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This month, everyone’s a little Irish, many are preparing for Easter or Passover and some are college basketball fans waiting for March Madness. We’ve all lost an hour of sleep, but few of us would trade it back if it meant forgoing that extra hour of daylight. It’s a month of first communions and spring plays; of community fundraisers and gearing up for days of fun in the sun.

Spring is an exciting, beautiful and busy time in Central Oregon and I, for one, already feel renewed and rejuvenated just thinking about it. I’m also looking forward to the many spring time activities that we can enjoy with the seniors in our lives.

Winter can tend to make seniors feel isolated and bored – particularly this winter with its long periods of bad weather that kept many seniors housebound for days at a time. But now that you can actually hear the birdsong of spring, we at Home Instead Senior Care of Central Oregon are full of ideas on how to help the seniors in our lives shake off those winter blahs.

  • Plant a garden: Even if your senior only has a small balcony – or just a window sill, you can plant a container garden together to help green up their lives. Fresh herbs tend to be relatively low maintenance and do well in most sunny spaces, and here is a list of other plants that are easy to manage with little or no outdoor space.
  • Celebrate events: Just because a senior may be physically or mentally unable to participate in holidays like they used to, doesn’t mean you should forgo them all together. Make a point of visiting your senior on or around the spring holidays and try to incorporate a theme into your visit. If your senior is a sports fan, they might enjoy taking in Selection Sunday with you. Even a senior with limited mobility can participate in an arm’s reach Easter egg hunt.
  • Give them something to talk about: Sometimes caregivers are so focused on managing the details of their seniors’ lives that they don’t think to fill the seniors in on the details of their own. Which is unfortunate, because many seniors enjoy hearing about the community or church events the people in their lives participate in – even if they aren’t able to participate themselves anymore. You would be surprised how much mileage a senior can get out of a baby or bridal shower they didn’t even attend.

For more information about enjoying spring with a senior, please contact Home Instead Senior Care of Central Oregon at 541-330-6400, visit our website, or Like us on Facebook.


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