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This weekend marks the beginning of the Festival of Lights, also known as Hanukkah. It's also the second Sunday of Advent and, for many families of Western European descent, St. Nicholas Day. ​

In fact, the entire month of December will be sprinkled with holidays and celebrations. Some very spiritual, some a little bit more raucous. But all of them will be about bringing people together to honor the season of hope and the spirit of peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

While older generations often had only their own holiday customs, our world is small enough now that we have the opportunity to encounter the traditions of other cultures every holiday season. School children whose parents are from India might bring home the idea of a Christmas pickle from their teacher whose family is German. A new in-law might introduce the seven principles of Kwanzaa over figgy pudding. Grandparents who have been non-observant for as long as anyone can remember might all of the sudden decide to light the menorah this year.

Even though there's sometimes a bit of a learning curve, embracing these new old fashioned ways can only enhance the holiday season for all of us. In fact, many of our professional CAREGivers are so moved to share in their clients' family customs that they weave them into their own holiday traditions. And vice versa. When we bring the joy that we take in the holidays to others, it comes back to us tenfold.

We are looking forward to sharing all that this blessed month has to offer with our Home Instead family and our community. And we wish all of you a peaceful and miraculous holiday season – no matter how you celebrate it!

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