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Caregiver Training

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​​CAREGiver Training

Caregiver Training Overview
As of April 2015

Providing training that exceeds industry standards for our CAREGivers is a cornerstone of our philosophy here at Home Instead Senior Care. We provide world class training to each and every CAREGiver we employ. The following summarizes this mandatory training program:

Before the first shift

Caregiver Orientation
In this 2-3 hour training class each CAREGiver is trained on the basics of being a Home Instead Senior Care CAREGiver. The following are topics that are covered: Medication Basics, Handling Medical Emergencies, Nutrition and Hydration, Emotional Care, Dealing with Angry Clients, Dealing with Depressed Clients, Basic Safety, and Maintaining a Healthy Environment.

The Aging Process
Serving seniors is a very rewarding experience. Understanding how the aging process affects their ability to remain independent is very important to providing the best possible care for these honored members of our society. After taking this 1 ½ hour class our CAREGivers will be able to describe physical changes that are natural for older people; List and describe some chronic illnesses or diseases that older people may experience; Recognize, report and record changes and warning signs in your loved ones; List ways they can support your loved ones in their social and emotional aging process.

Safe Caregiver Safe Client
Based on the level of service Home Instead provides its clients the CAREGivers must be aware of safety risks and potential dangers in and around a senior’s home that could cause harm, injury or death. In this 1 ½ hour class the CAREGiver will learn to anticipate and identify potential problems that can lead to solutions to help prevent accidents and harm to both the client and CAREGiver. At the end of this class the CAREGivers will be able to describe how changes in a senior’s physical, mental and sensory abilities can increase the risk of self-injury and understand how to respond to such safety concerns.

Personal Care
In this 2-3 hour training class our CAREGivers will learn how to properly aid a senior in the following tasks: transferring, eating, grooming, dressing, bathing, and toileting/continence care. This training class focuses on how to keep both the client and CAREGiver safe while aiding in these personal care tasks. In our training rooms we have all necessary training aids such as walkers, wheelchairs, portable toilets, transfer belts, etc.

Medication Administration
One of the nurse supervised services we provide is Medication Administration. If your loved one(s) take advantage of this service we will manage their medications which will give you peace of mind that even though Mom may not know why she is taking her medications somebody is ensuring she is taking them correctly. After taking this 2 hour class our CAREGivers will know the 5 ‘R’s of Medication Administration: 1) Right client; 2) Right medication; 3) Right dose; 4) Right time; and 5) Right route. They will also be taught to follow all State rules on documenting the medication administration process and understand the possible side effects of medications so they can report these to the Home Instead nurse.

Building Relationships
Our CAREGivers will work directly with your loved one(s) in their homes (or wherever they call home) to support their independence and help improve their quality of life. In some cases, this means they will interact with your loved one(s) in very personal situations. Building a strong relationship with your loved one(s) from the beginning will increase the comfort level between them to help overcome challenges that may arise in the future. Your loved one(s) want to know our CAREGivers truly care about them and can be trusted to do what’s best at this vulnerable time in their lives. After taking this 1 ½ hour class our CAREGivers will be able to: Describe the four building blocks of a relationship; List three ways to build trust with your loved one(s); List examples of two types of questions a CAREGiver could use to build a relationship; List three questions a CAREGiver could ask to learn more about a client’s cultural background.

Ongoing Education
Each of our CAREGivers must complete 6 hours of ongoing education each year following being hired. We provide 8 one hour training opportunities annually for our CAREGivers. Additionally, we are very well connected to the training programs offered by Partners in Care, St. Charles Medical Center, Central Oregon Council on Aging (COCOA), the Senior Care Network, Redmond Hospice, and other educational resources.

We encourage anyone to call our office and setup an appointment to see our training facilities where they also can ask more detailed questions on how we train our CAREGivers.

Advanced Specialized CAREGiver Training

At Home Instead Senior Care we understand the importance of training our CAREGiver staff in the areas of Alzheimer’s and Dementia and Hospice care. Not all of our CAREGivers feel called to serve clients in these areas; however, we want to provide the necessary training for those who do want to serve clients with these needs. See below for our specialized training. 

Specialized Alzheimer’s C.A.R.E. Training

In addition to our mandatory training selected CAREGivers can optionally take our Specialized Alzheimer’s and other Dementias C.A.R.E. (Changing Aging through Research and Education) training. This is an 8 hour training class. This training is specialized to help the CAREGiver understand the disease, help them understand how to capture the loved one’s life journey to better care for them, learn proven techniques to deal with difficult behaviors that focus on the relationship not the behavior, and learn about activities that help stimulate your loved one to be engaged and lead a full life. We teach our CAREGivers to put on their detective hat and try to understand what basic need may be going unmet that may be causing the current behavior. We have learned that often times when you discover an unmet need and take care of that, the behavior goes away directly thereafter. We teach our CAREGivers proven techniques like: 1) Give simple choices; 2) Apologize and take the blame for the situation; 3) Redirection; 4) Try three things three different ways; and 5) Physically change the environment to eliminate what may be causing your loved one undue stress. With these diseases certain types of care become more difficult. Just a few examples would be: 1) Bathing; 2) Giving Medications; 3) Dressing; and 4) Personal Hygiene. We teach our CAREGivers proven approaches that really help with your loved one(s) being comfortable allowing us to aid them in these types of care situations. We have a significant number of our CAREGivers who have taken this training. Ask us about it!

Specialized Hospice C.A.R.E Training

In addition to our mandatory training selected CAREGivers can optionally take our Specialized Hospice C.A.R.E. (Changing Aging through Research and Education) training. This training is specialized to help the CAREGiver understand t​he entire hospice process. After taking this 6 hour class our CAREGivers will: 1) Understand what hospice and palliative care are; 2) Understand how to best support your loved one(s) physical needs while on hospice; 3) Understand how to best support your loved one(s) emotional and spiritual needs while on hospice; and 4) Understand how to best support your family during the hospice process. We have a significant number of our CAREGivers who have taken this training. Ask us about it!

Chronic Disease Training Classes
In addition to the Alzheimer’s and other Dementias Class, we currently offer four different chronic disease classes: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Diabetes, Arthritis, and Parkinson’s. In these classes, CAREGivers learn the common symptoms of each disease, possible complications of each disease and how best to support a client with each disease. Each of these classes begins with a definition of each disease and understanding of the disease. For example, in the Diabetes Class CAREGivers learn the three types of diabetes and what will most commonly be seen in the population of clients we serve. The role of our CAREGivers is to assist the client to remain as independent as possible as they live with the disease. Each class will give the CAREGivers multiple tools to make this happen.​

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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