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CAREGiver of the Quarter

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​​ ​A tradition of great caregiving means that we take care of our own while we take care of you and your family. 

Our CAREGiver of the Year for 2020 is Julia G.!

Over the past 15 years, Julia has been a devoted, compassionate, and extremely reliable CAREGiver with Home Instead.  Over the years, we have seen Julia transition from providing simple companionship responsibilities to much more complicated, constant care which has enabled all her clients to live high quality independent lives.  For the past 10 years, Julia has primarily been serving one client, Ruth, who is now 98 years of age.  Julia has been extremely dedicated to Ruth by providing her daily care, seven days per week and rarely missing a shift; she did this, while providing daily care to her own mother!  Not many caregivers would give up every single day of the week for anyone outside of their family.  But after 10 years, Julia and Ruth are like family!

For the first 9 years, Julia made sure that Ruth was able to live independently by providing daily safety monitoring, love, and loyal companionship.  She engaged Ruth physically and cognitively by accompanying her to church services, doctor appointments, and errands.  Julia is meticulous when it comes to Ruth's care needs and has been quick to notify the office staff of any change in Ruth's condition and has always executed the client's care plan to the fullest.  She has provided Ruth with some great tips to reduce swelling in her feet and provided her with techniques to shower safely.   2020 has been a challenging year for Ruth as she has struggled with her health, but Julia has never wavered and worked diligently to return Ruth to better health and independence.  Julia did not hesitate when Ruth needed much longer hours of care in her recovery; she immediately accommodated her personal schedule to respond to the need.  On numerous occasions, Ruth's family has expressed their gratitude for our services, especially Julia's commitment in caring for their mother all these years.  A word from our client's two sons follow:

"Julia has provided the best attributes of Caregiving for my 98-year mom over the last 10 years with Home Instead by offering attentive, compassionate, dependable companion and personal care.  We started with Home Instead after a major femur fracture and 3-month rehabilitation before coming to Home Instead.  Julia helped our mom by getting her started in the morning with meals, errands, housekeeping, and other help as my mom could not drive anymore.  Recently, our mother's heart was not working as well. On my mom's doctor visit, the doctor asked Julia to take her to the ER where they determined she needed a pacemaker.  After the installation of the pacemaker, more complications developed which required my mother to be in the transitional care unit at the hospital for 1-month until they could release her back home.  Now, every day my mother is getting stronger and stronger at home. Julia is providing personal services and companion care.  Home Instead has transitioned other caregivers into the home to support Julia on shifts and help with my mother's needs.  Julia said to me 'when clients get me, they get me.'  She then said, what she meant is that she is loyal, dependable, committed and will take care of her client's needs like a best friend forever.  Julia and Home Instead have provided a caregiving plan where both my mother and our family can still have a great quality of life and enjoying each other.    We are lucky to have Julia and Home Instead for my mother's care as she has always wanted to be able to continue to stay in her Home for as long as possible."

Julia, you have been such an incredible asset to the Home Instead team and we appreciate all you do.  You are a reliable, loyal, and compassionate member of our organization.  We are amazed and so proud of your commitment and devoted daily hours of service to our dear client Ruth.  Julia, you truly represent the ideals of service excellence that we continue to aspire to at Home Instead.  Thank you for your genuine service and compassion. 

It is with great pleasure that we present Julia with the Home Instead's caregiver of the year award for 2020.  You have certainly earned it and we could not be prouder of you and your accomplishments!

CAREGiver of the 3rd Quarter 2020:  Rachel M.

Rachel CG 3Q20.jpg

Home Instead Senior Care Covina is excited to announce Rachel as our CAREGiver of the 3rd Quarter. Rachel is caring, attentive, hardworking, and has developed strong relationships allowing her to adapt to any situation and provide the best quality care to all her clients as needed. 

Over the years, we have assigned her some unique and complex shifts such as clients needing bedbound, dementia and addiction support.  Her caring nature and positive attitude have never wavered.  She has always excelled in each situation, seeking ways to problem solve and make her client's feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe.  Her positive attitude has allowed her to utilize her caregiving skills to persevere through difficult challenges with success and professionalism. 

