A Vibrant Fall

Fall is not always an easy time for seniors. Often, as the busyness of life picks up for their families, and the weather cools off, older adults experience a sense of loneliness and gloom. Add to this the increased likelihood of colds and flu, and the fall season can be a harbinger of pretty dire times for older people.

But it doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of ways to help older adults have a meaningful, engaging fall, even if they aren't going full throttle the way younger folks might. Here are some ways to make fall special for seniors in your life:

  • Go leaf-peeping: Maybe hiking in the woods is out, but a walk in the park might be doable. Or, do as thousands of visitors to New England do every year, and take a long drive to look at the leaves.
  • Host a chili cookoff: Invite several members of the family or friend circle to make their best chili and hold a contest for all the generations in the family to decide which one is best. To keep it friendly, consider naming a variety of winners: Best Traditional, Best Vegetarian, Best Spicy, Best Mild, etc. If chili isn't your family's thing, pick another fall favorite that the older person in your life loves.
  • Watch a football game: If the older person can attend the game, that's great! Just make sure he or she is safe and comfortable, and can easily get around the stadium either on their own or with assistance. If a big game is too much, consider making the most out of a high school, or even little league, game. Of course, watching a game with loved ones on TV is also always an option.
  • Visit a garden center: The pumpkin patch may be out because it is difficult for older adults to navigate, but our local garden centers do a beautiful job of putting their guests in the mood for the season.

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