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​​Working with puzzles into your old age, has been shown to help reduce the risk, and slowdown the effects of dementia among seniors.

A study by BioMed shows that working with puzzles and other logic games helped improve reasoning, memory and logic. When compared to a control group, who received no training or cognitive stimulation with puzzles and games. Consistent involvement with puzzles improved memory even when the participants were tested an entire year later. Exercise improves cognitive functions ranging from math to memory, and it can even benefit brain functions during the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

Puzzles promote communication between our left and right brain. This can result in better memory, deeper learning and better recall. Puzzles appeal to our creative and logical minds – they offer a full brain workout.

It had previously been demonstrated that such tasks can slow down and even reduce the onset of dementia. New findings also indicate that there are multiple other advantages, like better hand-eye coordination and improved self-esteem, precisely when their self-esteem maybe in decline.

Puzzles and games also offer a social tool for elderly people. Puzzles and games instigate social interaction and communication. Doing a puzzle together, is a pleasurable experience for all participants helping to maintain their social and communicative skills.

When a puzzle is finally completed there is a feeling of satisfaction. Working on puzzles therefore reinforces the habit of using them in a positive feedback loop.

Motor movements are also improved working with puzzles, sliding, slotting and placing pieces are all beneficial to elderly people, helping them with everything from holding objects to handwriting, it can help reduce shaking – making pretty much everything that little bit easier.

Puzzles have numerous advantages and should be used to improve a senior's life and health.​

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