During peak COVID-19, our agency received a call from a spouse who was having a difficult time in finding care for his wife who was suffering from severe dementia and behaviors.  We immediately assigned Rachel to the shift and had complete confidence in her abilities.  With no hesitation, she immediately assessed the situation and jumped right into her caregiving tasks.  Rachel is the exemplary image of Home Instead's approach to customized caregiving with dignity, compassion, and client safety. 

Most recently, a son wrote describing the care provided for his late mother who was our client for more than 3 years.  "My mother, Katherine and my whole family were fortunate to have Rachel who provided care to mother for three years.  Rachel made the transition into her gold years easier, not just by being her caregiver, but assisting her with so many things and each day leaving a smile on my mom's face.  For us, Rachel became more than mom's caregiver, she became her companion, her confidant and more than anything else…her friend.  Rachel was a Caregiver Par Excel lance, and we were very grateful for her and home instead services."

Your hard work, dependability, and flexibility in taking shifts outside of your availability never goes unnoticed and will remain an asset to the team.  Rachel, we appreciate your hard work and dedication.  It is with these qualities that you are a worthy of this quarterly award.  Congratulations on a job well done!  

CAREGiver of the 2nd Quarter 2020:  Monique P.

Monique Parker v2.jpg

Congratulations to Monique P. on her accomplishment as CAREGiver of 2nd Quarter 2020!  She understands what it means to be a valuable team member and has stepped into her role like a true professional.  Monique is compassionate, caring, respectful and always loves to learn.   She is proactive and always looking for ways to engage and provide care to her clients.  Due to her loving nature, Monique receives compliments and praises for the care she has provided from both clients and family members.  Monique continues to not only care for her own children and mother but has been a LOVING CARGIVER to our clients.  She has worked tirelessly and graciously accepted shifts and been available to be on-call to care for any client.  She is always willing to assist a fellow caregiver and staff to make sure we as a team deliver the best care to our clients!

Most recently, one daughter described her mother as stubborn and not willing to engage or accept help.  Monique was assigned and in less than two weeks the daughter informed that Monique had transformed the environment the client lived in and the daughter noticed that her mother was more physically and mentally engaged.

Another client wrote: "The day Monique came into my life is the day my life changed for the better.  Imagining my life with a caregiver depressed me and when I finally made the decision to ask for help, I was very anxious and truly miserable.  From the very moment we met I knew life was not only going to improve, it was going to be fun!  Monique's bright friendly smile and easy-going demeanor totally put me at ease.  She jumped right in and immediately started predicting what I needed and taking care of things before I even realized I needed them done.  Monique eradicated my feelings of guilt about asking or expecting someone to do things for me while I sat idle.  I realized after our first day together that Monique and I had already formed a bond.  I was looking forward to seeing her instead of dreading a caregiver in my life as I thought I would.  Monique opened-up my world.  I had been stuck at home for months, depending on others to drive me.  Monique was happy to take me places and always had a way of putting my needs first above all else.  Something no one has ever done for me, besides my devoted husband.  Thanks to Monique my husband came home to a happy fulfilled wife rather than an exhausted, sick, and frustrated cancer patient.  Monique always showed how much she cared.  I was sad when COVID hit, my husband started working from home, and having Monique was not an option.  I felt like I lost my independence all over again.  Thankfully, I did not lose a friend." 

Monique's unique, extraordinary caregiving skills, and direction has made a positive change in the way she provides services for our clients.  Her years of caregiving and her positive outlook has allowed her to serve her clients with passion and a servant's heart.  Her hard work, dependability, and flexibility in taking work outside of her availability never goes unnoticed and will remain an asset to the office staff.  Congratulations Monique on a job well done.  We are proud to have you as part of the team!  Thank you, for bringing joy and happiness to our clients and giving our families piece of mind.  On behalf of the staff at Home Instead Senor Care®, it is with these qualities that you are worthy of this special recognition!

