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​​ ​A tradition of great caregiving means that we take care of our own while we take care of you and your family. 

CAREGiver of 1st Quarter 2018: Christy F.

christy-flores-cg-quarter.jpgChristy has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for over 11 years and has continuously enriched the lives of the client’s she has cared for. She is filled with positivity and the ability to bring joy to others. We feel she exemplifies kindheartedness and truly has a passion for helping others.

Over the past 11 years, Christy has served a wide array of clients including a long-term client with cerebral palsy who absolutely adores her. She is versatile when it comes to working with continuous schedules as well as taking on short term assignments as they arise. She shows compassion, takes the lead, and always engages each client based on their personality and needs.

In the past year, Christy has gone above and beyond to accommodate the needs of our busy shift schedule. She is a trustworthy and reliable asset to our team who makes her clients feel comfortable accepting care. Even in the toughest of situations, Christy has risen to the occasion and handled them with grace.

We thank you, Christy, for all you do for our clients and for our office team. You are an outstanding CAREGiver and team member!!

Our CAREGiver of the Year for 2017 is Alice R.!

yolanda-feliciano-cg-quarter.jpgAlice began her career at Home Instead in 2005 and has exclusively and continuously cared for our clients for over 12 years.  The impact that Alice continues to have on our clients was best described by David Butler who is the son of one of our long-term clients who passed away in 2016, Mrs. Rosemary Butler.

“Alice was a companion and caregiver to my mother, Rosemary Butler for the last years of her life (about 10 years).  This caregiver is a very special person to us.  What she did was beyond just a daytime job.

She smoothly transitioned from early companion duties, such as making sure medications were taken, and meals eaten, visiting places mom wanted to go and other activities to more and more specific care as mom aged and eventually had a debilitating stroke.  Alice worked tirelessly over those last 3 years in not only making Rosemary comfortable, but constantly working at rehabilitation, reading to her, using flash cards for re-training, seeing to every comfort and physical care, taking her for walks pushing her special chair, interfacing with the nursing staff, telling her stories, etc.  The constant care and caring service absolutely made mom’s last years’ far better than they would have been with just an ordinary caregiver treating the assignment as a ‘job’.

After the stroke, Alice quickly became Rosemary’s connection to the world.  When Rosemary would wake, the first place she would look would be to where Alice would sit next to her.  If Alice was not there, Rosemary would look around for her.  As Rosemary’s son, I visited most every day.  On days Alice was with mom, she was much more active and engaged.  On days Alice was not working, which was usually her vacations, it was much harder for us to connect with mom.  Sometimes she would just sleep through the visits.

There are a thousand instances of special care from decorating her room for each holiday with familiar decorations, to re-arranging family pictures so mom could see them, to being sure her view out the window was available as much as possible.  Money cannot buy the service Alice provided.  Her service comes from deep and special caring that can only come from within about what one is doing.  Mom received the best possible, loving care from Alice.”

Alice was very bashful upon being told she was our CAREGiver of the Year.  She humbly said, “There are so many others who deserve this honor.  This work is so important to me but I really don’t want the attention so please don’t make a fuss over me!”  Alice’s 25,000 plus hours of service to Home Instead clients is characterized by arriving early to shifts, looking in on clients even on her days off, paying attention to the little things that matter to each client and approaching every challenge with a good sense of humor.  Alice Romero exudes benevolence.  She brings out the best in everyone and epitomizes the principals of Living Home Instead!

Thank you, Alice, for your genuine service and compassion.  You are an example for all of us to follow!

CAREGiver of 3rd Quarter 2017: Yolanda F.

yolanda-feliciano-cg-quarter.jpgYolanda is a wonderful CAREGiver who has been with the Home Instead Family for a little over 2 years.  Yolanda currently serves one long-term client but she regularly and consistently helps the team provide care for other clients.  She truly understands the team concept and always willing to help the office team and other CAREGivers give the best care to all of our clients.  Her positive and upbeat attitude also helps dealing with difficult situations and making client’s feel relaxed and comfortable.

Her primary client’s daughter praised her by saying “Yolanda treats my mom like she’s her mom.  She works with me like we are partners to provide the best care for our mother.  She will bring me her ideas for improvements.  Yolanda never seems to get upset and frustrated though there are difficult days for her to manage.  My mother’s doctor is amazed at her condition and that is due to the great care she is getting between the Home Instead CAREGiver’s like Yolanda and the family.  I very much appreciate the partnership and support she provides.”

As she accepted the award, Yolanda stated, “I am surprised to get this award and it’s nice to be recognized.  I am especially thankful that the family is happy with the care we are providing for their mother.  I will continue to provide the best care for my clients!” 

Thank You Yolanda, You Are Amazing!  We appreciate your hard work and dedication!

CAREGiver of 2nd Quarter 2017:  Rebecca N.

182.jpgRebecca has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for over 3 Years and uplifted the lives of many clients in our San Gabriel Valley franchise territory during this time.  She is an exemplary CAREGiver who constantly enhances her skills, takes the lead, and works with her fellow caregivers and the office staff to deliver the best care to clients.  One of her greatest assets is adaptability!  Rebecca can quickly develop great relationships with a wide range of clients by understanding their individual needs, building trust and customizing her approach to fit each client.  She pays specific attention to the circumstances that pertain to each of her clients including the care plan, medical condition & mobility, behaviors & preferences, family requests & dynamics, etc., to fulfill their care needs.

