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A Mother's Love

The Bible is filled with many motherly examples, from Jochebed to Hannah to Mary. Each account offers a valuable lesson in motherhood, with real-world application for today.

But perhaps the Bible's most impactful reference to mothers is a subtle mention in the book of Isaiah: “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you” (Isaiah 66:13). Mother_Hands_Text.png

This short passage says so much. First, we can derive from it the key qualities of a mother.

For example, a mother’s love is one of the strongest bonds. Our moms loved us from the very moment we kicked within them, and they continued to love us when we were soiled and screaming as infants.

Through our lives, our moms continued to stand by us when it was clear that we were hurting, frightened, lost or confused. When we cried, we ran to mom, and mom consoled us.

With a soft touch and a reassuring word, mom just knew how to make things better. Our mothers knew exactly what was needed to comfort us, and she adapted her hugs and words to each one of her children according to their needs.

Isaiah 66:13 clearly speaks to the role of moms in our lives and to the impact they continue to have on us. It also points to the significance of a mother’s love — powerful, unwavering and one of life’s greatest blessings. As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day and give thanks for the motherly figures in our lives, we are reminded that moms are God’s gift to us and a testament to His goodness.

In fact, if you read Isaiah 66:13 closely, you can see His goodness. The prophet Isaiah interestingly and uniquely attributes motherly qualities to God, who is commonly referred to in the “fatherly” sense throughout the rest of Scripture.

Perhaps by writing about something relatable, something so near and dear to our hearts that is a mother’s love, Isaiah intended for us better grasp the breadth and depth of God’s love for us. His point is to demonstrate that God himself showers motherly, unconditional love upon us because we are his children. And as His children, we are free to seek him for comfort, guidance and peace.

In 1901, a pastor wrote a commentary on this passage, “Are you lonely? Here is a chance to creep into the motherly arms of God and find peace.” Whether you’re a mother, father, son or daughter, we can all relate to this passage and find hope in its eternal message. That is our hope for you this Mother’s Day.


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