CAREGiver of the 1st Quarter 2020:  Krittaya C.

Krittaya C. Pic 1Q20 v2.jpgWe are honored to announce Krittaya C. as our CAREGiver of 1st Quarter 2020.  She has shown an innate ability to form immediate relationships and is always willing to go above and beyond what is necessary to meet the needs of her clients.  She is courteous, patient and thorough in her observations regarding our clients' medical, cognitive and overall wellbeing.  Krittaya consistently demonstrates attention to detail and documentation by reporting anything that requires monitoring and/or action by staff, family and medical personnel.

In working with dementia clients, this can at times be difficult but Krittaya has been amazing, jumping right in taking the lead and applying what she had learned in training into her work to keep her client safe and never complained about her shifts.  The positive impact she continues to have on our clients and their families has been best appreciated by one daughter:

"When my Mom first started with Home Instead there were several changes in the beginning of which she did not adjust to well.  When Krittaya was introduced we kept an open mind that they would be a good fit for each other, and they were.  Since then my Mom and my-self have become very attached to her.  I love to see how my Mom lights up when she talks about her and their time together. I know she looks forward to each time Krittaya comes to her home.  Occasionally I stop by when caregivers are in the home and the compassion and care I see from Krittaya is overwhelming at times.  Krittaya has given me a great deal of peace that I have not felt in a long time.  I want the best for my Mom and Krittaya is definitely a huge part of that.  Krittaya has been a Blessing to my Mom, Me and the rest of my family.  We are so lucky and that she has come into our lives."

Even with the many personal demands in her time, she has always been able to go the extra mile in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. She has remained flexible to whatever changes are made to her schedule and has graciously accepted extra shifts outside of her availability to meet the needs of our clients and the business.  She lives up to and supports the team caregiver model. 

Thank you for being an extraordinary caregiver, and showing optimism, compassion, trust and kindness through all your interactions with everyone.  You are trustworthy, reliable and an asset to our team.  Keep doing what comes natural to you and continue to make a positive impact in people's lives!   On behalf of the entire Home Instead Senor Care Team, it is with these qualities that you are worthy of this award. 

Our CAREGiver of the Year for 2019 is Delmy R.!

Delmy CGY 2019.jpgIt is with great pleasure that Home Instead Senior Care Covina announce Delmy R. as our CAREGiver of the 4th Quarter and Year for 2019.  Delmy goes above and beyond every day by making sure our clients are comfortable while tailoring her care approach to meet their needs, preferences and circumstances.  She has a unique way of making each client feel special and they look forward to seeing her at the next shift.  She is the exemplary image of Home Instead's approach to customized caregiving which emphasizes safety, dignity and compassion .  As a team member, Delmy possesses very good communication skills and is very reliable to the staff and fellow caregivers in caring for all our clients.  She asks questions in times of uncertainty and keeps the office staff abreast of urgent client matters.

Delmy is meticulous about her observations regarding our client's changes in abilities, medical conditions, cognition, medications, energy level, nutrition and overall wellbeing.  Her quiet personality and eagerness allow her to really listen to our clients, understand unique needs and preferences and deliver the care to each client in a manner that is well received.  She has worked with a wide variety of clients and their families know that with Delmy caring for their loved one, they will always be in good hands.  She has greatly impacted the lives of many clients by not only adapting quickly to the client's needs but more importantly by changing her care approach to fit their preferences and circumstances and doing it all with such compassion.  She has earned the trust of our clients, their families, our office staff, and fellow caregivers.

One instance in which Delmy showed creativity & compassion was when she was caring for an advanced dementia client who did not like to drink water.  The care plan included a request to encourage the client to drink more water to prevent dehydration and other ailments.  Through Delmy's thoughtfulness, she remedied the issue by picking lemons from the client's garden and making her fresh squeezed lemonade to enjoy which the client willingly consumed on each visit.  She also made the client feel special by styling her hair in special ways and painting her nails red (client's choice).  The client's daughter was so impressed with Delmy that she called the office to complement her and shared that she noticed a change in her mom when Delmy was with her.  Her mom was more alert and happier having the extra attention given to her by Delmy.

