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Many of us start the summer with a long list of things we’d like to do during the season – whether we write it down or not. These things can be big: take a vacation, re-paint the house; small and simple: take a child for ice cream, schedule a yearly appointment; or somewhere in between: host a big barbecue, participate in a charity run or walk.

Whatever we planned to do, by this time of year, most of us have a pretty good idea whether or not we’re going to be able to check all the items off our Summer 2014 bucket list. If one of your summer goals was to help a senior neighbor or loved one, you still have plenty of time – and options – to accomplish this.

If you’re looking for ways to get started, we’ve got some ideas that can help:

BigSmall and SimpleIn-between
Help them host a garage saleOffer to take over watering on days when it’s too hot for the senior to work outsideMow the lawn if you notice it’s getting shaggy
Clean out the gutters after the leaves fallKeep an eye on their house and let them know if anything is amissMake any small repairs (within your abilities) around the property
Talk with them for a few moments whenever you see them outsideTrim the hedges and rake the lawn
Offer to move or help them get rid of any dilapidated furniture or lawn equipment
BigSmall and SimpleIn-between
Suggest a “refrigerator raid,” and use the time to help them get rid of expired food in their fridge and pantryCheck-in on them frequently, especially on the hottest days and following stormsHelp them learn something new like computer skills or scrap booking
Help transition their closets from warm-weather clothing to cooler-weather clothingOn hot days, offer to run any small errands they may need or walk the dog for themRemind them to make any medical or home repair appointments they need before cooler weather sets in – and then follow up with them to ensure the appointment went well
If they are able, and weather permitting, invite them to join you for an evening walk around the blockMake sure windows and doors are properly sealed
Ask them if there’s anything they’d like you to put in or get out of storage for them before the season changes
For more information about how you can help a senior in your life, please contact 541-330-6400.


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