is clear, she always goes above and beyond for them. This is particularly true during the holidays. Laverne loves to make her family's cookie recipe around the holidays, and she always makes extra to bring for her clients!

Thank you so much to Laverne and all of our CAREGivers for your outstanding work. Each and every one of you are changing the face of aging every day!

February 2020 CAREGiver Spotlight - Mariana

February 2020 CAREGiver Spotlight - Mariana

Our CAREGiver spotlight this month features Mariana L! Mariana has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for a year! In order to be a great CAREGiver, Mariana says you have to be patient, compassionate, and above all, thoughtful.

She feels very blessed and lucky to work with our clients at Home Instead. She forms special relationships with all of them, however one client in particular comes to mind. Mariana used to work with a client who was getting ready to move into an assisted living facility. This was tough on the client because she had been living in her home since the 1950's and was sad about having to move. On Mariana's last day before the client moved, the client asked Mariana to pray with her. It was a very special moment that Mariana will never forget.Thank you so much to Mariana and all of our CAREGivers for everything you do for our clients!

January 2020 CAREGiver Spotlight - Diane

​Our CAREGiver spotlight for this month features Diane C! Diane has been with us for 7 years. According to Diane, patience, understanding, wisdom, listening, encouragement and guidance from up above are all traits that have made her the amazing CAREGiver she is! Diane forms special relationships with all the clients that she cares for  because she always puts them first. She finds it rewarding helping clients in many ways, whether it's helping them recover from cancer surgery, or assisting them in day-to-day activities. Well done Diane! When asked what her favorite part about working as a Home Instead CAREGiver is, Diane says, "Learning about their life experiences helps me grow and understand more about them and their needs. That's what I enjoy the most about being a Home Instead caregiver". Thank you Diane and all of our CAREGivers for all that you do for our clients!

December 2019 CAREGiver Spotlight - Angie

This month's CAREGiver spotlight features Angie L! She has been with us since 2012. Angie says that all of her relationships with her clients are special, but recalls one special moment with one of her clients who was suffering from dementia. This client used to love winter and playing with his sled. Angie went above and beyond the call of a CAREGiver by locating a huge holiday train garden. The client loved it so much that they stayed for hours. Angie says she loved seeing him "light up" when he saw it!

What she likes most about being a CAREGiver is improving the quality of life of her clients and getting them to smile. She always thinks outside the box with her clients and says, "I sometimes feel like a magician with my clients; I am challenged to keep pulling 'rabbits out of my hat' to keep them stimulated and entertained".

We want to thank Angie and all of our amazing CAREGivers this month. Keep up the great work and have a great holiday season!

Jean N.

2018 CAREGiver of the year. Jean joined our team in July of 2008. She has served over 19,000 hours. Growing up in the Caribbean, raised by her great grand mother, Jean always be the youngest in her church made up of elders found her passion in helping others. Jean, said, “I do it from my heart and I take great pride in being a Home Instead CAREGiver. Thank you Jean for always building trust, taking the lead and sharing your heart.

Laura A.

2018 CAREGiver of the year. Laura joined our Home Instead office via our New Hampshire office in 2012. Laura has served over 8100 hours. Laura said, “Being a caregiver has given her life experience that she never imagined and a positive quality of life knowing she is helping others." Thank you Laura for sharing your heart, taking the lead and building trust. 

Kim L.

2017 CAREGiver of the year, Kim Lewis. Kim joined our team in March of 2015. She has served over 5600 hours. We can always count on positive feedback from our clients and family members when it comes to the care Kim provides. We can't thank Kim enough for building trust, taking the lead and sharing her heart. ❣️

Cecilia M.

Cecilia M.

2016 CAREGiver of the year, Cecilia Muhlbock! 

Cecilia joined our team in September of 2002. She has served over 16,000 hours! We can always count on positive feedback from our clients and family members when it comes to the care Cecilia provides. We can't thank Cecilia enough for building trust, taking the lead and sharing her heart.❣️

Arlena B.

2016 CAREGiver of the Decade, Arlena Barnes! Arlena joined our team in March of 2005. She has served over 28,000 hours! We can always count on positive feedback from our clients and family members when it comes to the care Arlena provides. We can't thank Arlena enough for building trust, taking the lead and sharing her heart.❣️

Kathy C.

2015 CAREGiver of the year! Kathy joined our team in October 2009.She has served over 15,000 hours. We can always count on positive feedback from our clients and family members when it comes to the care Kathy provides. We can't thank Kathy enough for building trust, taking the lead and sharing her heart