Delmy's willingness to help our clients, the office staff, and fellow caregivers is remarkable!  Her caring personality has allowed her to build strong relationships with everyone.  Throughout the many challenges, she has represented Home Instead as a professional.  She does whatever it takes to determine what each client enjoys and brings happiness to their lives.  The office staff can always rely on Delmy to provide the best care under any circumstance.  Delmy exemplifies the concept of team caregiving:  She has always responded with flexibility and servitude by picking up an extra shift or responding to a shift on short notice to accommodate a client request.  She constantly enhances her skills by attending all training offered, takes the lead, and works with the team to deliver the highest quality care to all of our clients.

Thank you Delmy for all your hard work, compassion, and commitment.  We are so proud and honored to have you as part of the Home Instead Senior Care team!

CAREGiver of 3rd Quarter 2019: Angelica S.

It is with great pleasure that we announce Angelica S. as our CAREGiver of the 3rd Quarter for 2019.  Angelica has greatly impacted the lives of our clients and our team.  Her character, personality, and work ethic reflect what caregiving means for Home Instead.  Angie is flexible, possesses a strong work ethic, listens effectively, and adapts to meeting the needs of the clients.  Angie is always helpful, courteous, and patient.  She has always been willing to improve herself and go beyond what was necessary.  Her observations are thorough, paying attention to client details.  

As an employee, she has been flexible with team members and office staff by willing to assist with care for all of our clients; she has been an amazing TEAM member.  Angie is eager to learn more, apply her knowledge into her work and provide feedback that could be used to improve care.  She continuously built their trust, took the lead, and shared her heart.  Angie always showed optimism, compassion, trust, and impeccable kindness through her actions with everyone here at Home Instead.  Specific client feedback regarding Angie's great work are outlined below:

 "We needed help with care for my elderly parents, who while quite frail and forgetful were quite particular in who came into their house.   Rushika at Home Instead spent time with them and then found caregivers that were a perfect fit for their personalities. My parents had particular schedule requests for specific days and times which somehow Home Instead was always able to accommodate.  Angelica, the caregiver was helpful, courteous and patient.  She helped with personal care, shopping, cooking, cleaning, driving- anything my parents needed they found a way to make it happen. I can't recommend them highly enough!" - Michael D. Good    August 8, 2019

"The Home Instead care givers provided outstanding care to my terminally ill father.  Each of them was kind, caring, and professional in all aspects of their service.  Plus, they treated my father as if he were a friend or family member.  Thank You Angie for being so attentive to my father.  I give Home Instead Senior Care in Covina my highest recommendation" - Son in Covina   March 26, 2019 

CAREGiver of 2nd Quarter 2019: Sang R.

It is with absolute pleasure that Home Instead Senior Care Covina announce Sang R. as our CAREGiver of the 2nd quarter for 2019. Sang has impacted the lives of many clients that we have put under his care and he goes above and beyond with every single client interaction.  He is a model Home Instead CAREGiver who constantly takes the lead, enhances his skills, and works with the team to deliver the best care to every client.  His caring and friendly personality has helped him develop strong relationships with his clients and family members by working to understand their individual needs and then customizing the care delivery with the best approach to fit each client.

Sang pays specific attention to his client's care plans, abilities, medical profile, preferences and family requests to fulfill the needs of his clients while delivering care with safety, dignity and compassion in mind.  He is eager to continually develop his skills and now can handle the most complicated client needs.  Our clients and their family members constantly contact our office to praise Sang for the amazing care he provides and the dedication he has to his elderly clients.  He has continued to win praises from his fellow CAREGivers for being a great team member to work with.

Sang epitomizes the concept of Team Caregiving by always being willing to assist fellow CAREGivers and office staff to provide superior level of care to all our clients.  He understands the challenges posed to our care model by the various client schedule changes and other complications and has always responded with flexibility and adaptability to enable us to deliver high quality care…. whether its picking up an extra shift with short notice or being flexible with his schedule to accommodate a client request, he is always ready to help and gives his best.

