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Caring and Dancing…

Sarah Harrison is a native of Daytona Beach. She was raised in a Christian home and taught, at a young age, to respect her elders. After her father passed away in 1994, her grandmother continued to raise her, which made Sarah respect her grandmother even more! Sarah likes to be spontaneous and tries not to be repetitive since her week is pretty regular. In her free time, she likes to explore new and different locations to do a little fishing. She also enjoys going to the movies, creating new craft projects, spending time with her family and trying new recipes. She relaxes on long drives, exploring new roads and visiting different scenery. She enjoys the challenge of finding her way back home on these trips.

While living up north, Sarah was a caregiver for two years. She then made the decision to move back home to Florida. She found out Home Instead was hiring through the One Stop Career Center, and did a little research on the company’s reputation. She stated Home Instead was in the upper star (out of 5*’s) category as a good place of employment, and for taking care of their clients. She put her resume together and filled out the application. Sarah started with Home Instead in 2014, and since then, Sarah has taken the lead in always looking for ways to increase her skill and knowledge level. She has taken numerous training classes including Meal Planning and Diabetes, Safety & Gait Belt Training, Personal Care Skills Training, and In-Service: Care for the Dying.

Sarah shares her heart by telling us about an experience that she will always cherish.  When she first started working with Home Instead Senior Care, she was placed with a client who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Surgery removed the tumor, but his doctors couldn’t remove all of the stems. Needless to say, the cancer continued to grow at a very rapid pace. Even though Sarah only cared for this man for a short period of time, she grew to care for him! She says “he became my dancing partner. We danced from the recliner to the wheelchair, from the wheelchair to the shower, and everywhere else that he needed to transport to”. She smiles as she says, “We never stepped on each other’s toes! One morning he was not able to “dance” with me anymore. At this point, he could no longer voice his wants or needs, and could only moan in pain. He could no longer walk, or feed himself. He went from being able to do all these things the day before to not being able to do anything”. Sarah continues the story with “when I arrived at his house one morning back in October 2015, I got him up to go to the bathroom and he just sat on the edge of his bed. I took a seat next to him and he laid his head on my shoulder like he was telling me thank you and goodbye all at the same time. I never imagined that his health would decline that quickly”.  That day was one of the hardest days of Sarah’s CAREGiving career. Her dance partner passed away around 2:00am the next morning. Sarah still thinks of him often and will never forget him.

Working with Home Instead Senior Care has given Sarah the opportunity to meet so many different people from different walks of life. Each of her clients have such amazing stories to tell about their lives and how they were raised. Sarah says that one of the reasons she loves her job is because her clients always make her feel needed and appreciated. Sarah builds trust by working with both her client’s and their doctors to make sure all concerns are addressed. Sarah states “the best word I can use to describe my relationship with the office staff would be:  understanding”. She said she understands how difficult it is to schedule CAREGivers around the time slots that the client’s need and to get the CAREGivers the amount of hours that is needed for them to live on a daily basis. She said we all do a good job of working together to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The staff at Daytona Beach Home Instead Senior Care is honored to present to you, Sarah Harrison our choice as January 2017 CAREGiver of the Month!


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