Over the past 3 years, Rebecca has cared for our clients with the most complicated care needs.  For example, she recently provided consistent showers to a client with severe arthritis in both knees who could barely walk.  Showering was very important to the client so Rebecca helped the client without compromising the client's safety.  She always assesses the situation and works within the client's limits to ensure their safety and dignity.  This client also had diabetes and memory issues with behaviors and Rebecca's assistance was a great help to the family who was dealing with multiple medical emergencies.  The client's daughter Elizabeth said, "Rebecca is a wonderful caregiver.  She took care of both of my elderly parents but her primary focus was taking care of my mother.  She had a wonderful way with my mom. She was strong, caring, and compassionate in dealing with my mom.  My mom would, often times, get sad and would just want to give up.  Rebecca would not allow my mom to give up. She would tell her (that with her help) they could get the job done.  Thank you, Rebecca, for taking such good care of my parents."

Currently, Rebecca cares for 3 clients with Dementia, one of which has Alzheimer's and is bed-ridden. 

As an employee, we consider Rebecca a leader and a team player who always tries to advance Home Instead's goal of excellence in caregiving.  She maintains her professional development by never turning down an opportunity to attend training we offer throughout the year and engaging in regular CAREGiver meetings to learn from her colleagues and staff.  She is always willing to cross-train new CAREGivers and help fellow colleagues in any way she can.  Extremely flexible with her time and schedule, she is a help to the office team when handling client emergencies and rarely turns down any assignments.  The scheduling team can always count on Rebecca to take on a new client, no matter how challenging.  Her compassion, intelligence, and hard work never goes unnoticed and remains an asset to our team.  Rebecca was recently promoted to a lead CAREGiver role and has agreed to take on even more responsibility.

As she accepted the award, Rebecca stated, "I would like to thank Home Instead for giving me the opportunity to work in a job that is so fulfilling.  I am able to help others by providing comfort and companionship. I am glad I decided to go into this field of work.  It is challenging, but in a good way."

Thank You, Rebecca, for your dedication, passion and hard work for caring for our clients like they are your family! 

Home Instead, Inc.  recognizes regional CAREGivers of the Year and one special CAREGiver who shows exceptional dedication is the recipient of the national award — The Mary Steibel CAREGiverSM  of the Year Award.

This program inspires CAREGivers to strive for excellence. It creates a sense of pride and rewards their hard work, compassionate care and service to others.

CAREGiver of 1st Quarter 2017:  Hilda D.

Hilda D_edited.jpgHilda has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for 10 Years and uplifted the lives of many clients in our San Gabriel Valley franchise territory during this time.  She is a compassionate and incredibly hard working caregiver who goes above and beyond to improve the lives of the seniors under her care.  In the past 3 years, she has been working exclusively to care for a couple in San Dimas, California:  Mr. Robert Collins is 91 and has Alzheimer’s and other ailments and has been bed-ridden for nearly 2 years; Mrs. Ray Collins is 90 and has Dementia and some heart issues.  Mr. & Mrs. Collins do not have any family that live locally and 2 of their 3 children live out of state, so they rely on Home Instead to provide full care for their parents.  We have a team of CAREGivers providing care for the couple 7 days a week and over time, Hilda took the lead to coordinate all activities in and out of the household. 

Hilda is the family liaison for coordinating all medical care with medical professionals and the associated appointments.  Besides the personal care she provides both clients, she runs errands and manages the entire household, including ordering supplies and keeping the family informed of maintenance items.  But more importantly, Hilda attends to both client’s every need with gentleness and kindness.  She is meticulous when it comes to the comfort of both clients all while creating a fun atmosphere in the house to lift the client’s mood, especially Mr. Collins who is no longer able to enjoy the outdoors and he used to be an avid outdoorsman!   Hilda CG Quarter 5_edited_edited.jpg

Client’s daughter Linda observed, “I love her sense of humor.  People with dementia and frail bodies need a little laughter to improve their outlook and their health.  I just love to hear Hilda laugh, and she helps my mother and dad laugh too.  Hilda has demonstrated a passion for helping those in need of home care.  She is very dedicated, honest, and trustworthy.  She has been a Godsend for my family.”

Client’s other daughter Julie said, “she shows genuine care for them in every respect:  physical health, happiness, comfort, and companionship.  In addition, Hilda's expertise is unmatched - and even proven! by my bedridden father's improved condition.  Since being confined to a bed for the last 21 months, my father has become physically stable under Hilda's care.  This really surprised me, as he had been deteriorating at a steady pace just two years ago.  In addition, both he and my mother now express enjoyment in their daily lives thanks to Hilda.  When our family talks about Home Instead Senior Care, we often remark about how wonderful all of the caregivers are - especially when there are so many horror stories out there.  In particular, when we family members refer to Hilda, we all call her an angel. That is what she is to us.”

As she accepted the award, Hilda stated, “I am very honored to receive CAREGiver of the Quarter.  It means so much to me.  I really love the job and inspired by it.  I have been a CAREGiver for 10 years and do what it takes to love, care, protect and comfort all of my clients and beyond!”

Thank You, Hilda, for your dedication, passion and hard work for caring for our clients like they are your family!

Home Instead, Inc.​ recognizes regional CAREGivers of the Year and one special CAREGiver who shows exceptional dedication is the recipient of the national award — The Mary Steibel CAREGiverSM​ of the Year Award.

This program inspires CAREGivers to strive for excellence. It creates a sense of pride and rewards their hard work, compassionate care and service to others.

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