Thank you Sang for all your hard work, dedication and compassion.  We are honored to have you as part of the Home Instead Senior Care team.  You are simply the best!

Our CAREGiver of the Year for 2018 is Rebecca N.!

2018 CGY Rebecca N.jpgRebecca is an amazing CAREGiver that goes above and beyond for her clients every single day.  Over the past year, she has truly demonstrated her leadership abilities as a lead CAREGiver by fully embracing Home Instead’s Team Caregiving approach. Her primary clients are long term clients of the Covina office, a wonderful couple in San Dimas, Mr. & Mrs. Collins. Rebecca is the family liaison for all care coordination activities with medical professionals as well as our internal Home Instead team. In addition, she also manages the client’s household since the couple’s children do not live close by.

As a lead CAREGiver, she goes to extraordinary efforts to make sure this couple gets exceptional care. She provides regular updates about her client’s care needs to the Home Instead office and client’s family and follows up on any action items; Though she is not required to do so, she takes the initiative to call or check in on her days off to make sure any complicated care needs are managed properly; She always assists our internal care team with any critical issues or emergencies; Rebecca continues to develop innovative solutions to solve issues but always keeps safety, dignity and compassion in mind.

One of Rebecca’s greatest assets is her adaptability. She is always flexible when asked to fill an extra shift and/or change her schedule. She is an exemplary CAREGiver who constantly enh ances her skills, takes the lead and works with her fellow caregivers and the office staff to deliver the best care to our clients.  

One of the client’s daughters, Julie, provided the following feedback upon being told that we have selected Rebecca as our 2018 CAREGiver of the Year: “Rebecca does an outstanding job as lead caregiver for my parents. She coordinates everything needed to take care of them at home, and is extremely organized, attentive and professional. She notices important details and is very knowledgeable about what to do when there is an unusual situation. This has contributed to my parents’ continuing stability and happiness, and our family feels very fortunate to have Home Instead’s caregiving and companionship services. In addition, she ensures that the house is always clean and orderly, and all the other caregivers know what they need to do when they arrive for their shifts. Whenever I visit, I can see that everything runs very smoothly. I am never worried or feel the need to intervene. Thank you, Rebecca, you are so appreciated!”

Rebecca is such a wonderful asset to the Home Instead Senior Care Team and so deserving of the 2018 CAREGiver of the year award. Keep up the great work and compassionate caring. You are an extraordinary human being!

CAREGiver of 4th Quarter 2018: Michelle S.

2018 Q4 Michelle S.jpg
It is with excitement that we announce Michelle as our CAREGiver of the 4th Quarter for 2018.  She went to school and became a surgical technician, but Caregiving is her passion. She worked for another Home Instead office before joining the Covina Care Team and has been a part of the Home Instead family for about 3 years.

So, what sets her apart?  Her attention to detail and her ability to engage clients beyond what is on the care plan.  Michelle is meticulous about her observations regarding our clients’ medical, cognitive and overall wellbeing. She pays attention to detail, documents and reports anything that requires monitoring and/or further action; she will follow up to make sure any issues have been properly resolved. 

She also does whatever it takes to engage clients by uplifting them from depression or bad times.  Whether its gardening, drawing, painting or mental activities, she will figure out what each client enjoys and bring happiness to their lives.

Michelle, you have been a joy to work with and we are so proud to have you on our Home Instead care team. You are amazing and keep up the great work!

CAREGiver of 3rd Quarter 2018: Stephanie C.

Steph CG Quart.jpgWe are excited to announce Stephanie C. as our 3rd quarter CAREGiver of the Quarter! Stephanie has been with Home Instead for less than a year but quickly caught the attention of our office staff from the very beginning. Stephanie's compassionate heart and willingness to take on any challenge has been an incredible addition to our team. She has tremendous positivity and always brings an outstanding attitude!

