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Dear CareGIVERS,

Spring/Summer holiday season is approaching, (forget the onion snows) so we wanted to address time off and schedules in plenty of notice. As you know it is a job responsibility to work at least 1 of the major spring/summer holidays (even if those are typically not days worked). These include: Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. This is a trial process so please do not assume that you will have off your indicated holidays, as we cannot have EVERY caregiver off for the same holidays. I will modify your calendar in ClearCare for your review or feel free to follow up with a phone call for confirmation of the working holiday. Also, please 8 hours of availability is essential on these holidays. You may not be asked to work a shift that long, but you must be available to do so if needed.

On the half page below, please circle the holiday you would like to work. If you are available for more than the required ONE, please indicate that also. Please do not write specific times of availability. We will do our best to stick to your availability on record as to the shift preference. Please return this form no later than 5/10/17.

Thank you so much for your assistance serving our seniors. As always, if you have questions or concerns, I would be happy to discuss those with you. Kim

Please return this form to the office ASAP (and no later than 5/10/17)


Email Address:                             Text #

Please circle AT LEAST 1 HOLIDAY you WILL work and more if you prefer..,.

Memorial Day -- Monday May 29th 2017

Independence Day -Tuesday July 4th 2017

Labor Day — Monday September 4th 2017

Thank you so much!!!


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