Story telling and story listening as a healing life skill

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Telling and writing the stories of your own life

  • By putting the story of your life together, you can discover ail sorts of wonderful things.
  • You can see how one thing led to another.
  • You can knit together various parts of your life that feel disconnected.
  • By developing your various chapters of life you gain the benefits of creativity.
  1. By seeing that there is a Story and not just a bunch of facts, you can feel more whole and purposeful.
  • And you can share yourself, reducing isolation

    Listen to the stories of elder's lives

    Listening is an act of love! Use your curiosity about people and their earlier journeys to inspire them to share the stories of those journeys.

    You have learned about stories since the time you were in the crib. Use your interest in stories to evoke stories from elders.

    Think of it as a way to get through the day with more insight and pleasure. You don't really know them except as old people. Perhaps listening to their stories will help expand your understanding of the stages of life.

    Help them move past complaints and repetitive loops

    If they want to complain about their aches, it's because their aches are yanking them. Invite them to muse about the good times, or the transition times. What did you do at a more satisfying period? Or get out a photo album.

    You might be waylaid by complaints. Keep trying to bring the tone back up

    Sadly, our brains make it really easy to remember insults, betrayals, upheavals etc. So ask specifically to tell you about the good times. About courage, or supportive people, or eventual positive outcomes.

    Having said that, try to be open (calm your own mind) and let them have some air time about the hard times.

    If you feel flooded by emotion, Calm down. Breathe. This is their story. Let them have it. Learning to accept other people's stories is a life skill.

    Story listening is a knack you can develop for life

    If you think of story listening as a calling, as a skill or knack you want to develop for your own purposes, to help you relate to these and other people in your life, you will improve your own sense of purpose and . Therapists are paid listeners.


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