Stephanie is extremely flexible and has already worked with a wide variety of clientele without receiving any complaints. She adapts quickly to each client's needs and can build trust instantaneously. We continuously receive compliments from our clients regarding her kind-heartedness and compassionate care. She is in high demand with every client she has served!

The office staff can always rely on Stephanie to provide the best care under any circumstance. Every interaction she has with us is memorable and professional; not to mention she is such a delight to work with! Stephanie goes above and beyond with every opportunity. She is an exceptional young woman who has touched the hearts of our clients, their families and everyone here at Home Instead. Way to go Stephanie!!

CAREGiver of 2nd Quarter 2018: Carol G.

Carol CG of Quart 2.jpgCarol has been a dedicated CAREGiver with Home Instead since 2006. She truly understands what it means to be a valuable team member and has stepped up to help our clients when we needed her the most. She has an incredibly upbeat attitude which resonates greatly when she is around others.

Our office constantly receives compliments for the care she provides and praises for the compassion she has for those under her care. Carol gains the trust and respect from her clients quickly while creating an infinite bond to make them feel comfortable. She is open to all types of clients and continuously seeks ways to improve her experience and training techniques. We can always rely on Carol to rise to any difficult occasion!

Particularly in the past year, Carol has made an everlasting impression on our office team as a someone who embodies what it means to "Live Home Instead." She is always positive and professional when communicating with us. Her personality is infectious and shines to those around her. We are proud to have her as a part of our team! Thank you, Carol, for bringing joy to the lives of our seniors. 

CAREGiver of 1st Quarter 2018: Christy F.

christy-flores-cg-quarter.jpgChristy has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for over 11 years and has continuously enriched the lives of the client’s she has cared for. She is filled with positivity and the ability to bring joy to others. We feel she exemplifies kindheartedness and truly has a passion for helping others.

Over the past 11 years, Christy has served a wide array of clients including a long-term client with cerebral palsy who absolutely adores her. She is versatile when it comes to working with continuous schedules as well as taking on short term assignments as they arise. She shows compassion, takes the lead, and always engages each client based on their personality and needs.

In the past year, Christy has gone above and beyond to accommodate the needs of our busy shift schedule. She is a trustworthy and reliable asset to our team who makes her clients feel comfortable accepting care. Even in the toughest of situations, Christy has risen to the occasion and handled them with grace.

We thank you, Christy, for all you do for our clients and for our office team. You are an outstanding CAREGiver and team member!!

Our CAREGiver of the Year for 2017 is Alice R.!

yolanda-feliciano-cg-quarter.jpgAlice began her career at Home Instead in 2005 and has exclusively and continuously cared for our clients for over 12 years.  The impact that Alice continues to have on our clients was best described by David Butler who is the son of one of our long-term clients who passed away in 2016.

“Alice was a companion and caregiver to my mother, Rosemary Butler for the last years of her life (about 10 years). This caregiver is a very special person to us. What she did was beyond just a daytime job.

Alice worked tirelessly over those last 3 years in not only making Rosemary comfortable, but constantly working at rehabilitation, reading to her, using flash cards for re-training, seeing to every comfort and physical care, taking her for walks pushing her special chair, interfacing with the nursing staff, telling her stories, etc. The constant care and caring service absolutely made mom’s last years’ far better than they would have been with just an ordinary caregiver treating the assignment as a ‘job’.

On days Alice was with mom, she was much more active and engaged. On days Alice was not working, which was usually her vacations, it was much harder for us to connect with mom. Sometimes she would just sleep through the visits.

There are a thousand instances of special care from decorating her room for each holiday with familiar decorations, to re-arranging family pictures so mom could see them, to being sure her view out the window was available as much as possible. Money cannot buy the service Alice provided. Her service comes from deep and special caring that can only come from within about what one is doing. Mom received the best possible, loving care from Alice.”

Alice was very bashful upon being told she was our CAREGiver of the Year.  She humbly said, “There are so many others who deserve this honor.  This work is so important to me but I really don’t want the attention so please don’t make a fuss over me!”  We believe Alice exudes benevolence. She brings out the best in everyone and epitomizes the principals of Living Home Instead!

