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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Silver Spring, MD have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

"On time, personable, very willing to help."

Posted by Sister Roberta on Oct 10 2019

"Reliable, responsive. Caregivers are so kind and very willing to help."

Posted by Thomas on Oct 08 2019

"Help with travel to PT and doctor and optical; well done. Help with meals using my direction. Yvonne is the best. All are proactive in knowing what needs to be done."

Posted by Tom on Oct 05 2019

"I thank you sincerely, for your services. Well done!"

Posted by Angella on Oct 04 2019

"Very satisfied with my 3 helpers."

Posted by Estelle on Aug 01 2019

"Excellent caregivers. Both outstanding. No complaints. Very prompt."

Posted by Donald on Jul 15 2019

"Thank you! Everything is wonderful!"

Posted by Carl on Jun 18 2019

"I am a senior, but did not need any home assistance until two months ago, when a received a diagnosis of advanced cancer and began chemotherapy treatments. My husband also has a disability, meaning that both of us really need assistance. We called Home Instead, who sent a representative to our home to interview us about the kinds of assistance that were most important to us. The first companion care aide they sent us was a perfect fit - willing and able to do the tasks we needed, conscientious, reliable, and very good-natured. When we go out on errands, she is always more careful than I about making sure I am safe. When we go grocery shopping, I drive a cart, and she makes sure the coast is clear before I leave an aisle. It is a pleasure to have her with us."

Posted by EllenGC on May 16 2019

"He's always prompt, on time. He is a dependable friend. I trust his honesty. Now we occasionally even disagree---with no rancor at all. I have frequently said, believing this, that he adds 1-2 years to my life. "

Posted by Allen P Hayes on Mar 20 2019

"Companionships and watching services. On time. Agency responsive. "

Posted by Rufus8792 on Mar 20 2019


Dear Patty,

I wanted to take some time to write to express from my vantage point, as a loving nephew of a wonderful woman, just why I think Home Instead's professional, expert assistance saved her life.

My aunt was suffering from acute pain caused by a fracture in her back.  As a result, she was not eating or drinking, yet she was affirming that she was "full" each time that I or a caregiver tried to get her to eat.

Her health declined to the point of having to have her hospitalized.  The experience for my aunt, who suffers from mid-stage Alzheimer's, was bewildering and frightening.  They were able to diagnose a previously unrecognized infection and treat it.
 But after running many tests, they realized that there was little they could do about her back pain.

The hospital was insisting that my aunt be transferred to a nursing home upon release.  We knew that if she went to a nursing home, she would give up.  She would be confused by unfamiliar surroundings, noises, and people who would require her to wake, eat, bathe, and sleep on their schedule.  Such confusion would, in our opinion, make her mental condition much worse.  With an active "DNR," the nursing home staff wouldn't perform heroic life-saving measures if she gave up and died.

However, with Kelli and Diana's assistance, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week caregiving was quickly organized.  I was able to prove to the hospital that my aunt would be safe and well cared-for at home.

Now that the hospitalization incident is two months behind us, let me share with you the warm, rich story of a significantly improved quality of life for my beloved aunt.

Each of the Home Instead professionals have worked very well with my aunt (and me) to help her to have adequate nutrition, to take her meds on schedule, to drink fluids, to bathe, and to use the toilet WHEN it fits my aunt's needs and her schedule.  Day or night, at any time -- if my aunt needs help to use the toilet, or she's hungry, or she just wants to talk to someone, we can be assured that she will get the help she needs when she wants it -- on her schedule, not someone else's.  And, in particular, she is in her own home in familiar surroundings.

While the nastiness of Alzheimer's will be a burden for all of us to deal with as we enable my aunt to live out her life, the family is most certainly assured that my aunt's quality of life is significantly better.  Here are some examples:

1.  She always smiles, and is happy.  Happy to greet each day, greet each caregiver, greet visitors.  Her happiness is such a delight for all of us.

2.  She eats small meals throughout the day (and night).  Her nutrition has improved so much that her doctor took her off some meds because she didn't need them any more -- her improved diet made the requirement for two meds no longer necessary.  Not taking those meds had an added benefit in that my aunt no longer complains about feeling weak or "wobbly."

3.  My aunt now can pull herself up out of bed or a chair and walk with her walker.  She is carefully guided, but her ability to resume some sort of normal activity on her own volition is a sure sign of the care that Home Instead professionals have rendered. 
She wouldn't have been able to do that without their help and patient guidance.

4.  I've taken my aunt for "a walk" several times, by taking her outside and cruising around her neighborhood while she is in her wheelchair.  It has been great for her psyche and for me, as well (certainly I appreciate the exercise.)

5.  Most importantly, my aunt has retained her dignity and sense of self-worth.  Her caregivers make her feel that she is important and she has something to say in directing daily decision-making for her wants or needs.  I cannot explain how that makes my aunt feel as a woman who is accustomed to being an independent-minded decision-maker.

Thank you -- thank you all -- for all you have done and continue to do such that my aunt's life has returned to a quality that we were worried was gone.

Please share this as you wish, and in particular, share this with the wonderful caregivers who are working with my lovely, wonderful, warm-hearted, and HAPPY Aunt Lee.

Warm regards,

—Rocky L.  Leisure World

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your very professional staff and program. I especially want to acknowledge the fine efforts of Ella C. She was an excellent CAREGiver for many reasons. She is so easy to be with and her nice sense of humor helped ease the tension. She was kind, patient, and gentle but knew when to take a more assertive approach. She was so dependable, showing up on time every time and always with a smile. I feel she genuinely cared about us and I felt completely comfortable leaving Bob in her care. I knew he was in good hands and I could go out to my outings with confidence and an easy heart.

—Elaine R.

Your caregivers have all been competent and reliable. Her latest CAREGiver, Martha C., gave outstanding care and a friendship that we all valued. Martha did thoughtful things for my mother, beyond what was expected of her. She was always cheerful, yet empathetic to my mother’s feelings. I have recommended your service to a couple of people at my church.

—Joanne R.

Home Instead worked with me to further define the right compatibility to match a CAREGiver to the needs of my parents and my friend. The result was a CAREGiver that provided professional support to my loved ones during the final stages of their lives. She often went beyond in her service. I have been very satisfied with the services of Home Instead.

—Albert A.

You provide an excellent service that I believe can be invaluable in many cases, and your organization has operated in as pleasant and efficient manner possible in all my dealings with you.

—Betty D.

After a thorough interview, your company chose Thelma to be placed with Virginia. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the choice. Thelma turned out to be the perfect companion for Virginia. All her life Virginia preferred to be alone and disliked being in the company of strangers. She had gotten so that she was reluctant to leave her room. Thelma, through sheer determination, was able to get her to attend activities, go to the dining room, beauty parlor, and even accompany her to doctors’ appointments. Thelma did far more than she was asked to do. She even went to see her the many times she had to be in the hospital.

—Jean P.


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