Tips for Long Distance Caregivers and Keeping Parents Safe

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Its not easy living far from home, especially when managing the care for an aging parent. Below are tips and considerations to help you manage care for an aging mom, dad or other loved one. 

Tip# 1: Meet their friends, neighbors and acquaintances

Your aging parent probably has friends and neighbors with whom they talk with and see. If you not know them introduce yourself and contact information. This way you can call and check in with them and conversely they can call you should they notice any changes in your parent's behavior or routine.


Introduce yourself to your parent's church as well as any members of social groups or organizations where they may attend. Make sure they have your contact information as well. Many times a simple introduction to a friend, neighbor or church member will be followed by an offer to check up on your parent occasionally.


It may also be prudent to visit your parent's local bank, grocery store, and other places where he/she frequents. Provide them with your contact information should they notice a change in your parent's habits.


Tip# 2: Hire Services​

Many services like in-home care, concierge and handymen can be contacted to help mom or dad around the house. Not only can they get things done around the house, but also they can keep them from potentially dangerous situations where the aging loved one tries to do something his or her self.


Consider a medical alarm or medical alert too. These pendants are worn around the senior's neck and readily available to call for help should the need arise. The monthly cost is affordable and provides peace of mind.


Tip#3: Organization at the House


It is imperative that your aging loved one has emergency contact information available at the ready should they need it or become confused. Equally important is to have emergency contact information available in the kitchen, fridge or behind the front door. This is where most emergency personnel look for such information to call family and friends of the loved one.


Depending on the state of your parents you may need to pursue the above discreetly as to not upset them. Many older Americans can be stubborn and are embarrassed by their failing mobility and health. Be respectful of their situation but don't let their stubbornness stop you from keeping them safe. If something happens you will be glad that you did.

For additional information or to learn about having home care for your loved one contact Home Instead Senior Care of Lehigh County at 610-770-7773. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions.


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