CAREGiver of 3rd Quarter 2017: Yolanda F.

yolanda-feliciano-cg-quarter.jpgYolanda is a wonderful CAREGiver who has been with the Home Instead Family for a little over 2 years.  She truly understands the team concept and is always willing to help the office staff and other CAREGivers give the best care to every client. Her positive and upbeat attitude also helps dealing with difficult situations and making client’s feel relaxed and comfortable.

Her primary client’s daughter praised her by saying “Yolanda treats my mom like she’s her mom. She works with me like we are partners to provide the best care for our mother. She will bring me her ideas for improvements. Yolanda never seems to get upset and frustrated though there are difficult days for her to manage. My mother’s doctor is amazed at her condition and that is due to the great care she is getting between the Home Instead CAREGiver’s like Yolanda and the family. I very much appreciate the partnership and support she provides.”

As she accepted the award, Yolanda stated, “I am surprised to get this award and it’s nice to be recognized.  I am especially thankful that the family is happy with the care we are providing for their mother.  I will continue to provide the best care for my clients!” 

Thank You Yolanda, You Are Amazing!  We appreciate your hard work and dedication!

CAREGiver of 2nd Quarter 2017:  Rebecca N.

182.jpgRebecca has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for over 3 Years and is an exemplary individual who constantly enhances her skills, takes the lead, and works with her fellow caregivers and office staff to deliver the best care to clients. One of her greatest assets is adaptability and we consider Rebecca a leader and team player who always tries to advance Home Instead's goal of excellence in caregiving.

Over the past 3 years, Rebecca has cared for our clients with the most complicated care needs. Currently, she cares for 3 clients with Dementia, one of which has Alzheimer's and is bed-ridden. She always assesses the situation and works within the client's limits to ensure their safety and dignity. A client's daughter Elizabeth said, "Rebecca is a wonderful caregiver.  She took care of both of my elderly parents but her primary focus was taking care of my mother.  She had a wonderful way with my mom. She was strong, caring, and compassionate in dealing with her. My mom would, often times, get sad and would just want to give up.  Rebecca would not allow my mom to give up. She would tell her (that with her help) they could get the job done.  Thank you, Rebecca, for taking such good care of my parents."

Accepting the award, Rebecca stated, "I would like to thank Home Instead for giving me the opportunity to work in a job that is so fulfilling. I can help others by providing comfort and companionship. I am glad I decided to go into this field of work.  It is challenging, but in a good way." 

Thank You, Rebecca, for your dedication, passion and hard work for caring for our clients like they are your family!

CAREGiver of 1st Quarter 2017:  Hilda D.

Hilda D_edited.jpgHilda has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for 10 years. She is a compassionate and incredibly hard-working caregiver.  In the past 3 years, she was working exclusively to care for a couple in San Dimas. Hilda was the family liaison for coordinating all medical care with medical professionals and the associated appointments. But more importantly, Hilda attended to both client’s every need with gentleness and kindness. 

Client’s daughter Linda observed, “I love her sense of humor.  People with dementia and frail bodies need a little laughter to improve their outlook and their health.  I just love to hear Hilda laugh, and she helps my mother and dad laugh too.  Hilda has demonstrated a passion for helping those in need of home care.  She is very dedicated, honest, and trustworthy.  She has been a Godsend for my family.”   Hilda CG Quarter 5_edited_edited.jpg

Client’s other daughter Julie said, “She shows genuine care for them in every respect.  In addition, Hilda's expertise is unmatched - and even proven by my bedridden father's improved condition. In addition, both he and my mother now express enjoyment in their daily lives thanks to Hilda.  When our family talks about Home Instead Senior Care, we often remark about how wonderful all of the caregivers are - especially when there are so many horror stories out there.  In particular, when we family members refer to Hilda, we all call her an angel. That is what she is to us.”

Thank You, Hilda, for your dedication, passion and hard work for caring for our clients like they are your family!