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This week, our Jewish friends and neighbors observed Yom Kippur, a day of atonement. During the 24-hour holiday, which is one of the most important holy days in the Jewish faith, Jews ask for forgiveness for any sins or offenses they've committed throughout the year, and resolve to do better in the year to come. Catholics, of course, have a similar, somewhat less prescribed, ritual in confession, and many other faiths have ways that their adherents can reconcile (with themselves, each other, and their respective dieties) throughout the year.​

But we don't need to wait for a formal occasion to forgive and ask for forgiveness. In fact, one could argue that the phrase "there's no time like the present" was invented for atoning. Particularly when it comes to families. Particularly when it comes to aging.

So many people reach the end of life and regret the things that they've left unsettled. Their loved ones regret letting them slip away without resolving issues. Or perhaps, once the matriarch or patriarch is gone, siblings, grandchildren, or even the remaining parent and the rest of the family, no longer have the glue that kept them together.

Home Instead Senior Care has developed two landmark programs to help families tackle some of the more difficult conversations in productive ways. The 50-50 Rule program is for family members caring for their aging parents, and the 40-70 Rule program is designed to ease conflict around aging issues for older parents and their adult children.

Each is designed to disarm family conflict, before it starts, or to diffuse any situations that are already brewing. They also offer resources for families who are undergoing conflict so that they feel less alone and can find tips from experts, as well as real families about what has worked for them.

For more information about aging issues, please contact us!


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